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  1. Following on from Andy Thompsons blog 3 years ago with Morgan the Conifer Mk.1. Now UK registered . Here are some recent-ish pictures from the cars highly successful exploits on the Club Triumph 10CR run last September. It performed faultlessly - a credit to Andy T for carrying out such a fine recommisson in 2017 . A lovely picture of Morgan with Andy T's brothers PI parked up while the owners had a breather on the Autobahn heading north on the last day of the 10CR.
  2. can anyone supply the bore sizes for dolly sprint clutch master and slave cylinder sizes please. i have installed a 2000mk.2 box into spitfire with sprint release arm and slave cylinder bracket. having difficulty iin getting sufficient clutch release movement. currently have a .7" slave , have tried .625 and .7 master with no success. thanks in advance for any help.
  3. nice picture Jony!! i am doing the 10 CR , just been out in the car , running well.....and revving cleanly to 6800. must be that magic distributor .
  4. i will be there ....... and then to kenilworth for beer.
  5. its up to £ 510 NOW!!! someone must want it badly...
  6. andy , i have some gold coins here today, picked them up in Nottingham this afternoon for 89 pence. will anyone spot that they are made of chocolate...! i could sell them to Roger after he has had a few drinks..... The 2L engine project looks good, what will its displacement be @ 77mm bore?
  7. james i know of a well known Pi that had a single throttle set up at the front of the plenum, it was a backward step and was removed. There was terrible throttle lag it was hopeless below 3000 and then worked. I have to say i agree with GT on this one dude.!!!
  8. we were there but were not passed . Our convoy was Mk1. P.I , Mk.2 PI and white spit with red hardtop. At Llangurig at 02.00 hrs ...
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