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  1. Just a thought. I fitted discs using MGF disc and calipers. Despite my trying all sorts of positions for the caliper, the cables (I used shortened MGF bowden cables) fouled the inner wheel arch bottom corner when the suspension was in bump. I cut the corner of the inner arch/floor/spring tunnel back a little, and a swap of cable brackets on the caliper seems to have fixed the issue. But it shows how easy it is to get caught out. Hopefully you will avoid all those issues.... And in retrospect, I should have used VW polo calipers as they are ally rather than the iron MGF ones. Ho hum.
  2. Gordon Brown abolished tax relief on dividends, which has indeed made the govt a great deal of money. but the state pension per se is not taxed? Although it can be if your combined income is above the zero rated thehold. This doesn't seem terribly unfair as I know a number of people who are in receipt of their state pension and still working. But I am very much in favor of abolishing NI for employees altogether, as there are too many schemes let alone income streams (including my main one) which pay no NI, seems terribly unfair. Then adjust tax tates to 25% and 45% with a zero rate threshold of maybe 15K. It would make a positive difference to the lowest paid, I would pay a little more, but wouldn't begrudge it. But all the people avoiding NI would have to cough up. I guess that would include pensioners, but those on just a state pension would be well within the zero rate of tax. Which is who point of the zero rate threshold? I think. (ie it is the amount needed to "survive/exist", but it varies with where you live by some margin) The other thing to remember is the country uses the money raised for all the stuff that happens. Yes, easy to criticise, often with good reason, the way it is spent. But the vast majority goes on what most of us would regard as essential services with the contentious stuff being smaller numbers. Still huge but spread over 70 million of us not so much.
  3. I think there have been a couple of dolomites fitted with easysteer. By the company. And cost was about £800 all in. But yes, really it needs a speed controller fitted, even something as crude as on at under 10mph would be better than a manual switch.
  4. As above, not the suppliers problem. And rewireable fuses are OK and can be tested, it's all in "the book" but ad a minimum, chuck an rcd between the meter and I presume the Henly block. Better, fit a new rcbo consumer unit. Although you shouldn't, I reckon you are competent and could check continuity. Then get an eicr done. It was like that when they moved in....
  5. Me? Nope. Just the set you supplied several years ago. Richard had some done by Mr Speedy. OK except he hadn't machined the back out enough to clear the CV. Only a tiny amount needed removing, but irritating.
  6. I have had several diffs through my hands with such drillings. Handy as you can "play" with 1/4 shafts to get what you need. I think OD flanges can be drilled in teh same way, but worth checking that it clears the "neck" of the flange. Bolt size is interesting. I was led to believe that the upgrade to 3/8 bolts was to prevent them coming loose. But the Subaru diff has 8mm bolts. They are hellishly expensive, IF you can find some. I opted for 12.9 cap heads, had to buy over length so teh shoulder went past teh join between flanges. They seem to be doing a fine job.
  7. looks like a sammio spyder or similar. Worryingly it is registered as a 1963 saloon, but advert says 1968. And not exactly pretty with that funny bulge on the bonnet. Less "baby e type" more inverted wheelbarrow. (sorry if I sound negative, but too many poorly done conversions out there claiming to be mot exempt etc)
  8. When I had my (V6) T9 box refreshed by BGH I agonised about first gear. In the end I stayed with the std ratio, on the basis it helps with a quick getaway for autosolos, and makes for a smoother takeoff in traffic. But very tricky making a decision. Which is why I didn't. I still wonder if a 2.98 first would have been "better" or maybe just different.
