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  1. Hi folks I have been away too and my Sprint is unused since last June, I have driven it out and in the garage and thats it! My thrills are supplied by the Turbo Quantum 2+2 but as its front wheel drive its not so much fun as the bhp (180 ish) should be. I have a Lotus 7 type project underway though that may interest some as its powered by an MX5 lump that has a turbo and ERL water injection, its chassis has been made by a racing fabrication outfit and is very light so I am just finishing it off and should finally give me a no holds barred sports car for the first time in my life! Since the loss of our son last Sept we have got closer as a family and Rebecca our daughter is storming life and I will tell you all about her in another thread as she really is a total petrolhead now. It is looking like the Sprint will not have a place in the garage cos I am not sentimental, as befits an engineer. Good that life is forging ahead with you Matt. One other thing I MUST do is lace Daves palm with some silver as I have not been paying my way.
  2. Oh dear I have to confess! My garage contains a RJB racing fabrications pespoke chassis with all new suspension and the power plant is a turbo charged MX5 1.6 lump 8). Wife Diane has an auto MK1 MX5 in red in tip top cond that I bought for her last year. I have a MK1 1.6 that I got MOT'd today. The MX5 is a car that can be whatever you wish. Nice car you have there Matt, must be handy having a convertible in Scotland, take the roof down to let the snow in
  3. I actually caught my boss making tea for himself and one other and sharing the tea bag! what chance a wage rise when bosses are that tight? There are plenty of cults they are every where.
  4. Looks like a petrol head family! good stuff.
  5. I agree about Attenborough, his was the first weekly prog that I would not miss all those years ago in the early sixties, I particularly like the one where the young men jumped from trees with vines round their ankles to prove their bravery. Diane and I have also enjoyed Shameless which is very deep in parts like the Simpsons is. In view of what has happened in our family I did not expect Shameless to delve deeply but one of the women said "I like gay men, they are good to party with, but when the clubs and pubs shut they go home and cry themselves to sleep". There are nuggets of good television and there are huge chunks of crap too. Tonight on human planet they showed how just for once the natives actually grow a bridge using tree roots and vines, compare that with the crap we all destroy every week of our selfish lives, me included of course.
  6. Damon Hill was rammed by the petulant german, and when the petulant german tried the same trick on Villeneuve the Canadian was ready for the little trick. 8) the german is obviously bloody good at his job but he is just a human, no more no less. If I were asked to have a dinner guest I would choose Damon over the german, because after an hour of being told how good he is it would get boring. However Lewis was totally in control in Melbourne and completely safe........unlike half the bozo's that are baying for more speed limits due to the fact that they themselves have little control.
  7. As Dilbert says "there will never be a shortage of stupid people" Maybe our love of cars is stupid, but even Jeremy Clakson said that as far as he knows racing drivers do not murder people. Religionists of all sorts have murdered millions.
  8. Welcome back to the fridge! We had some Canadians visit our firm recently, nice polite folk. I would like some sun too.
  9. The one thing your USA did that I really rated was lobbing a bomb into Gadaffi's place, when he kept buzzing your planes 8) War has got all sneaky and lying again now though.
  10. Thanks John it would make sense anyway to do it properly even if it does soak up many£.
  11. He does sound like an interesting bloke though doesnt he?
  12. Ah ha the wife has a nice red MX5 and I have a black 97 Mk1 that I have yet to drive.
  13. Very interesting, thanks I am surprised that there is not a kit that cheaply turns MX5's into a 7 esq car. I am knuckling down on mine and think it is very good quality and should be a lot of fun. The chap I bought the chassis from seemed to think that it could be taxed and put on the road as a modified MX Do people really do this? and is it possible without the law sticking their noses in. What do you tell the insurance company? If you have an accident do you say "oh I changed everything but its still an MX5"
  14. And the Taliban and their kind are not corrupt!!!! they drive round in modern 4x4's and stone their women for daring to learn to read. ALL governments are corrupted it just by how much. If they were to just read their own Coran they would be better.
