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Films with Triumphs

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I'm watching "Thunderball".   Smalltime thug who has burgled Bond drives to report to Largo, chief villain.   He drives a white herald convertable.

He is thrown into the Shark Pool.


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Those were the days indeed!

"Driving on the motorway you can go as fast as you like".

It appears something's haven't changed then!


And Z cars....brilliant.

Spotted a few Renault Dauphines which surprised me.

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On 5/14/2024 at 12:21 PM, Escadrille Ecosse said:

Not a film as such but the Mk2 Spitfire is the star in this Blue Peter segment

Nice one Colin, I saw that vid yesterday but failed to find this thread to share it.

It's good to see him cruising along at 70mph with the roof down. Not sure about the bobble hat but it is a kids' show. Not enough motorway content on CBeebies these days

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