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  1. If it's any comfort, I started the Vitesse engine today, after refitting the rebuilt gearbox. After a period of near heart failure, with NO OIL PRESSURE AT ALL I finally saw oil dripping from the rocker shaft and the gauge registered! Phew! It was just filling the cooler and the rest of the system, about 1 litre and half's worth. I did not run it for any length of time. Next stage is back to 3 Sisters for a test session, and then a race, if I can enter in time. So, Bollocks, then Not Bollocks!! John
  2. Quote, Colin, "Oil down the bores made no real difference to the low readings" Says valve problem to me, Colin. But if the oil made no difference in the other cylinders, then not enough oil? The oil should improve the ring seal temporarily, so that even bores with good rings should up their compressions.
  3. There are some real comedians in this world. Today, I received an email, apparently from the TRR enclosing the tickets I had ordered for the Stafford show. Har, bloody har I sent back. But then I realised. The address that had sent it was "offcie@tr-register.co.uk". You will notice the misspelt "office" Some bloody comedian thinks this is funny. John
  4. Am I the only one to get all this scamming? The latest is most convincing. It looks like this: The "Beneficiary" has a correct address, but the website wants details that are not in the email, and the genuine Gov.co.uk website for that North Regional Fixed Penalty Office includes the warning that, "Scammers are mimicking genuine HMCTS phone numbers and email addresses. They may demand payment and claim to be from HMRC or enforcement. If you're unsure, do not pay anything and report the scam to Action Fraud." Global Ingenico is a company that deals in electronic payments, bu has long been abused by scammers. I have reported the email, and deleted the scamming message. John
  5. MAMAL = Middle Aged Male Avoiding Lycra? It's usually a MAMIL - in Lycra! And not a pretty sight!
  6. The - Ahem! - point of the Webb is that it 'sees' in infra-red, so can image galaxies that are far more -red-shifted by distance than the Hubble. Red-shift is the astronomers' tool for measuring vast distances and is measured as a ratio, of the difference of the observed wavelength to the original wavelength, over the original wavelength. Previously, objects had been seen with redshifts of as high as 11, but already Webb has found some with shift ratio of 13, and one group has reported as high as 20! Distance = age, because of the limited speed of light, so a shift of 13 would indicate an object shining as brightly as a galaxy, only 300 million years after the Big Bang! And one of 20, if confirmed, will knock off all our current cosmology, as that would be half that time afterwards, long before stars could have formed by the theories we understand. See: [2207.09434] Two Remarkably Luminous Galaxy Candidates at $z\approx11-13$ Revealed by JWST (arxiv.org) and Galaxy Glass-z13 (red shift ratio is expressed as 'z') John
  7. Ian, I should have complimented you on the disc for the jack lifting pad, nice idea! I would copy you, but mine has a rubber pad there , so I can't do that, but a slightly castellated rim which grips the wood Knarly? You have maybe half an inch of wood in the step, and any stresses on it are along the grain. If you have knots in that stress line they will weaken the wood, not make it stronger! Screws in wood are like gussets on a weld! John
  8. A lovely person and a real Triumphero.
  9. I may have shown this before, but I have a new mod for it! To raise the rear of the car, I always use the chassis cross member, just behind the diff. But it's not mounted with the lower surface horizontal, so you risk it slipping off the jack - which has happened to me in the past! I made a notched block of wood, that hooks behind the cross member, so it can't slip off The block is reinforced with wood screws! But I wanted to lift the car more than the block and jack could do. Another piece of wood underneath would do it, but I'm wary of stacking such blocks. So I made a locking block. Piece of square stud, same width as the first, with two pieces of lath, screwed and glued on the sides. The two slide together, to give an additional 3" of lift. The string loops hang them on the wall when not in use. I'd never find them otherwise!
  10. The author of last years excellent overall video could not attend Pittsburg this year, but some in car footage has been posted: And And! We just don't get All_Triumph races here any more, so enjoy! John PS I'm indebted to my US friend Mike Bulfer for these links!
