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Setting DHLA Dell'Orto Dellorto Float / Fuel Level


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Great info. If doing this without moving the top cover and inserting a rod down the main jet stack, I guess I need to use a figure other than 27mm as the floats will raise the level when in the fluid - i'm getting something like 21mm. What is the ultimate aim here? Is it to get the float level as close to the duct without spilling over?


I've also thought that you must fill the fuel chamber with the pump after taking out the main jets as this changes the level too.


This is all a sharp learning curve for me





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I had forgotten I had written the above. I meant 27mm and does it correspond to 16.5-17?

Anyway I had reset the float height to 17 and the measured the fuel depth. It was 31mm to the engine side of the jet tower, about 33mm on the other side.

Taking all the folds out of the float bracket, the float height was reduced by 3mm down to 14. This was definitely not what the manufacturer intended. The progression is a lot richer (now too rich) though and the fuel depth is probably now around 28mm.

It bothers me a bit, that I cant think of anything that would make the floats ride higher than when they were made.

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New member here, and hi everyone!


Unless I missed something in the prior float setting/checking "steps"...when removing the top cover with float attached, the fuel level will NOT be the prior mentioned "27mm" but some 4-5 mm lower, as > the actual weight of the float 'floating' in the fuel raises its level in the bowl.


A prior question asked and not answered, (reguardless of which weight float used) is it 'ideal' to want the fuel just below the two vents in the bowl which would be 27mm and possibly trickling in thos two vents?

Or, during vehicle operation is it even more desired to have the fuel even a tad further below those two vents to prevent fuel-drip into the ventures?


Great site, and always enjoy learing something new, Ray

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I have also a question... The 27mm measurement should be done on the idle jet side of the stack, or the main jet side ???


When the carburettors are flat, it is pretty straightforward, and it does not matter as you will have 27mm on both sides, but when you have angle the main jet side can have the 27mm but the idle jet side will be lower.


My question is this : Does the idle jet need to have contact with the fuel ? If it doesn't and the side of the idle jet is lower, let's say by 2 mm, will the vacuum work as it is supposed to or it will draw air as well making tuning impossible ?

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