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  1. John , You have mechanical road control apparatus linked to ANPR ?!?! Where do you live ??? sounds like an exclusive mews in central London or exclusive Beijing ?
  2. Just wondering about the number plate over the rad supply ? Would a stick on version not give more scope regarding cooling ? sorry if I failed to read a previous post . M
  3. I received mine today . Only took a few days ! If it fits as good as it looks then I am very impressed and much thanks Steve , very professional !!!
  4. I have now been told it is 1585 so sadly no crank suitability .
  5. Yesterday evening on seeing a barn find Beta engine and box located in Sittingbourne ( 30 miles away , where SMD are based ) listed at 150.00 start price and no bids with 11 hours to go I stuck a bid of 180.00 on it . I have no money atm and no means of collecting it but it would surely fetch considerably more than the start price ! Only one other bidder who went up to 170.00 . The unpredictability of EBay . I will now have to hire a van for a day , mine being full of work gear , but will hopefully gain the opportunity to pop in and speak with Lain at SMD . I doubt if I will be lucky enough that it is not only a 2.0 but also that the crank is a decent standard size example that I could use in the 130tc engine . If I was that lucky , I will certainly sell off the box , the cam belt cover and the water pipe ( the pipes are sought after ) . This should get some of the costs back . Could be a wreck of course ? Oh , not surprising that I was shouted at by a certain person when I confessed this afternoon !
  6. Ordered these tri-metal Glyco Delta mains and big ends from France . Just hope they are genuine ?
  7. GC’s engine is now out ready for Steven tomorrow . Sad to see it go but at my age one needs to be a little sensible .
  8. Hi , Hopefully I have sold my GC 1585 VX engine to a leading member on the Guy Croft forum . I have started digging out relevant parts and unbolting from the TranX ready for pick up this week . it is destined for a Moggie van the guy is building for his father to join the two GC powered Minors he has himself . Be good to sell the 130tc rebuilt engine as well but no enquiries so far . Nor for the 1592 engine and box . ‘ patience grasshopper , patience ‘ .
  9. HAPPY CHRISTMAS ALL !! ( For 24 hours try and ignore the inevitable never receding global corruption folks ) XXX
  10. I am thinking at my late stage in life that I need to start thinning my auto nest . Having a big pool of parts is very comforting until it reaches a point that there isn’t a room in your tiny castle not causing claustrophobia ! A car , two engines and two short blocks and all the normal garage/garden stuff in a single garage . Seven heads and numerous cam carriers/covers on the staircase . Seven boxes of bits in the sitting room and twelve boxes of bits in the kitchen !! If Debra was not a fashion hoarder I would have been given ultimatums a long time ago . If I had a fully running car and 8 boxes of spares in the garage I would be a happy man . I have therefore posted potential adds on GC forum and Betaboys forum for the 130tc engine and the 1600 GC Volumex currently in the car . I will concentrate on the 2.0 injection build using one of the two new short blocks in the garage . More suitable to touring/track day . If we get a chance to move we won’t need any more than what is essential to be moving . Also with the current climate some cash in would be helpful .. Thats the theory .
  11. Astounding engineering but will such fascinating technology outperform the relentless destruction ?
  12. Of course the header is still looking good as highly unlikely to foul high output starter ( no steering column , OF COURSE ! why do I scare myself ? ) Mind you , still not a total certainty .
  13. Been too busy to put it in yet but I have faith in the guy so fingers crossed .
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