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  1. Surprised to receive yesterday via Royal Mail a 5 litre tin of Jizer degreasefr as a cardboard parcel.
  2. Didn't realise it was that long. No more hooning in Europe for me due to the British voting public. I presume I was right in my assumption that it was you who commented on my Cadwell Park video. Best of luck in the future. Pete Richards
  3. Thought this may be of interest as it has some Triumph content.
  4. I suggest you look again. It's obvious Verstappen knew Hamilton was there as he pulled to the left before then turning right across Hamilton's bow. If you leave a gap in a race then your opponent will exploit it. It's no good continuing as you didn't know. At worst a racing incident as I know to my cost having suffered by an opponent leaving a gap and not expecting me to take advantage of it.
  5. Were the expiry dates not extended last year. Pete Richards
  6. George Howard-Chapell is indeed a motorsport guru and also raced a Lotus in the 750MC Roadsports Series. Pete Richards
  7. Believe it's still 13 inch wheels until next year.
  8. I've got carbs with both types of float but have always preferred the brass type. I had one of a pair develop a leak as yours have and I did a search on ebay and managed to find a new old stock one from Italy which including postage was a lot less than I could get one in the UK. A further composite type is available from Australia and this is to the brass type pattern but the float is the same dimensions but of vacuum formed plastic. A pair of these worked out cheaper than a single Weber plastic type including postage. I set them as the brass floats and they worked fine. Pete Richards
  9. Like you John I've been a Guardian reader for years. For some reason, I can't rememberwhy, I also read the Sunday Times and as you say it can be best described as the House Journal of the Tory party. On reading the said article my feelings were the same as yours in respect of the dereliction of duty by the current government, in particular the lack of action by the PM at the start of the crisis. Pete Richards
  10. Show early interest and you never know. Pete Richards
  11. Contrary to previous comments I've had good results with Continental on my Porsche Cayman daily. They are 40 series on 18 inch rims and out here in the Cambridgeshire fens where the roads can be best described as tracks the ride is fine. Check out Tyreleader for availability and prices as the are showing your size for between £80 - £90 delivered. Pete Richards
  12. Can't say it went well as on the second lap of the first race I lost it at the chicane and ended up on my roof in the gravel trap. I was trapped for what seemed ages, but I'm sure it wasn't, before being released by the marshals and medical team. A quick check over at the medical centre indicated slightly raised blood pressure but as the Doctor said not surprising as I'd just rolled my car. Car was delivered back by the recovery crew and looked a bit sorry with damage to the front spoiler and the passenger door loose inside the cockpit. With help from other competitors and their friends the engine compartment was washed down and a start was made in replacing fully the front and rear screens. Having cleaned the engine compartment down I decided to try the engine. It started first time and sounded perfect with no damage - probably due to it having a dry sump. Even more peopled joined in getting it back to being in one piece and then the decision was reached when we wondered if it it may be possible to get it out for the second race. With about 3/4 hour to the race start all was finished, front and rear screens fitted, door fitted although one hinge was broken and was consequently covered with tank take which was also used and an additional support to the door, the sharp edges of the broken fibreglass were covered with tank tape, all of the gravel between the offside wheel rims and tyres removed, and what appeared to be half of the gravel trap removed from the cockpit the car was presented to the Scrutineer for a decision on whether I could race. He only had a problem with the large crack in the windscreen but was happy as long as I had a visor for my helmet. Fortunately I was able to change the fitted peak to a visor and was able to start the race. I was a bit wary at the start but once the lights went out I was fine although I did have a problem with the visor misting on occasions. I had another incident at the chicane but this time I took a short cut on the grass and continued to the end. As expected I finished last but I had a great time due mainly to all the help I received in the paddock from fellow enthusiasts who just wanted to see me racing again. Unfortunately I don't know their names but my thanks go out to them all. As regards Knockhill in reverse some parts are good and some are in my opinion dangerous, particularly the chicane and to a lesser degree the hairpin. I wasn't the only one to come to grief at the chicane. We had intended to stay and explore the area for a few days and to this end had arranged to leave the car and trailer at the circuit. Unfortunately the motorhome heating system failed on Friday night and this was followed by the water pump on Sunday night. So it was a long drive home today (Monday) although we did stop off and check out the re-furbished Jim Clark Museum at Duns. Pete Richards
