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Dolomite sprint OD box, plus another mainshaft/OD to convert a saloon/TR gearbox

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A sprint box that came to me as good. It has been stripped and checked over, the gearbox chap was amazed at how good everything was inside, and that even the cross shaft etc all came apart easily. It appears it may have been the subject of a rebuild and then never used? So a good clean out, everything checked for wear and likewise teh OD was stripped/inspected and giveen a clean bill of heath.

Reassembled with new gaskets/seals etc. £495

A second gearbox is currently being stripped, but is missing the clutch mechanism and OD solenoid. This could be a good opportunity for anybody wanting to convert a saloon/TR gearbox to OD as it could be sold as an OD plus mainshaft "kit"  

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