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The mean spit

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Which indicator lamp? the tell tale or the actual indicator? 


The actual indicators have been LEDs for years, never had a problem. Everything worked before layup.


The tell tale is now an LED wasn't before, might change it back, but shouldn't make a difference as the two wires goto the positive terminal (one from each indicator) and an earth goes to the negative, so current should always flow the same way, or maybe im wrong.

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Tis a good feeling, 


Good thing is i seem to have got my oil pressure back,


Unfortunately i set my neighbours carbon monoxide alarms off so couldn't get it warmed up too much. Need to clear its pipes out somehow.


Next up work my way backwards sorting a few bits, may yet be on the road this year.

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  • 7 months later...

Slowly does it but its finally looking like a spitfire again.


Front spoiler and bonnet back on, pretty chuffed with the bonnet repair, had to brush paint it so still a bit of sanding and cutting to get it reasonable again.


Still need some new rear shocks and quite a few more repairs to do but it runs, stops and all electrics are checked out.




Most annoying thing is i purchased a new relief valve for the brake servo, then managed to knock the cap off and roll the car over it, so yet another one ordered.


Still have my doubts over the engine, good compression, good oil pressure but smokes a bit, will need to judge it when it gets back on the road. Im not sure i will rebuild it again, maybe time to move modern...

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Balls, was checking over the head yesterday and realised a stud was loose.


Turns out the threads had stripped, tried to get away with it and replace the stud without removing the head.


Unfortunately i then lost all compression in Cylinder 4, hey ho, head off again.


Doesn't look pretty but seems sound.






Not figured out yet what happened to 2, still had decent compression.



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  • 2 months later...

Head back on, double checking everything, amazing when you take time to get everything just right it works.


Unfortunately discovered some bent throttle levers on the webbers, along with an annoying sticking throttle problem (poorly machined choke with a lip catching the throttle plate), so out they came and rebuilt them. 




And Finally got the engine running right for the first time since... well i think i built it. Purrs nicely...


Just some minor road tuning to do, but it sounds incredible and runs super smooth.


So unfortunatly im back to the most hated thing, bodywork, god i hate bodywork, so messy, time consuming...




So the bootlid is off after some moisture got under the paint, and its going back to bare metal for a respray (kinda like the camouflage look) 



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Full credit to anyone that does a bare metal restoration, it is back breaking work just doing one panel.




Now underside in primer, going to spray it black and laquer it before it goes off to the spray shop next week to be repainted.



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Cheers guys, unfortunately my spray guy is too busy at the moment, so im having to nervously store the bare metal bootlid till next week.


In-between rebuilding the corvette steering, i've been trying to get the new rear shocks on, sods law the usual top bushing seized again so it had to be cut out.


Ground to a halt over a £2 bolt again...




Took the spare time to clean up the slightly mottled rear links etc seen in the picture.


The new protechs look awesome, unlike the AVO's, 750 miles they lasted (all be it over 5 years), but even still they look awful and have no rebound left in them.

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Mattius, might be worth turning the adjusters to face inwards as with the wheels on it might be hard to adjust. They are good shocks but one my adjusters did get very stiff with miles in all weathers so might be worth removing the grub screw that secures the adjuster and adding a little grease.



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Bootlid is finally away being resprayed, after falling out with one spray shop and going back to the guys that sprayed it in the first place.


They are concerned about the filler they will have to put on it, im not, BMH want £650 for a new one! get lost! how much would it cost to re-panel a spitfire these days, £6000?? just in panels who on earth will do that...


Apart from that fighting with more dodgy Chinese crap, washer pumps this time, had two now both different types, both faulty...groann.... 

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