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  1. The editorial, written jointly by both the editors of the BMJ and the HMJ (Hospital Medical Journal). As you may imagine from the title (above) it includes some strongly critical comments about the complacency of this Government. https://www.hsj.co.uk/coronavirus/the-nhs-is-not-living-with-covid-its-dying-from-it/7032824.article Worth reading. John
  2. Well, Malvern was 'under the TRR umbrella' as lead club there, as TSSC is lead at Stafford. J
  3. Have I posted before about tool porn? The desire to own esoteric tools that are proper engineers' instruments? Even when they will NEVER be used? Such a collection is now on sale: WOW! That biggest micrometer must be at least four feet across! And the calipers are so big you could deliver a baby with them! The rest are fairly routine, but I could have used that large tap wrench doing my slave cylinder helicoiling! John PS The same sale includes this lot: I recognise some depth gauges, but what are all those instruments with a thick ring as part of the set? JD
  4. And Lo! It is done! First I went to Halfords and bought a set of plastic trim levers, with hard, wide tips to avoid scarring the trim. The sandwich box is just to keep them together in the tool drawer. With those, the trim started to come off easily, revealing the two (just TWO!) screws that secure it to the door. Then the switches had to be removed - they all lever out with the plastic tools and their multiway plugs disconnected, no messing about with Lucars and trying to interpret the wire colours, it's click and connect, or disconnect! The interior door trim then just unclicks from the door. That reveals THE BOLT! It's a tiny 5mm (?) jobbie, looks far too puny to hold on that great mirror binnacle! And it's very long, so long that the tip is level with the interior door surface. I suppose that makes it easier to install the mirror, but it's so long that even with a deep socket (13mm), the bolt tip prevent the wrench drive engaging. I can't run the socket. Hmmmmmmmm! But I never throw anything away, and I have tucked at the back of the drawer a set of tubular spanners, Imperial, but surely one will do? And it does! Nut tight, Mirror secure, trim and switches re-fitted, any everything works! Whole job took about an hour. Thanks Nick and everyone else for the steer! John
  5. It's a long story. Please see "Greetings from the Gulag" on the TSSC MSB: Greetings from the Gulag - Club Events - The Triumph Sports Six Club Forum (tssc.org.uk) If, of course, it is not deleted John PS I'm sorry, Hamish! All, please do not allow this trivial matter to divert from your admiration for the Wizard Triumph from Oz
  6. Moved from Hamish's "Interesting car at Shelsley Walsh" thread at Johns suggestion. Wow! Great looking and acting car! How long are the owners in the UK? Could they be persuaded to bring it to Stafford? John PS I won't be at Stafford - since Malvern, I am persona non grata at the TSSC, and banned from attending. Bitter, moi? JD
  7. Thank you, flatter! This was not a job I'd contemplate with the engine/gearbox in the car, even though on my car it's heater? What heater?! But as I had just replaced the gearbox, and I always remove them in one piece, it was out in the workshop Your point about threading in alloy is well made - as I implied when I described the original as 5/16" UNF! It probably didn't matter in production, but fifty plus years later, now that the engines will almost all have been rebuilt, in my case many times, this weakness shows itself. As many know, Triumph did the same with the alloy bridge piece in the engine, leading to an obscure source of oil leak. They probably did elsewhere - can anyone add to the list? John
  8. Do school kids play Aussie Rules footie? No ball to give us a clue!
  9. Thank you, Colin! I also forgot that bikers wear metal skid pads on the outside of their knees, they get them so low. Not for push bikers!
  10. Racing bikers move their bum off the seat, and hang off their knee across fuel tank in corners. Clearly on a pushbike you don't, as even these experts kept bum planted on saddle. The advantages, of lowering the CoG and shifting it towards the centre of the turn are clear when you see how upright the motorbikes stay in a corner. Why not the push bikers? John
  11. Good thought, Steve, wish I'd had it
  12. Latest in the saga, is this: Those two bosses on the cast alloy bellhousing, that support the salve cylinder. I've been using it awhile, it's been on and off the car a dozen-plus times, and removed the slave ditto. Triumph in their unwisdom drilled and tapped them for 5/16" UNF bolts. I knew the threads were worn, and this time I went to tighten the bolts and ... uh! They stripped. The stress is against the bosses, but I'd hate for a bolt or bolts to fall out, whereupon the slave would be dangling on its pressure line. Drill right through, use a long bolt? The back is curved, it would need counter drilling. So, I used a Helicoil. It went quite well. All I could get quickly was metric so I chose an M8 set, 5/16" equivalent. Luckily I already had a right angle drilling attachment, else getting a drill to the bosses, would have need dismantling the gear box from the bell, but I still had to shorten the special drill by a centimetre. I didn't have a short handled tap holder, so resorted to a vice grip, but with a lot of effort it cut the special thread for the coil, and the coil inserter was JUST not too long! So now, the slave is back on the bell, and securely fastened. Whoopee! All I have to do is remember they are M8 bolts!
