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  1. Five and a half year on... Jasmin will start school next week. Time flies. I'm sat here in Vestsjælland, Denmark though I don't know for how long. Getting a decent job if you're not called Lars or Jens seems impossible, so I may return to Luxembourg. The old Triumph is sadly rotting in a friends French garden, I have the time and space here, but not the money to do anything about it. T'was ever thus, always one of the three missing.
  2. Thanks Gents. Indeed... The old cars have taken a back seat, on a bus in a different country
  3. So for anyone interested, here's a bit of news. On the 15th of December, my daughter arrived, her name is Jasmin. The band I'm in has also released an EP and a music video https://youtu.be/W3Bg5Pn-isg Oh yes... and the EP comes in a cheese box. Otherwise life has been rather hectic. Hope you are all well.
  4. Yeah, I've had a look at "treasure".dk but my Danish is limited to "Tale ikke Dansk", "øl" and a couple of terrible stereotypes Kidnapping and dismembering TR6's? I'm in!
  5. Thanks chaps (I think...), indeed life will get a lot more complicated. I should be used to it now Cheers JMH. It will be interesting to know what the surtax was back in 1975 (and 1967, if I ever finish the convertible). I guess if everything goes wrong, I'll end up in a house in Bornholm and buy a bicycle
  6. Namely, Nick B. My lady-friend is going back to Kalundborg/Holbaek to finish her studies, but the surprise is: I will be father to a little Viking at the end of the year. This in turn, means that a) I'll be in Danskeland in July and I may be moving up there when my contact in Lux is finished. I've heard horror stories about registering a vehicle up there (so the Merc will be sold), but how does it work for our ancient piles of rust? I'd like to keep the TC (and the Vitesse, if ever I get the tub back), but is it likely to cost me an arm, leg and lung? Cheers for any insight you could provide
  7. Nick, you're mad. (in other words, go for it)
  8. I second Nick's advice on the mounts. If Bill says they're rubbish, they're rubbish. He may have done a batch of Polyurethane ones...
  9. 'tis noted... may be popping up sometime in spring 2015 True, that would be better, but for comparisons sake, I'd have to stop four times with the 2500... and I'd still rather buy the old dizzloil in Denmark than the UK (I filled up in the Bundesrepublik before crossing the border though). I'm enjoying it... it's a soot monster too... Boot the gas and the shiny BMW sat on your tail always backs off Nick, as you are a man with offspring, I'd have thought this would be a monthly chore for them to grumble about?
  10. Yeah, Denmark. Sjaelland to be precise. The "post-divorce-bit-of-fluff" is from there Got a guided tour Pete, keep me posted if you do
  11. With something really practical It's old, it's heavy, it's thirsty by today's standards, but with the mileage I'm doing at the moment, I couldn't care less. So a Mercedes Viano 2.2 CDI. Seven seats, five of which are removable (though bloody heavy) leaving a huge cargo space. Perfect for dragging all the gear to concerts, moving the double bass and hauling lumps of Triumph. Yes... I still intend to rebuild the Vitesse and tidy the saloon... if I ever find somebody vaguely reliable in this country full of hypocrites (or am in a position to buy a house, I think that's more likely). It can get from Luxembourg to Denmark on one tank too. Nice I haven't washed it yet... it's too bloody big. I'll have to bite the bullet and go to a car wash for the first time in years, hehe.
  12. You're definitely an honorary Yorkshireman, Nick
  13. Hamas got in due to apparent corruption of Fatah, Hamas was a protest vote that went very wrong.
  14. Shame your steering wheel is on the wrong side, otherwise I'd gladly take it off your hands. I really like my TC, but there's loads of work ahead :/
  15. Ah yes... developers. The pillocks that are turning Luxembourg into a block of flats :/
  16. I thought the whole point of going fuel injection was for fuel economy, better cold running and possibly emission control... Sod all to do with power output?
  17. I thought Chavs were people who spent all their money on tracksuits, fake burberry and horrendously expensive trainers, so couldn't afford a car in a million years (innit)? And you can't be a redneck without a baseball cap and a rusty Chevy Silverado pickup
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