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  1. John,

    Please see the thread you started on moves from within the TRR on access.

    You link to a post published on the TRR message board, but no one can read it unless they are willing to sign up to the unreasonable rules previously promulgated.   Which I, and may refuseniks who came to Sideways as refugees, cannot.   If you can re-publish it, please do!


  2. This turned up, on a beach and on the TRR message board.

    Packing extractor tool.html

    It was immediately (!) identified as a 'packing removal tool'.    Can't have been on the foreshore for long, it's uncorroded.   Packing is the stuff you stuff in a stuffing box, to seal a spinning shaft.   But not, surely, in automotive applications since Henry Ford was a lad.  So who/where is such technology still used?   Marine engines?    So I turn to you, Phil!  Ever used one of these?


  3. I'm at john.r.davies@btinternet.com.

    Thanks, Alan! 

  4. No friends either

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