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  1. Thanks. For me, the next track day will probably be the Castle Combe Action Day on the 8th Sept.
  2. I played with my new toy yesterday... Left hand side is the rear carb, right is the front. ...after a few adjustments... A view of the Megajolt software... The Sprint is running nicely & seems to accelerate really well. Can't wait for the next track day.
  3. My Morgan Carbtune arrived today. :-)
  4. I have just found these... http://www.airlinefittings.co.uk/airline-accessories/adapters-/-plugs-/-manifolds-brass/reducer-male/female-bsp-metric-wtih-o-ring-seal/thread-male-m7-x-1-thread-female-m5-x-0-8/prod_801.html ...they look as though they should work fine?
  5. I take it you don't like these then Dave? These are the only type that came up when I did a search. I've now found the Morgan ones so will go for those. cheers.
  6. I want to get a set of carb balancers for my Weber DCOEs 45/48. I have found these but the threads are M5, the Webers are M7. I'm sure I can get some thread reducers but I was mainly wondering if these will work OK with the Webers.
  7. Has anyone got a spare auxilary venturi/choke retaining screw for DCOE 48s/45s. The 48s I have have a bodge on them so one of these will make them better.
  8. I've booked for Silverstone. Hopefully doing CC and a few action days as well.
  9. I was using something very similar on my Sprint until recently (now gone to Megajolt). It came from Sprintparts in Aus. so could very well be an identical part. I was using a Piranha leccy ignition module as a trigger. The ignition timing is a straight line curve. ie you set the ign. advance start, mid range & high revs. You can programme 2 different curves which can be swapped whilst the engine is running. It also has a rev limiter feature.
  10. I was there, on the Triumph Dolomite Club stand. We got 2nd prize this year. 1st last year. ;D
  11. They slip in Dave & have the special washers to hold them in place.
  12. Has anyone got a set of 4x50mm. long trumpets/stub stacks/whatever you like to call them, for Weber 45s. I have a set of 60mm. if you want to swap. cheers, Martin
  13. Yep, I heeded your advice, so I always take it in 4th now (well, 99% of the time). Only thing is I find I have started slipping the clutch as I come out of the corner as the car just doesn't want to accelerate as quick as I would like. No, it wasn't Robin. We went to have a look at the Sprint but the owner was nowhere to be seen. Now I know the track a bit better, I do tend to give it as much as I can. Those Yoko 032s just seem to get stickier the more laps you do. ;D It's all I use this Sprint for, it's a track day whore. ;D
  14. I had a chat with the guy afterwards, he said he had an axle seal gone. By coincidence, when I went to change my wheels over at the end of the day, so did I. ;D Here's the re-match. I was after the MR2 (which I was gradually gaining on) but Mr. Jag had slowed up to wait for me to come round. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=" ></param><param'> ></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=" type="application/x-sho
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