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  1. My passport expires next year, at the end of August, and knowing that France demands at least six months of 'life' for entry, that I shall be going to CLM next year and hearing the constant grief of people whose passports just disappear into the maw of the bureaucracy and return far too late, I applied for a new one online, yesterday. Easy-peasey! You even provide your own passport photo, which the website checks for validity (too dark, too light, smiling etc!) Nip down to the Post Office to send it off, ask for registered delivery and how I may check that. "You can't through us, but go online to the Passport Office tomorrow and see that it has been delivered." OK! So today, after receiving an email, sent this morning, telling me to send the passport, I get onto the Gov.co.uk "Track your passport application" webpage! Not reassuring, and nor was the message online telling me not to try to track it until at least three weeks have gone by!!!!! And all that I get when I enter my details and application code is another bloody message telling me to send in my passport! I might as well walk to Hemel Hempstead ! Oh, Schengen! oh, Bollocks!
  2. It is when you look at those little dots on the far side of the lava flow! To see what they are seeing, really close-up:
  3. And I was about to say that Tim Peake can twiddle his thumbs as he won't be chosen to fly on Orion, on a European spacecraft.
  4. Ask the manufacturers? Oxford Welders | Contact Us
  5. I can't compare that graph with my results directly, Pete, as they graph amplitude against RPM. Mine use amplitude, in different units, "decibels", rather than degrees, against frequency and I run a test at various engine speeds. This allows a more detailed analysis. Certainly, the higher the revs the more likely is a resonant frequency to become significant, and potentially damaging. I may have shown this graph before: This compares eight different dampers. The "Chrome" damper was a rebuilt one, kindly lent by a friend, as my 'control'. It shows four other used dampers closely matched the control damper, but three, 1, 3 and 6, did not, and allowed much more vibration (recall - The decibel is a logarithmic scale!) at critical frequencies. But this was on a six cylinder engine, as I am concerned that while Triumph thought a damper necessary, they chose the cheapest and simplest type that had rubber little different from tyre rubber as the compliant component. After fifty years, I wouldn't trust a tyre, let alone one I had run that close to engine! This fear is confirmed by the above results, and the survey, which found that 10% of owners had seen a failed crank damper. Triumph did not consider a damper was needed on the four cylinder, as the significantly resonant frequencies were in a rev range never used, except in a racing engine! I could do a similar study of such engines, with a cooperative owner, as I am developing 'bolt-on' sensors that I can use on an engine that is still in a car. John
  6. Just gently for now, but who knows? This is a live video link! I'm indebted for this to Peter Cobbold, over on the TR, but also of this parish. His TRR thread is at https://www.tr-register.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/76291-iceland-geology-in-real-time/page/6/&tab=comments#comment-769785 John
  7. Thank you, Pete! Even in this Internet age, to know someone with an extensive library can be an advantage! I'd very much like to read that article in full - I'll be most grateful for a scan of it! I think the graph shows why production Spitfires had no crank damper - few owners were going to rev it beyond 7K! That resonance frequency is a factor of the crank length, and just like, say, a xylophone or Tubular Bells, the longer the deeper the tone and the lower the resonant frequency. The straight six crank would resonate within the rev range. John
  8. That's exactly what I had, Colin, but completing the picture quiz and clicking on "Delist" did nothing untill the link timed out "Sideways had taken too long to respond" or something like. Zetec, Hove ain't North! So not regional. Craig has had distressing news in the last days, let's hope he can tell us what happened when he has time. Meantime, back to the usual! John
  9. I meant, the University of Sideways, whose Common Room this is!
  10. Strange! Colin's North of the Border, I'm not far from that, while Nick is in the Deep South. Where are you, Zetec? Was this a regional broadband thing?
  11. To whomsoever gave this old post a thumbs up just now! Things have moved on a tad from the survey. Now, I have the technology to test your crank damper, on my instrumented engine rig. That can measure crank vibration, analyse the frequencies and their amplitudes, showing if the damper is working or not. Please PM me for more detail. John
  12. Thnaks Hamish! Elsewhere on't Net he looks a lot less like the Carrottman! John
  13. And the CSCC tell me that he is entered at their meeting at Donington, 10-11th September. Because they had one at Oulton's Gold Cup meeting, there isn't a Special Saloons race at the CSCC Oulton meet on the 29th August. John PS I'm entered for the 29th! Swinging 60s, Group 2. Fingers crossed!
  14. Yes, indeed, Pete. O/d very useful on circuits with long straights. John PS Fleming's hero should have been "Laycock de Normanville"! "Hello. My name is Laycock. Laycock de Normanville." Beats Pussy Galore, Plenty O'Toole, Xenia Onatopp, or Holly Goodhead by a mile. Or a yard.