  13. Been away for some time but have been watching. All seems to have settled down with the Triumph clubs so I've decided to post again. If anyone's interested I've decided to take a trip north of the border and have entered the above event. Have always wanted to race at Knockhill since doing a track evening with the Imp Club several years ago. Unfortunately any memories from that are void as this meeting is using the track the other way round. Not been used that way very often so I should not be at too much of a disadvantage. Anyone fancy coming along please call in for a chat. Pete Richards p.s. Good to see Gerard is around again. Hope you are still getting brown sauce!
  14. Worth giving them a ring. I've always found them to be very helpful.. I've got pairs of them on both my racing Clans and have had no problems with them, Pete Richards p.s. Debating whether to leave ST as it has little interest for me now as it has become a mainly Triumph forum.
  15. Link to website of new motorsport club for those interested in competing in 'club' racing www.cmmotorsportclub.com Pete Richards
  16. Find it difficult to believe Mark fitted in a Spitfire let alone raced it in the 750MC RoadsSports back in the 70's and 80's. I prefer to completely build my engines on the bench and then fit a perspex plate being the outer shape of the manifold gasket along with stud holes only. Serves the same purpose by preventing bits falling in the ports and a lot easier than leaning over an engine bay. Pete Richards
  17. One thing to check is what tyres are allowed for class you compete in. Also, check what other people are using. Pete Richards
  18. I ran in a support race to the 6 hours a couple of years ago. Agree with it being a superb meeting but too expensive as a competitor. Pete Richards
  19. John, I've got quite a few spare connectors minus pins. I believe I've got both four and two pin. I think a lot of the sensors are the same as used by the Pi System 2 so I can let you know how many pins there are for each sensor if needed. Pete
  20. John, One thing I forgot to mention is that some sensors use four pins as you have shown, some use three pins and some only two. Looking at your pictures I think that you may have the small connectors. I believe I also have a small connector which came with my second system so I can measure the relative sizes if that's of any help. Pete Richards
  21. John, Your right they are Cannon Sure Seal connectors. There are, however, two sizes, large and small with different size pins. How do I know - I recently ordered the small pins by mistake and my Pi system uses the large. I got mine from RS Components. What type of data logging unit have you got? If it's the Pi System 2 then I've had years of experience with it and have it fitted to both my cars. I also have some spare sensors but they are getting more difficult to come by and consequently more expensive. Feel free to contact me if you need any help. Pete Richards
  22. Pity you're not here the week before. Historic Sports Car Club finals meeting at Silverstone and that's only a short trip from Hemel. Pete Richards
  23. PeteClan

    Connector Is

    Jon, Could be worth looking at the Durite online catalogue. The plugs for the socket are part numbers 0-601-26 and 0-601-27. The second is a right angled fitting. They also list quite a number of other type connectors which may be appropriate. Pete
  24. PeteClan

    Connector Is

    John, Mine takes a bayonet plug and not a cig lighter type. Seems very secure to me. I have a two pin lucar type plug at the charger end of the lead and that always pulls out when I forget to unplug from the car. I'll try and get a picture of the plug. Pete
  25. PeteClan

    Connector Is

    Jon, I have Durite sockets fitted to both my Clans and these have caused no problems. I use the to connect a trickle type battery charger to keep everything topped up. They are used outside in the rain with no problems. When not in use the socket has a tight fitting cap. The part number for the socket is 0-601-19 and it's listed as a Din Socket with Cap - 16 amp. Unfortunately I don't have the part number for the plug but it should'nt be too hard to find. Pete Richards
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