  9. The lady wife was looking at the various rates etc for Brighton+Hove. The over 60's infection rate is rising almost imperceptibly. The big increases are in 15-29s, with the other older and younger groups also increasing pretty rapidly. However, only a handful of deaths since mid march. And I suspect they are people who could well have died of a number of causes, just they happened to have had covid recently, or were vulnerable enough that almost anything would have been life ending (just like my parents last year, they didn't get covid but anything would have taken them, and did) The death rate is also below expected levels. Again, predictable as so many older or vulnerable were taken by covid last year, many of those would have lasted until now.... I think we won't see the hospitalisation or death rates increasing anything like the infection rates. And many of those who do become seriously ill are likely to be those who haven't been vaccinated when offered. (and I do understand that fully vaccinated is not a guarantee, but still orders of magnitude better than not) But as is now being mooted by the latest cabinet appointee, we are getting to the point where we are going to have to live with Covid. We have done the right thing, all the most likely to be seriously ill are vaccinated (or refused, idiots. and some can't be vaccinated, I do have sympathy with them. But they will be in similar situation with flu and other common illnesses) Time to start to get back to normal. But it will be a bit of an experiment. What I am certain of is that annual boosters will be the norm, just like having the flu jab.
  10. We have been offered use of a (very nice) villa in portugal in teh autumn by our neighbours. But nothing firmed up yet...
  11. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jul/02/britons-with-indian-made-astrazeneca-vaccine-covishield-face-extra-eu-travel-hurdle
  12. Oh crap. I see in the news that that the EU vaccination passport excludes 3 batches of Indian produced AZ. And yes, having just checked, our first dose in from one of the batches. Why? who knows. And almost odd as they were kicking off about wanting the vaccine, but only if european made? or was that just political games? Hoping that parts of the EU will accept it, we were hoping, just hoping, to get to Portugal in late October. Or we get a third dose of whatever beforehand. Ho hum, lots of twists and turns still to come I expect
  13. I had to isolate last week. Well, not forced to... I had been in a student house the previous Thursday (10th) where only 2 of the 8 inmates were there. Non got close to me, and essentially they answered the door and buggered off and hid. I was in about 20 other houses over the next week, until Wednesday (16th) and got a message that one of the inmates from the previous Thursday had tested positive. Sadly teh students gave zero extra info. No date when teh test was done, if they were there when I was or anything. I picked up a lateral flow test kit, went home and did tests 2 days apart, then decided that as (1) I was double jabbed (2) I probably wasn't in the house at the same time and even then was not a close contact with any of them (3) 8 days had elapsed (4) no T+T alert... I could go on. Anyway, I went out and about, still did another test a few days later, still clear. The really irritating thing is it may all have been a ploy as the house concerned was due an inspection by the agents, so the covid case meant it had to be postponed for 2 weeks. Suspicious???? Maybe. But infection rates amongst the student population seems to be soaring. All it cost me was 2 1/2 days earnings.... bah.
  14. Another vote for fibreglass. (though not tried Nicks method!) I have used uPol Fibral, it is very handy stuff. But separate resin and tissue or matting is better.
  15. It is troublesome. The ability for researchers to scan the data could be a significant help in spotting patterns/relationships/trends etc in health. But that would be easily achieved with anonymous data (first part of postcode, approx age, sex, ethnicity etc needed) I guess the private companies are after that data to do just that, but sounds as if they are after a bit more too?
  16. On a similar note, we were shocked to discover that your medical records are not available country wide. A (truly lovely) neighbour was visiting his son and family, and effectively died, but his son managed to keep him alive until and ambulance arrived. But they had absolutely no idea about his medical history. Luckily his son knew enough, and soon got the blanks filled in. Not sure if your records are kept for use by your local healthcare group, or something else. But it is hopeless if any hospital or even doctor can't access your records. Seems the new scheme is a bit iffy, you can opt out of sharing beyond use for your direct care. That is all that is needed, anything else ought to be anonymous.
  17. 3000 MG's? Crikey.... I think as a non-contributing Club, CT will be given a patch of grass to put maybe a dozen cars? Possibly the same for the other invited Clubs. But it seems you are taking the bull by the horns here. But having a quick think, the coffers should allow for a damn good event in terms of facilities and so on. I just hope it doesn't sell out, I am loathe to buy tickets up front, but have an inkling it may be a good idea this time. All those people missing their hols abroad may well decide the weekend would be a "nice break". But will they go and buy a tent? I reckon the local accommodation will be fully booked already. Even without the show. This needs careful planning.
