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Sideways' new home.


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After the discussion in the Sideways into the future thread, we've bitten the bullet, and moved the forum to some new, and pretty nice software, Invision Power Board.


IPB has a rich set of features, with some cool new things like the Shoutbox, the ability to host Gallerys of pictures, a Member Map, the ability to host member Blogs (or pull in member blog from external sites), and other feature we havent deployed yet, like the abiity to build content pages (something the Tech Depatment may go to in the future). It's brilliantly backed up by 24 hour tech support.


Moving meant sacrificing a few things. Some attachments are no longer there, emoticons got crunched, and everyone avatars are gone. On the up side, every post, topic, and PM came across.


The old site is still there, it's just locked for posting, PM's and no one can join anymore. You can find it at http://www.sideways-technologies.co.uk/archive . It's there for the forseeable future. Avatars there are ripe for the picking...


One of the new options on the site is the ability to become a paid subscriber. Subscription comes in two forms. The first option is to become a "Supporter". US$25 as a one off lifetime payment. Anyone who becomes a Supporter then has the option to also become a "Subscriber". "Subscriber" status is just US$10 per annum, but is only available as an upgrade to "Supporter" status.


There is no requirement whatsoever to take up a paid subscription. The only benefit is a nifty chage of user name colour, and the knowledge that you're helping to keep Sideways around. Sideways remains free to Join, Search, Post, and Contribute. Should you decide to subscribe, be assured that all proceeds will go to keeping the site running and enriching the members experience. If you'd like to help, here's the link.


Moving Sideways to this new home has been a fair undertaking. There's sure to be hiccups, but please bear with us, and let us know what does and doesn't work, and what you think could be done better. Dave's opened up the running of the site a little, so you'll see a few more people with some increased rights, mostly in order to let us help keep the site running and working. It's still Dave's site, and he's still "The Law". Nothings changes, except the software we run on. It's the same Sideways community, we just have a new and improved home.


Take it for a spin, lets hope this ensures Sideways is here for the long term, with even more features than before. We're by no means finished, but this is a promising start.


To get yourself started, why not enter your location into the Member Map.





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We were planning to hold back from releasing any new features for a while, for fear of overload.


But then the overload thread turned into a polishing debate. Obviously, some people are bored already!


So, for those who are ready for it, here's the next of the new features.


The Sideways Garage.



Have at it. Feel free to add your toys to the collection!



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Actually I put it there on purpose. I've gone through and merged them into the existing threads where one exists. Interesting to read through some of the dormant ones. There's some incredible engineering there, nice to see it get a stir...



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As part of the ongoing move, I've had to move the archive site to a new (hopefully permanent) home.


It can now be found at http://www.sideways-technologies.co.uk/archive .


Anyone visiting the old site or following links to it from google or the internet should now be redirected to the new site, and Google will hopefully start to gradually link only the new site rather than the old.


Sorry for the inconvenience,




(P.S. Steve, point taken , the big red X was part of a pre-built install package. I've hunted it down and killed it!)

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I'm glad we're still here!


This is always the first forum I go to after signing on. It's evolved and we've lost some of the characters but we've gained a few as well.


I'm not as active as before because I don't have as much available time as before but I'm trying. I'll be posting more when my garage time gets interesting again...

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Hi Craig This is the other GT6 owner in Melbourne also called Craig. I was hoping to contact you to ask you a question about something but I couldn't locate any of our correspondence from when you purchased something from me via E-Bay for your friend in Brisbane (I think that's how it went). Do you recall me? You came to our office in Richmond to pick up the part. Anyway I was really hoping to talk to you about gearboxes. Would it be possible for me to phone you over the weekend? I'm about to leave work now but my number is 0419 590 004. Perhaps shoot me a text message if it suits and I'll give you a call? Thank you - I'd be very grateful for your advice.

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