  15. War with Muslim nations looking unavoidable The people will throw out their governments and the evil religionists will fill the void and atempt to harm the West with oil starvation the West will just take the oil by force, Afghanistan is merely training for this big set to. Sorry thread hijack. I have lived and seen all sorts of upheavals round the world and in the early seventies motorsport looked like it was ending but hey its still here. Vettal and Schuey are going to have their own war "Deutshland uber alles" ;D
  16. I once said as I left my mothers house with my wife and children aboard, "Lucifer bless this chariot and take us home safely" ;D my mum was worried and said so I will never ever believe in any God and also do not believe superstition, your life will come and pass, as will good and bad luck. And as sure as the sun rises one day you wont be here to see it and the wildlife will eat you whether in the ground or burnt your life force will be broken up and shared out to start again. That is reincarnation. "You dont need me, you are all individuals"......."YES WE ARE ALL INDIVIDUALS" Dave get yourself on adultwork.com and register as an escort and go play with those bored women ;D it would suit your personality as you could try all sorts of mind games on them.
  17. On another forum a religous "cult" said that abolish gays and AIDS would not be a problem. Well my son was gay and I would defend him and his friends unreservedly. This particular chap was a "creationist" Christian and an elder in his church which meant he had swallowed the great book of fiction otherwise known as the Bible totally. To him Darwin was a fool and wrong, there was no such thing as evolution and the Earth is only 6000 years old FFS! He had allies though. It took me and some others who joined me two months to nail him with logic and common sense. The religionists constantly try to deflect away when you have them on the ropes but in the end he admitted that there were Dinosaurs on the Ark and that Noah had managed to collect all animals even though they were on different continents and that there was indeed evolution finally he stormed off defeated by logic, however he still believes his brand of nonsense. They talk of love but hate gays, who are an abomination (they like woman on woman however). Women are not fit to run a business (my daughter has a degree in busines studies and runs her own) and my wife runs the house like clockwork. I am a fool because I am an atheist and have been since I was 7 years old when I was told by a teacher that I was too young to be one and I replied that in that case I was too young to be a Christian (yes I will always argue).
  18. Apparently a Phoenix or Fury shell will fit it but I have to make things fit the wallet not the other way round, I am destined to be average in the £ stakes.
  19. I have two Locost books and this is completely different design. Thanks for the web address John I will visit it. The rear is independent using the adjustable arms and diff from the MX5 I would guess at a slight toe out to help turn in and 1 deg neg as a starter. On the front light toe in with 1.5 neg and adjust to suit. There is one thing that I do not like however and that is the modified track rod end, which would mean a trip to a welder when its worn, I would have made an adaptor that req no welding.
  20. Interesting problem. Dolomite sprints are accused of blowing H/G and often its an inlet gasket that allows water in to no 1 pot and giving the same symptoms. However they do blow H/G as well.
  21. Mr Philips the guy who designed it, was an engineer who did the Sylva fury etc (I believe) and their race cars won many races. I go by the belief that if it looks right it is right. Its keeping its turbo too because I have yet to own a really quick car.
  22. I am not much cop at body work so I will go down the road of Lotus 7 lookylike as the mudguards and nose cones are freely available which leaves panelling in the sides which will not be too bad as the chassis came with them already cut, however I will weld a steel floor in for safety. No screen just a wind deflector no heater no frills just power to weight. In ten years time when we are not allowed to do any mods to cars these things will be sought after! Chrome is fast becoming very expensive as its so damaging to the environment so fewer places do it. Powder coated is the most likely way to go.
  23. Good old Ebay coughed up a gem for me in the form of this chassis that has a turbo MX5 lump and drive line installed plus it comes with new wheels and tyres (+spare set) spare engine 3" exhaust harness belts, wiring loom new brakes, new Protech shocks and springs and a box of various goodies. I was going to keep the lump for my MX5 and sell this lot on, but the set up only needs a body and lights to complete as the workmanship is superb. What do you guys think?
  24. I am a toolmaker but make F1 parts amongst other projects now and the last time I was this busy it was for Red Bull just over 3 years ago 8) Now I am busy with Schumachers lot..................so expect him to be a lot more competitive this year I am also busy with McClaren stuff.
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