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  1. Track day..... yeah. That’ll test your oil..... On Tuesday my oil temperature was going from 70C to 120C in slightly less than a 15minute session....... Conditions were cool. I have had temperatures of 135 + on warmer days. Even the slowest MX5 (MK1 1.6) is somewhat quicker than a stock 1500 Spit..... as for a VX220......!
  2. Not surprised..... I think they were £50 when we wanted one and that wasn’t that long ago.
  3. Welcome back Use a decent quality 20/50 and change yearly works for me. Halfords classic oil (made by Comma iirc) is ok or have a look at the Classic Oils website as they do a reasonably priced one with good zinc levels. Whether you need to aim higher depends a bit on how you aim to use the car and whether you have overdrive. As you mention, the 1500 can be tough on its oil - higher speed cruising, especially without OD can get things warm. Valvoline VR1 is a decent step up.
  4. Good idea.... but I’m not sure I have anything that qualifies......
  5. That is quite rough..... Looks like the later version with the extra boxing (seem to rust even worse). Can be bought as repair part (possibly not as the more complex, later one) https://www.jamespaddock.co.uk/bonnet-hinge-box-rh- Chris didn’t like the price and made his own....
  6. Great catch! Interesting..... maybe the strange noise my GT6 engine makes is something similarly trivial....... (would be nice.....)
  7. I’m afraid I have to agree on Speeduino. Great idea, building on the idea of Megasquirt, but with a more modern and flexible platform. However, the key with Megasquirt was always that the founders were positively anal about documentation, with instructions so clear and detailed that even an orangutan can follow them and gain success. However, absolutely no need to travel that route as there are many ECU choices..... Emerald Canems Omex Haltech DTA Link Megasquirt (Microsquirt) Motec ...... is just some of them
  8. I suspect that the original issue is that the SU needles profiles and distributor advance curve are no longer quite right. A session with a competent rolling road operator familiar with SUs and Lucas clockwork would probably get you back where you were without breaking the bank. However, as you know I am a big believer in the application of some modern(ish) technology to the basic oily bits and I reckon you would gain in power (a bit), torque spread and driveability (quite a bit) and economy (quite a bit). This is on the premise that any conversion would include the ignition side, as
  9. Disconnect the vac advance and see if it still does it? I think that would rule out your pinking thought if it keeps doing it and confirm if it stops. Crank pulley bolt tight? Exhaust clouting something?
  10. Yep. Took me back..... Was a good hill that - and you could go to the zoo too! Fear the production standard is well below what you have been spoiling us with though!
  11. Someone recently put up some historical footage from 1988...... I was almost certainly there spectating, and though I don't see my hillclimbing mates car (black Mini, 481RDV), I do recognise quite few including Eddie Wilkin's Spitfire CVC....K (38:30). He tended to win his class there.
  12. To remove the bush I use a length of threaded rod or long bolt (M10/12 ish) and a selection of washers/spacers plus a bridge bar to go across the distributor pedestal opening. Don't like to bash as they are cast iron and quite brittle. This for the 6 pots - fairly sure the 4s are the same - did do Chris's not that long ago and don't remember anything special.... Well done on the plug. Percussive persuasion seems to be the charm. I think the main issue other than time, is that on blocks that have not been previously molested they are put in with Wellseal, which I consider the devils wor
  13. That’s fighting talk that is But I’m minded to misquote JFK... ”We choose to make these machines better/faster, not because it’s easy, but because it’s hard” No doubt you will be invited to join them on one of their “little jaunts” to see if you can keep up
  14. Indeed. No argument. As I said, it was a “gentle” roll. My first, and so far last, attempt at speed hill climbing at Cricket St Thomas in about 1989. ("To the manor born" era, before that tosser Edmonds ruined it into "Blobby land") Got out of shape under heavy and rather too late braking for the first, notorious corner (car was much faster than expected!) and clipped a bank on the inside still going too quick.... worked like a stuntman’s ramp. Rolled to the left and barely touched the left side - slight scuffs on door handle and fuel cap only. Slid about 50 yards on the roof...... virtua
  15. For longer term I’d favour draining, especially in a reduced humidity storage. I’ve dealt with consequences of near full tank evaporated down to near empty before (PI), but that car sat 20+years..... and fuel was different then!
  16. When these get fussy/erratic it usually means they are worn/knackered, though frustratingly it’s not often obvious exactly how. You have already checked that the cam is correctly located (9 0clock when the steering is straight ahead) and provided the switch is sat square in its mount with the screws tight, there’s not much else to do..... FYI, my A8 has the same fault and does not self-cancel after indicating left...... Irritating, but they aren’t common in scrapyards and I fear Audi parts pricing.... The cruise control switch is also increasingly unwell. Used to have a 50% chan
  17. You seem to be doing the right things and I agree with the other suggestions/advice. What to do about fuel is a tricky one. An empty tank attracts condensation and rust. A full one, preferably with ethanol free fuel and a suitable preserving additive might be preferable, but depends on storage duration..... What are the long term plans for the car?
  18. I rolled a Herald once..... though a saloon version. No roll bar, but no glass broken, though the windscreen didn’t fit well afterwards. Was a fairly gentle one as rolls go though.
  19. Shiny..... seems a pity to hide it inside an engine..... Intriguing last photo appeared later on.....
  20. I don’t..... it does slightly temper my behaviour.... probably not as much as it should.
  21. Yeah.... as Clive sagely observed yesterday, any track day you can drive home from is a success
  22. Yep, I really don’t mind the wet. Doesn’t feel like it affects my pace all that much whereas everyone else slows down. Said it before but those cheaply Falken tyres are outstanding in the wet even now 1/2 worn (more like 2/3 after yesterday) and now they are part worn they are good in the dry too. Grippy, but progressive and not too squealy.
  23. Yes, I got that part, but I wasn’t clear. I was looking at the hose connections on your new heat exchanger and wondering what sort of connections are used to make the oil circuit joints as they don’t look like hose barbs....
  24. TR Register track day at Castle Coombe. Great organisation (light touch, but efficient). So nice to be out in the company of like-minded friends, both old and new. Weather was a bit mixed, but I didn’t mind. Cornering hard at Quarry..... Mr Carruthers’ gorgeous 2000 EFI distinguished company was a bit damp at times...... Funny looking GT6..... quite a beast though
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