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Vitesse/Gt6 Rear VL Bolt Removal

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Just for fun, before getting back on with the Spitfire restoration, I thought I would tackle the sawn off lower wishbone bolts on a few GT6/Vit Roto vertical links I have had in a box for probably 30 years. Removed these in the past, and have always been a Bu**ger. As Nick has said in the past these need lots of heat, so I shrouded around the bolt with fire bricks and got each one really hot, until remnants of grease was dripping out of the remaining wheel bearings. I used a cut down stub of an original bolt, as it was difficult to make out the edge of the sawn off bolts, as they were flush with the VL and had rusted as one. I drilled a piece of hard wood so that the remaining trailing arm bracket bolt could drop down through it and placed a steel tube on the underside of the VL where hopefully the other end of the sawn off bolt would come out. This way I was able to hold everything square and tight in a vice. Several heat cycles and penetrating oil, and swinging a 4lb club hammer, holding the cut down bolt as a punch managed to remove all four. I hit them very very hard and at first the hammer just bounced off with each blow, really solid.

The holes are worn and a little elongated, through wear, mainly I think on the edges, Hopefully should be OK, need to try a good bolt in them and check for movement.  I remember noticing this before, that on some VL there are shoulders on the bolt hole and others are flush with washer spacers?  One VL looks like its possibly been hit on the side, flattened ?




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