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  1. no luck finding the right r160 diff Think Im going to get Competition Transmission Services to build me one in weapons grade with a LSD unit inside Anyone here used Competition Transmission Services? - seem to have a good rep
  2. So after 11 years of abuse on sunday I killed the diff in the Hurricane old one is a 3:89 from a spit 1500 It currently runs a Ford block with about 160 bhp what options are there out there for replacing/upgrading it (without loads of extra work) thoughts and costs please - many thanks for the help
  3. Lol had to fit a 380 watt amp so I hear anything above your old exhaust
  4. sitting so I dont have to look over the top of the window
  5. Cars going really well now (apart from the camb seal oil leak) Chris car has about 6bhp (different dino though) on mine but the hurricane is a little lighter So very evern Both seam to have the same exhaust holding it back issue though
  6. All I'm going to say is plastic spitfires seem to atracked people with heavy feet Cracking drive with similarly matched cars Buckets of fun Note to self - stop looking at the car behind and watch out for the give way sign
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