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Sideways into the future.


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I'm happy to go along with the expert opinion of Craig, and to contribute.


And to congratulate Dave, the Onlie Begetter of this site, without whom, etc etc

You really started something, Dave!



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craig, i wasnt doubting your judgement far from it, just making sure you didnt end up out of pocket.


I would like to see this site develop, i notice ipb does have a blog option in it cms systems aswell, that could be an interesting proposition for us.


count me in for the $25

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I don't think we have to be wary of too many donations.  There will always be expenses for server upgrades, memory additions and the occasional beer.  Beyond that, this largese will dry up as we get distracted so let's accept all donations now into an account for the future of Dave's site. :P

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G'Day All,


Really encouraging to see the support!


The software is bought and installed, and I'm working my way through the conversion process.   Slow process, lots of permission sets to work through with so many categories and boards.  


Currently having fun trying to get the link between members and posts to compute, but I'm confident it can be solved.  If it all gets too hard Invision offer a paid conversion service.  Don't expect it to come to that.


This version of the forum will be down intermittently over the next few days while I nut my way through it, I have to hit the "lock" button each time it runs, as well as waiting for backups.


Not much longer.



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there are a lot of changes going on in the background at the moment, it may have affected your password reset, glad you got it sorted.


i never fixed it but i can see craig bevering away at the oposite settings page to me at the moment.

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I’m getting obvious spam/phishing from someone who has registered on this board, so that they can send me PMs.

Their email is anne27desmond@ymail.com and they use the username of annebably


(Not the family of that Desmond, surely? Richard of that Ilk who owns the Express and sundry others, inc. Penthouse, Readers’ Wives, Asian Babes, etc.)


Please terminate their membership of Sideways with extreme prejudice.




annebably said:


<<Stuff she'd love google to find>>

Edited by GT6MK3
So google won't find and re-broadcast her ad!
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