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The Moves Are Happening....


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Right guys, im working on condensing the forum, as such you may notice your favourite section moving or being merged with another.


Please do not pannic.


As a result of this i have shut off the whole small chassis section from new posts or replys. Please use the technical chit chat relevant section for your posts from now on as all small chassis posts will end up there, if its about small chassis in general there is a new section in general car chat.


This is quite a big move so appreciate your patience.


Any suggestions or opinions feel free to ask.

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Nicely done Matt!


Mat's done a power of work building the Sideways Skin, and now moving, merging and compacting the posts into a more manageable and navigable format. The "Look and Feel" of the site is down to him, and I think he's done an awesome job.



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Heck i think i have actually got it! that should be all the links the right colours or colors as the damn pesky american creators of html and css decide to call it.


I've trawled through over 40 files of code to get it right. There is still quite a few blue items to change.

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