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1964 Sports 6

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Interesting. Can’t be many in Poland. Surprised there’s even one tbh!

In the best small-chassis Triumph tradition, it seems to be a bitser.

No underbonnet pic but states 2L. Would have been 1600 originally.  Seems to be a Herald bootlid (numberplate light anyway) and the dash is either from a later 1600 (‘64 would have been the large single speedo dash) or from 2L.

Overall the visual effect in the pics is pleasing - and I do like the wheels. There is something odd with the rear valance and minor bonnet fit issues. Goodness knows what it’s really like and what the rest of the running gear is.

I assume you won’t be adding this to your stable? £14k possibly ambitious.

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No, it's not for me. Primarily because of inherent colour prejudice - I had a white car once, a 'B GT, bought in Evesham. Lovely viewed at 2m distance, but any closer and the broad spectrum of 'Old English White' specifications became apparent. And it was as rotten as the proverbial pear underneath. Caveat emptor.

Buying second-hand in this neck of the woods would be comparable to Russian Roulette, if all the cylinders contained bullets. Good, honest, used cars are as rare as hen's teeth. The good, honest, top o'the mornin' W124 cost me £2k to buy as a runner and as the lad's first set of wheels to go with his shiny new driving license. Investment to keep it on the road is currently running at just short of £10k. This week's annual service included new track rod ends, radiator, fuel pressure regulator, yet more welding, thermostat, sunroof chassis, and sundry KE-Jetronic seals and valves. Trouble is, it's such a lovely car, I can't begrudge it...

For a bit of sport, I can ask for more pictures from the Sports 6 vendor.


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