  13. And another new style scam/phishing I got an email apparently from an old friend. It had his full name but the senders address was not his: s103507@student.uum.edu.my Hmmmm, 'student', and that's a university in Malaysia! Then, the message said: "Probably should have sent this invitation to you way earlier http://www.lozjs.nycekk. com/ " It's rather obviously a scam, but how? Has my friend a Trojan on his machine, stealing his address list? Or do I, using mine to head false emails with friends names? If the second there would be more, surely? My friend has scrubbed his machine and nothing was found. Could his name and a connection to me have been picked up in Facebook? Anyway, deleted now! JOhn
  14. Thanks Nick, most useful, with the sound at zero!
  15. Well, not exactly in the middle of town: But gosh, Florence, Oregon must be an exciting place to live, because FIFTY YEARS later they are commemorating the event! And double gosh, it oofeatures a man who wrote his doctoral thesis about the event. Phew, and I always thought the Big Apple was Hectic City!
  16. Indeed, thanks! I'm told that the guy who did last year's video couldn't get there this time, but a compilation will be edited and released later. John
  17. The driver's door mirror is loose! The bolt or bolts are coming undone. I need to get under the internal door trim to tighten them, but can see no screws etc that hold the trim on. Anyone have a C5 Mk2 and can advise me please? John
  18. Typical! After the car-crash - no, major accident involving aircraft, trains and the biggest trucks - of their TV 'debate' yesterday, that involved more hostile argument about their mutual histories than an online parish council meeting, the Tories have ducked out of todays round. They will continue their bickering in private, in front of an audience of, they hope, tame MPs, and depriving the party members of a really clear view of what sort of people they vote for. There are words for this, strategic, diplomatic, expedient, but the word that describes it best is cowardly. JOhn
  19. This parachuting incident caught my eye. But what was remarkable was the PoV of the camera! It seemed to be permanently about a meter off the guy's head, rather like yours, Craig. How is that done? John
  20. roger, In the course of "Project Binky", Bad Obsession rebuilt filters several times, to get them into the very limited space available. Each time, these experienced modifiers would test the unit with compressed air, and do it in a water bath, to locate any leaks so that they could be rewelded. An airline must be far easier to use than some water compression device, and cleaning grease out of a filter? No thanks! Project Binky had several times when there was a leak, and their mods never exploded - just thin trickles of bubbles, and some profanity! Good luck! John
  21. Not mine but I like it: It's for where the manual says "finger tight".
  22. Surely you have all seen the first deep sky picture from the JWSS by now? If not, then: APOD: 2022 July 13 - Webb's First Deep Field (nasa.gov) The mind bogglers are all those gravitational lensed images, red because they are so far away and red-shifted and smeared by the gravity of the SMACS 0723 galaxy group in the centre of the image. That group is a mere 4.6 BILLION light years away, while the lensed galaxies are at least TWICE as far as that! And we can see sharp images of them! The stars with six points are inside our own galaxy, and are caused by the optics of the JWSS. Those six points will for ever distinguish JWSS images from those from the Hubble, where the same effect but different optics produced four points. John
  23. It's thanks to you, Colin, that my Frying pan lid lives to cook another day! New fitted (white ice cream carton for background), old on right for comparison. The new set - as you say, my lid has another three lives! - arrived today, Sunday - so I must have benefitted from the temporary Prime membership, that Amazon forced on me and that I cancelled forthwith. An all-round winner! John
  24. If this is a scam, it's a new one: I think the dead give away is that no regisration No. is quoted. I'm certain that would happen if this really was from the DVLA. Plus the senders email. Bin it. John
  25. That's nothing, just over the hill form me is Quernmore, pron. Kwore-mer! John
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