  15. All yesterday evening, Sideways was unobtainable! All I got was a Captur page asking me to ID things on a grid of pics to confirm I wasn't a robot, but when I did, nothing happened, and the link just timed out. This morning the same Captur page, but then it lets me through, and I'm here. Allelujah! Have we been under attack? Has Craig, our ever-vigilant Web Master, had to don his super powers to fight off the Forces of Evil? If so, thank you, Craig! John
  16. Ah! So similar to a SynchroCheck? I think that's thanks to Sr. Bernouille too, as it presents a baffle to the flow, which moves it against a spring. The movement reveals the pressure difference across the baffle. But you have gone straight to the pressure - more reliable! The competition, whose name I forget, uses a small rotameter on the side, also measuring flow by secondary means, as the little ball rises to indicate the flow due to pressure difference.
  17. Wow! Cunning as a University Fox! Are injectors that unreliable? They fail, sure, but unequal flow?
  18. A video of F1 drivers chorusing a message about abuse in motorsport is laudable: But who is the first guy, who isn't driver, and looks just like Jasper Carrott? And as an aside, Alonso! FORTY ONE years old, the oldest driver on the F1 grid today, equalled only in the modern era by Nigel Mansell! And he has retired once already, but next year will go to Aston Martin, to replace Vettel, four years his junior! Fernando, Salud! You're a lesson to us all! John
  19. Pressure gauge on the fuel rail, Nick? Why not use a sensor with an analogue/digital readout in the cab?
  20. I am indebted to someone called "loughran" on Piston Heads for this. I think many here might score well, and would love to know what Craig scores for his scooter! Here is a simple test to see if your car has character. Run through the following items and mark down those that apply. Total the results. A car achieving 250 points or more has a lot of character. If you score between 100 and 250, your car has a reasonable amount of character. If your car scores below 100 points, you should sell it immediately. 1. If your car’s overall design represents the vision of just one man who is now dead, but who once struck terror, dread and/or awe into the hearts of his employees, give your car 50 points. 2. If you feel compelled, at the time of purchase, to buy a 300-page Official Factory Shop Manual to go with your car, add 25 points. 3. Fifteen points if the car comes with a useful tool kit. 4. Twenty points more if the tools are ever actually needed to fix the car. Add 10 more if it is raining or snowing when this happens. 5. If your car can be loaned out to another person with less than 15 minutes of careful instruction on its peculiarities, deduct 20 points. 6. If you died suddenly and no one else on earth would be able to start the car or keep it running, give yourself 75 points. 7. Fifty points for any chassis and/or body with more than 25% wood content. Another 10 if it already has termites, carpenter ants or dry rot, and 20 bonus points if a door actually comes off in your hand. 8. Add 40 points for wire wheels. Ten more points if the wire wheels have the “unsafe” knock-offs with ears. 9. Deduct 200 points for wire-wheel hubcaps. (Only deduct fifty if you have “bolt-on” wire wheels.) 10. If your car, or one very much like it, ever won its class at Le Mans or the Targa Florio or Mille Miglia, give it 100 points. 11. Fifty points for SU or Weber carburetors. If it has three or more, add another 20. If your carburetors are located above the distributor and you never carry a fire extinguisher, give yourself 50 points more for hubris. 12. Add 50 points for carburetors with velocity stacks and no air cleaners, 25 points more if the velocity stacks protrude from the bodywork. 13. Seventy-five points extra if any of the words, “Halibrand”, “Judson”, “Shorrock”, or “Offenhauser” appear on or in your car. 14. Award yourself 100 points if the car is French. (You probably deserve it.) 15. If replacing the clutch requires that the entire engine and transmission be pulled, give yourself 50 points. 16. If you would rather commit suicide than do another clutch job, give yourself an added 50 points. 17. If the valve adjustment procedure is so arcane that you are contemplating selling the car rather than either adjusting the valves yourself or paying to have it done, award yourself 40 points. If you have to go out of state or cross into another time zone for this or any other form of routine maintenance, add 40 points more. 18. Fifty points for any car with a Laycock de Normanville overdrive unit. Ten more if you just love to say “Laycock de Normanville” aloud, apropos of nothing, in the checkout line at the supermarket. 19. Seventy-five points for any car whose engine heat causes passengers to request you let them out early, near “a friend’s house” or at a phone booth. 20. Automatic 100 points for any air-cooled car. Twenty more if the leaking heater boxes give you a carbon-monoxide headache, and a bonus 10 if the fan belt makes a right-angle turn from the crankshaft pulley. Air-cooled cars with swing axles located ahead of the engine get another 50, with an additional 20 if the car has roof damage. 21. Give yourself 30 points if you have to spell the name of your car more than three times to your insurance agent over the phone, and then it still shows up spelled wrong on your insurance papers. 22. Collect 50 points if your car has a Brooklands windscreen, but subtract 100 points if you put it on an inappropriate car, such as a Datsun B210 or a Honda Civic. 