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  1. Every day a school day..... Thanks John! Nick
  2. You haven't seen the forecast then..... http://uk.news.yahoo.com/skynews/20080309/tuk-britain-braced-for-savage-storm-45dbed5.html Tie down yer chickens.... I'll be safe and warm at work :-/ Nick
  3. Well, I hadn't thought of it that way..... honest! You like then? ;D Nick
  4. Strut-top bearing on Audi A6. Not a nice job as the whole strut has to come out to do it and everything is truck sized. Also the strut assembly is about 8mm longer than the maximum you can force the lower arm down to get it off the bottom ball joint (bloody Germans!). This means you can just about pop it out with a long pole as the ball joint sort of rolls over and lets it out. The only problem is, getting it back in :. I ended up dropping the whole sub-frame - there must be an easier way - took all afternoon. Nick
  5. Dunno what it says about me (well, ok I do really) but this has instantly joined the ranks of my favourite websites.. http://www.grumpyoldsod.com/index.asp It's in the rant section because it contains lots of excellent rants - enjoy! (but try not to get too cross(taz)) The homepage contains the quote "The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until
  6. My experience (limited) with the fibreglass covers is that they are a lousy fit. My Vitesse one was always complete rubbish. During the final stages of the Toyota transplant I had to butcher it (such a shame ;D) to clear the back of the selector which improved the fit at the back no end. I also got some foam and cut sealing strips about 30mm deep to go all the way around. That meant that there was so much compression available it couldn't help but seal. Actually for all its other faults it is pretty rigid which means that 4 screws (big hex-head self-tappers) do a decent job of h
  7. Looks a bit like the ones I used to mount my Supra gearbox which were originally stolen from a Rover LT77 gearbox so I'm guessing Rover SD1 See pic (original Supra mount can be seen on the floor below). Nick
  8. Ha! Another hire car abuser. The Fusion is quite good off-road too, as is a Nissan Micra and a Subaru M70...... The 'spanner loosing point' is recognised stage in the working day where you need to go and do something else for a while, 'cause it means you are getting close to the hammer throwing point ;D (works for me anyway) Pic shows 'our' Fusion on a fine piece of French highway..... there were some REALLY big puddles (small lakes in fact) too. Took 10km of this for the navigator to admit we were lost : Nick
  9. Talking about football?!(no) Here! (ban) Nick What did Dallaglio call them - 'Andrex boys' wasn't it? 'Soft and unnecessarily expensive'
  10. Mig welder tip sounds ready made for the job.... available in 0.6, 0.8 & 1mm drillings..... Nick
  11. Are you supposed to eat them (they don't smell very good) Ours have got a bit big for the oven but more meat on them... Nick
  12. Oh yeah! Not just friends wives either........ Nick
  13. Mike, If you PM me your email address, I'll scan the sketch I've made. Suggest checking it though as it's yet to be proven in metal....... bloody machinists! Nick Incidentally, in despair of ever getting anything out of machinist no 3 (!) I asked the guy who did my valve seats and he suggested I talk to Dennis Priddle (previously of drag racing fame). Dennis, it turns out, is alive and well and has a small workshop a few miles from here. So I went to see him. Nice man and very interesting to talk to (esp. on the subject of inlet manifolds!). Does Jag work now in conjunction
  14. Well yeah - that's what I thought, along with 'that edge is a bit thin, must glow nicely when working hard' and 'how is that still strong enough to clamp the fire-ring'..... Nick
  15. Pointless to compare over such a range of time. The game has changed so much. Totally meaningless. NIck
  16. While collecting my cylinder head a couple of days back, I spotted another head in for repair with a strange mod I'd wondered about but never seen. It was apparently a TR3 or 4 head and the inlet valve was huge, the outside edge being right up to the head gasket line. Normally this would create a serious shrouding problem, so to counter this, the sidewall of the chamber had been undercut well outside the gasket fire-ring but leaving the gasket face of the head the normal size. This was all quite nicely radiused but the lip of material left to support the gasket fire-rings was pretty thi
  17. This years family holiday is a bit special. We're going to West Australia! Many arrangements have been made, serious cash spent..... we were thinking we had it all under control..... (a bit optimistic obviously!) Today an email from Skywest with our e-tickets (we already had these, we thought) and itinerary for the final leg of the outward journey, Perth to Albany. Fortunately these were read by the Management and she spotted that they have moved the flight time forward - by almost four hours. This is unfortunate as it means 'our' flight to Albany now takes off from Perth 15 minu
  18. Ian, No offence intended.... and thankyou for the enlightenment! Not sure that the temporary schemes deserve to be tarred with the same brush as their aims are a bit different as you rightly point out. I have seen the 'temporary traffic management schemes' in other countries. Syria springs to mind quite readily, where a few white-painted rocks suffice for just about anything, so I do appreciate the need! Also don't have a problem with usefully placed static speed cameras. Don't like the talivans though! Anyway, you appear to uniquely well placed on this forum to answer my or
  19. I thought a painted floor was luxury...... and a sheet of cardboard. Sybarite! ;D Nick
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