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Found 2 results

  1. This looks like a fantastic idea: https://m.facebook.com/pg/holmemoss100/posts/ Sadly their website seems to be out of order at the moment.
  2. Hi I'm building a close ratio gearbox for my spitfire Mk3 using a Spitfire MkIV casing and a gear set from from a Dolomite 1850. I have instructed my machinist to shorten the 1850 shaft to the length of that of a Spitfire shaft, however he pointed out that the 1850 shaft tapers and is narrower at the root. He said that at the desired length, the daimeter will be too small for the 1500 clutch disk and wont work. He said that he can cut the 1850 shaft and remachine the splines to the narrow type 10 spine of the spitfire Mk3. On the other hand i have read on this and other fora that the 1850 input shaft can be made to fit the spifire1500 clutch disk. I must be missing something and I wish to keep the 20 spine setup so as to use a the larger 1500 clutch disk. Does anyone have any info on this? Thank you so much Nicky
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