23. Five points for every “Lift-the-Dot” snap on your weather equipment that doesn’t line up with any visible stud on the body. 24. If, on the roadside, you are brought to your knees, exhausted, by a convertible top that will not stretch far enough to reach the “Lift-the-Dot” studs, give yourself 40 points. 40 more if it’s raining when this happens. 25. 100 points for side-curtains, and 50 more if they billow out and scoop in whatever weather they were intended to help you avoid. 26. Thirty points for either a crank handle starter, a hole through the radiator for the crank handle (even though it has an electric starter), or a starter button under the clutch pedal. 27. Deduct 500 points for any car whose door window glass does not go all the way down on the rear passenger doors. 28. Add 50 points for any car that has more than 40 bhp for each inch of tire width. 29. If your car’s engine designer grew up within 300 miles of the birthplace of Giuseppe Verdi, give yourself 100 points. 30. If your car is, or ever was, the fastest production car on earth, add another 100 points. 31. If a fighter pilot of any nationality might have driven your car, or one like it, to an airfield during the Battle of Britain, give yourself 100 points. If he wasn’t able to get to the field due to “gudgeon pin” failure or the malfunction of any Lucas electrical component, add another 100. 32. Fifty points if your car was driven in a movie – or in real life – by Steve McQueen, James Dean, Clark Gable or Carroll Shelby. Fifty more if it was raced by any of these individuals. 33. Twenty points if your Official Factory Shop Manual recommends “decoking” the cylinder head at intervals of less than 3000 miles. 34. If you come out of a movie at night and accidentally try your key in another car that looks just like yours, subtract 500 points. (This has never happened to a car with character.) If you didn’t do too well with the above test, you might try an alternative test to see if your car has character - Have you ever taken pictures of your car? Score 100 points. If you carry them in your wallet, add another 100. In spite of this, if your hands are too greasy to handle a camera, score 500 points. My score? 1. Michelotti 50 points! 2. Ho, yus! And a parts catalogue! 25 points. 3. Not even originally Nul points. 4. Also, nul point. 5. I leave a page of written intructions on the starting procedure! Nul points but I don't lose any. 6. Deffo a full 75! 7. How very dare you! Nul points 8. Well, it COULD have wire wheels, but unless WWs are at least 20" they look poncy! Nul points. 9. No deductions there then 10. Entered if not won anything. does that get a consolation 25? 11. If I KNEW what 'hubris' was .... 12. Nul points 13. I detect a slight American slant here. I have several manufacturers names on the car, none from the US of A, so 25? 14. M. Michelotto etait un Italien. Dix points, par chance? 15. Absolutely, a solid 50 points. 16. It's not as bad as that 17. Nor as bad as that. 18. Ah HA! Absolutely! Fifty solid points 19. Now with Silverback the reverse was true, but nul point. 20. Air-cooled? Character? 21. When they are more likely to refer you their motorcycle department .... 22. Certainly not! Poncy, without cycle mudguards and Lucas King of the Road Headlamps 23. True of many Triumphs, but not mine 24. Ditto 25. Ditto 26. OMG, that's not character that a personality defect 27. no rear doors, so an easy 500 points 28. I wish!. 29 CAR designer, yes! Engine, mmmmmmmmmmm, unless Verdi had mother from Brum 30. Easy 100, in my head 31. Sad to say, no. Nul point 32. No, but they should have. 33.Nul points! 34. It doesn;t have a key! Tee Hee! If you didn’t do too well with the above test, you might try an alternative test to see if your car has character - Have you ever taken pictures of your car? Score 100 points. If you carry them in your wallet, add another 100. In spite of this, if your hands are too greasy to handle a camera, score 500 points. THAT is a solid 700 points! So, 1585 points. Beat that. JOhn
  21. Oh, gosh, Craig. I know how colleagues in a sport are like family. But his actual family..... Will you have to console them? That is really hard. John
  22. In the news of the export of grain from Ukraine (which I very hope will get to Somalia etc, not Weetabix) it was said that the price of cereals had peaked some time ago, and was now back down to what it was before the Russian Invasion. But Ukraine normally exports Millions of tons, and so far it's only one ship, tenK tons or so, and we don't know if the Russians wil sink that or not, yet. Different commodities and different markets but why is the price of fuel still so high?
  23. Racing? When, where, which series? PS OoopS Just noticed thread title! Would that have been in the Tony Sugden Trophy, for Special Saloons and Modsports? "177, Roy Davis, Triumph PI" Organised by the CSCC, which fills me with joy as that's the club I race with, or would if I can get the damned car working. He might be out in other meetings of the CSCC!
  24. Have we seen one like this before. Answers on one side of the paper only! Women's World Cup Final, England vs Germany The Commonwealth Games and The Hungaroring Grand Prix! No contest - this F1 season is like no other that I can remember - old champions cast down and lifted up, and new ones rise. It's like a boiling pot and this spoonful could be better than before. It's on now, Ch4, watch it! John
  25. It's Bond - Craig Bond. If the other Craig, Daniel, ever needs a double for his next HALO jump, you're the man!
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