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H beam con-rods - forged - seen these?

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I wouldn't worry.

Someone who's prepared to take risks on a conrod like that isn't going to be a serious engine builder.

People who have say a BDA or a well sorted XE, know it's FAR too expensive to take risks with a 15 grand engine for the sake of £400-500.


That's the idea, they sell them dirt cheap, because there's little worries someone is going to put them to a serious test... until they come across guys from this forum I guess... ;D  :D

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but we are not building 15 grand engines here, all parts are a compromise in our engines, as there is no point putting a 15 grand engine into a 5grand max car. End of the day the question merely is will these rods be as good as the std ones? not will these rods handle 15,000 revs or will they work in a 15 grand engine.


i understand your points, but we do not live in this idealogical world you talk in, there is constantly compromises, we are building triumph engines not bda's.

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Actually you said EXACTLY the same point I was making a different way.

The crossover point is at a certain price.


Did you see the latest price for a TR6 steel engine from "upyours" or similar?


It's the same price as a good BDA (15 grand or so), as the crankshaft alone is about £4000+.


Whether or not there remains a market for such companies in this slump remains to be seen.


The party's over! In fact I would go so far as to say it's the end of the golden age.

Those things will never ever be done again.

The NOS stock will vanish, the people who knew/enjoyed being involved will be retired, and the market, already weak last year will collapse.


So coing back to basic economics;-

Say a price of about £3000-£4000 for an engine it doesn't make sense to risk a cheap conrod.


Below £2000 it probably does, because in any case the amount of mechanical stress will never test out even a STD rod to within danger level.


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thanks thats all i was wanting to know, i very much doubt my 1500 engine with a 6k rev limit would test the rod but the savings in weight would do wonders to the center main.


now back to the small end diameter, does that make the rod unusable?

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I suspect the small end diameter on the sample rod is why it was given freely.  Seller probably got some errors as GT promised above and he's willing to give it away for testing as it's useless to him.  I imagine the set you order and pay for will be correct.


For the trial, couldn't that rod be rebushed to suit the pin?

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for the record, heres the reply to my E mail regarding references. It doesn't sound like he has a lot of faith or experience with his product. English is apparently not the first language.....



thanks for the reply. My concern is that if a rod lets go, it costs me a lot more than a new rod or two. Presumably, I would have to replace a pretty expensive engine. So it would be nice to chat with someone with more money than me who has already spun your rods up to 8-9 thousand rpm a few times. I am quite interested, but I need to know that I am not throwing my money away. Who typically buys these rods? How long have you been selling them, and who makes them?

Thanks for your help.




Hi Martin,


in that case, please don't but it now. until there are some feedbacks about this rods on our ebay store, you can buy it.


best regards,




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I'd expect an answer more like "these rods will be the strongest part of your chain, I can quarantee you will be able to rev them to 12,000rpm, we have supplied rods for engines that will rev well past 8-9000rpm, I am confident because we have supplied them for engines with equal stroke and bore using more rpm, we only have positive reports" ?  :-/

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Being the Devils advocate here,


He says simply that he doesn't have those assurances yet and until there is a valid data base don't buy.


What could be fairer than that?  I respect that response and would be willing to watch while his new venture develops credibility (or not).  Clearly he's an entrepaneur and not an engineer but he seems to be an honest one willing to accept the risks.


Now, are you willing to accept the risks?

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fair enough Steve, but a better course of action would be to put some development time into his product before offering it to the public. They might be awesome rods, but he is asking someone else to do the testing for him. And the risks to him might be a replacement set of rods. Probably not a new engine. And of course I am answering your question. Not prepared to take the risk!

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Recieved an email this morning regarding the small end diameter, they produce it with two differeent pin sizes, Carrillo aparently list the Triuumph rod with the larger small end, Arrow list it as 13/16.


They have both sizes available.


I guess as a rod manufacturer, they are happy with their material and joint specification, they may have done some development but it's not likely to have been application specific, they will just churn out rods for whoever wants them. As long as the rod dimensions fall within certain windows they will be fairly confident that the rod will be suitable for the job.


Now this is where I do agree with GT  ;D, If i were building race engines I would not be at all interested in these rods at the moment, however they are likely to be a improvement on standard rods, If your engine needs them or not is a whole different debate.

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I know it's a massive thread exhumation.


I saw Maxspeedingrods were still advertising triumph rods, read given the concerns raised in this and other threads, and so shot them an email asking if they'd be willing to supply sample rods for Alan and I* to test against the many originals I now have in the workshop.


I expected to get nothing back, but to their credit, they've not only replied, but been surprisingly forthcoming. After some dialog, I pointed them at this thread and others.


Apparently, following this and other feedback from customers, they're changing the design of their Triumph rods, and have a manufacturing run planned for "early December".


In their emails, they've promised to send me samples to test, and to keep me informed of the changes and availability.


They came here, they read the feedback, they responded.


I'll be interested to see if they follow through. If they do, I'll be happy as always to report Alan and I's* results without fear or favour.




(Do I need to point out that the Asterix's mean that Alan does the work, I just buy the beer?)

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