  11. OR, there is the excellent Duxford Triumph and Classics Day, run by the local TSSC Area and with the advantage of being on the same site as the Air Museum. When I was last there, we were entertained, not by a single fly-over of a vintage aircraft, but by continuous take-offs and landings by iconic aeroplanes, including a Spitfire! A REAL Spitfire! 4th September 2022 - put it in your diaries! John
  12. Well, well, well. Far be it from me to wish this on the Three Clubs, or on the members who come from all over Europe and enjoy it so much, but ... it's a judgement. But don't be downhearted! Be like Mickey Rooney and Julie Garland, let's do it right here in the barn! There are other classic car shows that weekend, at Tatton Park (Passion for Power), Beddingden TRactorfest and Stroud Show. And, Liverpool MC have trackdays that weekend, at Aintree! I'm sure any of those would be glad of a posse of Triumpheroes! John
  13. Searching for something to watch on TV this eve, found Sky Arts showing Cirque du Soleil's "Alegria". Wow! Circus, like I've never seen before! Fantastic acts, expanded by fantasy costumes, an MC more sinister than in Cabaret, clowns that are mimes, but funny as well as pathetic. If they ever come to the UK, I must see them! This show is on YouTube - see if you agree!
  14. Implying nothing, only that Morph did a free fall pic on Facebook just now!
  15. Miles, Thank you! 'Private' medicine exists in the UK - I used to be part of it - but it is tiny, estimated at about £1.5 billion when the NHS budget for '21-22 is £190 Billion. When we already know, and I think you acknowledge, that the NHS is underfunded, to encourage and support expansion of private medicine would be likely to deprive the NHS even further. No health system is perfect, but even I, a left-leaning, muesli-eating, beard-wearing socialist, acknowledge that a mixed system can work. But none of us, I hope, would wish to see deprived those who cannot afford the costs of private medicine. In the US they venerate their Veterans of the armed services more than we do, but even so the free medical service of the Veterans Administration was allowed to decay in the face of paid medical care. Unless the NHS is a better service, than that will happen to it too. Private medicine in the UK is vastly under-resourced when compared with the NHS. Private hospitals, even those doing major surgery such as joint replacement, almost never have resident medical staff, their own laboratories, advanced imaging or Intensive care wards, and rely on those being available from the NHS. They never have A&E, acute medicine or trauma services and never carry out Major Plus (risk) procedures. When healthcare funding is limited, the additional investment and running costs of an equivalent private service would be enormous, and would tend to lower NHS investment. John
  16. Perhaps I should change my avatar? "I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member" Groucho
  17. Thank you, Colin. The guy at the bike shop used a chain gauge and said it was not worn or stretched. I'll have a look at the other factors you mention. Would that bike gear were as easy to correct as Citroen door mirrors! John
  18. Ouch! Or rather unless you got them pinched, Yuck! I've related by travails with the same problem, apparently due to a chain wheel only loosely bolted down, but subsequent experience has shown that the problem hasn't been eliminated. Now, doctor, would the symptoms be a clue? Changing up from lowest to middle is fine, from middle to highest (biggest) is variable, but holding the lever until it does engage helps. The other way is a disaster, the chain always falls between the chain wheels. To me, that 'box' that holds the chain and guides it over the chain wheels, looks too big, it's twice as wide as the chain. Is there a version which could guide it more accurately? John
  19. Miles, I'm sorry for your daughter's experience, but "involvement with the NHS over the past six months" has been with an organisation frantically swimming to keep head above water, as a pandemic precipitates the near collapse long predicted. I've quoted it before, but it has long been a bitter joke that the NHS has done so much with so little, so it can now do something with nothing. The joke has come true as even that black humour is running out. But the worst healthcare system in Europe? Please show your evidence! The Commonwealth Fund (That's the American Commonwealth States, not the British one) has run a series of comparative studies, between the US system and those in other Western nations. The latest, 2021, found that the NHS lay fourth, behind Norway, the Netherlands and Australia, and ahead of, among others, France and Germany. See: Mirror, Mirror 2021 – Reflecting Poorly: Health Care in the U.S. Compared to Other High-Income Countries (commonwealthfund.org) Moreover, the UK came top (again!) on their measures of affordability and - despite the frequent complaints about GP appointments and hospital admissions- accessibility. Once again, the Mirror report found that the US system lay far, far behind the others, while costing half as much again compared with the best. Moreover, in that US system the one part that is state funded, the Veterans Administration, has long been a the subject of scandals about poor care: Nursing Clio A History of Neglect Other healthcare systems have a more equitable mix of 'private' and state-funded care, notably the Australian, so it is possible to move away from a 'universal' NHS, but the first requirement is state funded healthcare that works! Lastly, may I remind everyone? It cost nothing, so may be as worthless as 'clapping the NHS', but the organisation's title is now, "NHS George Medal". I don't have to remind you what that means. John
  20. I've seen bore gauges, where you lock a spring loaded device set across the bore, take it out and then use an external micrometer to measure that. So these, does the gauge sit vertically in the bore and extend some sort of arm(s) to touch the sides? Ah ha! Found a pic of setting one, using said check ring: Thank you! John
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