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A Major Upgrade To The Forum Software Is Available


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Right im happy now, if the you are seeing missing images empty your browser cache and try again.


Any other problems with the theme gimme a shout.


Some peoples user images appear corrupt, not much we can do about that, you'll need to re-upload.

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Kudos here goes to Matt. He's produced an awesome custom skin. Twice now. :thumbsup:


Thanks also to those 30+ members who've ponied up the US$25 to become "Supporter" members. Your support has let us move to a top quality software platform, on a super reliable host, with ongoing tech support available for both. If you're not a "Supporter" but would like to help, don't hold back. It's a one off US$25, available by clicking "Subscriptions" at the top of the page.


Before long, the pool of funds is going to need supplementing. If you are a "Supporter", I hope you'll consider committing to chucking a whopping US$10 a year in the pot on an ongoing basis, and upgrading your status to "Subscriber". No-one's done it yet, someone's going to be first.


I do my level best to make sure Sideways runs on the best platform we can afford, for the least we can spend, with the best support we can get, and, most importantly, without advertising or commercial sponsors. If every current "Supporter" committed to becoming a "Subscriber", we'd be set forever.


Currently, there's absolutely no difference between being a paid up member, or a free member. I think thats one of the great things about Sideways. Our knowledge is shared regardless of status. That won't change for as long as I have the conn.


But if you can afford to help, be assured it will all go towards continuing and improving the Sideways experience.



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Cheers Guys!


You're both already Supporters. The Subscriber menu should be available via the "Subscriptions" option in the top menu between "Shoutbox" and "Member Map".


If it's missing or broken, please let me know... I'll be suitably embarrassed and get on it right away!



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Paypal are doing something weird with my "Sideways account". Please hold that thought, I'll find a way to ensure you can be your generous selves in the next couple of days. Meanwhile I'll try to find an "Embarrassed Administrator" emoticon!


Good news is that anyone who want's to become a Supporter still can.


I'm off to upgrade the Sideways Paypal account.



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I think I have the subscriber problem licked.


Paypal won't allow ongoing payments without an upgrade to a business account, which would be uneconomical for us.


Instead, upgrades to "Subscriber" will last for 12 months, then you'll have me nagging you to renew if you want to.


Seems simple enough, should work now (I hope!)



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Craig, both steve and nick were amongst the first lot of subscribers weren't they rather than just members? thats why they can't see it cause they already are. I remember at the very start of the change, we had around 5 people who payed more?


Im sure both steve and nick were the higher payers.


Maybe im remembering it wrong...


No need for thanks, its my contribution to this community.

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