  18. John, my point is that teh NHS system was sending out nonsense information. Having spoken to Gill about it today (retelling the story etc) she was told when on te phone to te booking service our original appointments were still valid despite the spurious text. But how were we to know? The whole thing caused confusion. Probably with many thousands of people. Anyway, a nice trip to the delightful Crawley and we were both jabbed yesterday. Had a very mild headache, Gill the same, but worse. Nothing like I felt after my first jab, that was thoroughly unpleasant. So I feel confident I am well protected. I am taking hefty doses of D3 too. No idea if it is helping or not. But no real downside.
  19. Had a busy day in teh garage, achieving little except ideas... (improving the exhaust manifold layout, I am losing the will to live with cutting/tacking/adjusting pipework) Anyway, also got a text from teh NHS mid morning. My 2nd jab confirmed sat 12th 2pm. Hang on, previous text a while ago said 11th at 11.15am? The lady wife got a similar message. It also said we could rebook earlier if we wished. So while I returned to the garage, Gill got on with that. Hers rebooked. But once she had cancelled mine, the next page was gone. And then couldn't get back as I had no booking. I phoned 119. Lady explained that there was a problem with the messages. But she checked, and said mine had rebooked. But for the time Gill had rebooked hers for (and had a confirmation). Gill checked hers via the phone. No booking. She then had a nice chat with the unusually useful person on the other end, who rebooked both of ours for Crawley hospital, tomorrow afternoon, and apologised for the cock-ups. I wonder what would happen if we turned up at any other the days we had conformations for? Goodness knows. But they need to sort all this out, the poor staff at the centres will be tearing their hair out.
  20. I think a friend has one off a ford something or other. He has stripped/checked etc and it is all good to go. But not on a Triumph box. I can check if that may be suitable...
  21. But the TSSC has not done any sporting events for donkeys years. Who will they get? In reality they ought to play to their audience, and display some nice shiny show cars.
  22. Having done MGCC trackdays, I can assure everybody that the attendees are again very friendly. That may not translate to the entire membership. But in general MG owners give us a wave thesedays. 30 years ago it seemed we were bitter enemies (until a beer was consumed, then it became gentle ribbing) The TRR has a significant old guard. I remember reading about the horror some felt when they heard they would be doing a show with the SOC. They didn't get it at all. But I hope we can gradually pull all the Triumph clubs together for a single big show. It makes sense, but therein lies the issue.
  23. looks like johns comment "elsewhere" has been deleted. I had replied. I believe the idea of the TSSC/TRR show is that each club keeps its own identity, does its own thing etc but at he same venue. And share facilities (The TRR bar was rather good at Stratford). However, to not make that clear to people organising stands etc is daft. And the irony that john has a small chassis car... Add to that the TSSC is no longer just a small chassis club after the attempt 20 odd years ago to become the dominant club by covering all models (even though CT had already been doing that for many years!) So will they be displaying a full range of sporting cars? They may get the jigsaw le mans replica out? If they want genuine works cars better off speaking to Mr P. Anyway, as I am a mug, I have been tasked with getting some cars together for a CT stand at the show. I am hoping that won't be so contentious. (and I have said I don't want to actively tout for new members at the show, that would be bad form) But the politics part does make it all a ballache.
  24. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1338126 Drop me a message if it is of interest....
  25. I am not a great fan of VR1. It is better than the std quality 20/50, but changing again to millers CSS20/60 proved a leap forward. It just held oil pressure better, and didn't degrade nearly as fast. I would be very tempted by a good quality synthetic 10-60 oil, some have good levels of zddp too. I think Roger is using one? And yes, trackdays are brutal on oils. Finally.... the recommendation of an oil cooler on the 1500 is not baseless. Certainly helps, the 1500 seems to be the engine that is hardest on oil.
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