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  1. I recommend mig w/shielding gas and auto darkening mask. They also have magnifying lense inserts like reading glasses. The higher the peak amperage the better for thicker metal so if physically and financially possible a dedicated circuit to match the current draw.
  2. The rocker ratio is the ratio of the drive end to the driven end. the effective length of the driven end doesn't change as it slides across the valve stem but the drive lenght gets shorter as it moves through its arch and gets closer to the center the rocker shaft
  3. I was sorry to see him excommunicated form every Triumph forum he contributed to. But, Obfuscation describes his technical dissertations and the delivery of his wares
  4. Here Is a cam manufacturer I used when I was rebuilding my engines both 6 and V8.They will also do solid lifter cams. http://schneidercams.com/262-70Hdauntlessv8hydraulic.aspx Some cam manufactures list duration at .050" of lift and some at 0 valve lift 6cyl. for reference http://www.hottr6.com/triumph/tr6cams.html
  5. Teslas lithium-ion batteries in S. Australia are now on line. There are a great number of homes in the US with solar panels because of a government tax rebate the further development of these bateries will make homes energy independent.
  6. Isn't oxygen exhausted from lead acid batteries as they heat up? Which can be dangerous,. I worked on a battery back up system at a power plant with a bank of 1 cell 1.5v batteries each weighing over 150 kilos each.
  7. the back side of stainless valves are very flat and thin compared to OE valves facilitating flow
  8. As a long time GT6 owner I had excessive pedal travel from caliper piston push back due to worn hub bearing runout and spindle flex which was pushing the caliper pistons back into the calip[ers not allowing the pads to sit close to the roters. Just something to check. Rear brake wheel cylinders need a little residual pressure to kreep the piston out but not dragging . About 5 to 10 psi . Disc/drum systems have it in the master cylimder outlet or a pressure valve. Wilwood has inline valves in varing pressures.Just a couple of things that have helped me improve pedal travel.
  9. Is the Ford Sierra front caliper a single piston sliding caliper? The larger diameter M Cyl will send a larger volume of fluid at a lower pressure to the calipers. The larger volume may not be needed and the reduced pressure may not be desireable.. Do your calculations. I always liked the Dolomite but unfortunately not sold here. We got the Marina instead
  10. Moss USA had India made 16p calipers a ridiculously cheap price so i bought a pair should also be available a Moss UK
  11. They source products from the UK so an email might get you info on a UK supplier http://www.aptfast.com/ListItems.aspx?RootCat=SU%3A%20Stub%20Stacks%2C%20Velocity%20Ram%20Pipes& The pressure inside the manifold is lower than atmospheric so there is a temperature drop to below inlet air temp. You need to heat the intake to keep fuel from condensing on the intake walls Volvo Amazon and 142s used 4 bolt SU and 175ZS with an individual heat shield under each carb. might be useful On my GT6 I cut the the inner fender sheetmetal of the bonnet that fouls the air filters and reattached it 50mm in. I saw the Kastner/Group 44 Vitess at a vintage car race in So. Cal. It was a proper race car with mostly non production running gear. and brakes The car looks great so far.
  12. that might be use full in the rear also
  13. I love driving it again. Rebuilt 2.5l, head milled to give 9.2:1 Rebuilt trans.and O/D. I had a 2.0l head on a 2.5l block and cracked a piston. I parked it for 3 years. I have been sorting the wiring, added a secondary fuse panel and relays. Changed the accellerator pedal to cable operation. I have owned this car for over 20 years so will continue to fettle with it
  14. Sorry for the delay but a very big thanks to Zetecspit for giving me one carb top and directing me to the other. Great generoscity for a fellow Triumphisti
  15. GT6s what size rims do 11 1/4 disc fit in? Calipers? Do you use adapter bracket to mount the calipers? First the front and rear brakes have to work together. You can not just focus on the front brakes. Larger diameter rotors give more brake torque which improves braking with out the hydraulic trade offs of longer pedal travel or more pedal pressure.Share a little more info
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