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  1. You already have a well sorted Spitfire and a well sorted Vitesse....... Dunno what a TR4 will add........?
  2. This...... you need about half the width of the car again......
  3. I don’t think you need to remove a driveshaft to swap springs...... Been a while since I worked on a swing axle car though.
  4. Ok.... found it. It was in the garage loft, which isn't where I last saw it. Need some kind of ladder too, this monkey is getting a bit old...... So, one door, unmolested (not re-skinned) but well used. The main length of the slot varies between 19 and 20mm tending to narrower at the front though I think this variation is more a sign of a hard life than design intent. Also each end has a section about 35mm long which is 2 - 3mm wider. Front rear And a couple of wider shots to show the ends, rather spoiled by the general crustiness T
  5. My point was more that you might be able to buy a complete box, rob it of the OD and flog the remains to offset costs...... though as a Stag owner the parts left over from the first link might have some use anyway.
  6. Sorry Steve, promised to check this for you ages ago and forgot..... .....so popped the GT6 up in the air just now and crawled under with a short, flexible ruler. Access and visibility aren’t great with the diff in situ, but I got 4.5” between cable centres at the point of entry to the guides. This is an original Roto car.....
  7. Poking around on eBay I see that, somewhat bizarrely, overdrives seem to be cheaper if bought complete with gearboxes...... eg https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174778592880?_trkparms=aid%3D1110006%26algo%3DHOMESPLICE.SIM%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20191002094254%26meid%3Df78228f5b8b4411ca8651985ce566db7%26pid%3D100891%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D6%26sd%3D294185572805%26itm%3D174778592880%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2332490%26algv%3DDefaultOrganic%26brand%3DTriumph&_trksid=p2332490.c100891.m5206 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/234022289185?hash=item367cd0bf21:g:DQMAAOSw76Jf-fTf
  8. Meant to ask whether manual or auto..... Had sort of assumed auto as so many of them are. Overdrive lets you have your cake and eat it to an extent, so with that in the mix, 3.77 would be my choice also. J-type ODs are still relatively available. So some variations in spec (not sure what they all are), but in many cases it’s mostly just different operating pressures which can be changed. Don’t forget they were used on Volvos in quite large numbers. Certainly on the 240 series and maybe even on the earlier 740s. Advantage of these is the are all 28% OD. One of our contributors (thoug
  9. Hi Kieran and welcome, Dont know much about the Daimler V8 except that it’s a good strong engine with a hemi head, capable of good power, especially with forced induction. I’m not a big fan of using carb manifolds for injection, but I realise that creating one for FI is a lot of work even using parts of the original as a basis. Also the Daimler one looks better than some. You should still get the benefits of better controlled and more even fuel distribution between cylinders even if the basic flow characteristics are unchanged. Yes, I would expect you to be able to pick up
  10. Citric or oxalic acids will work. Citric easier to find. Phosphoric will work too but will need more stirring and poking. Phosphoric does keep on going if left - and I have a significantly undersized MGF hub as a result. Actually handy for test builds as it slips straight into the bearing.....
  11. I’d make up a hard line for that but you can buy all the bits to make them up from places like Merlin Motorsport. The non-swaged ones are not strictly legal but there hasn’t been an MoT man spot them on the Vitesse in over 25 years.
  12. You are a subversive Pete..... I like it
  13. You reckon...... I thought our Spitty was far gone..... but that Saw a Mk1 Vitesse saloon at the weekend that was completely dismantled some time before 1996 and then put on hold when they moved house. That one probably is save-able as the chassis has been done and the body sections are not that bad, just crusty around the edges. The show stopper for the guy I viewed it with is that everything is scattered and badly stored. Interior trim, seats etc weathered and rodent chewed, engine dismantled and left scattered around for last 30 years. Would be good combined with a ru
  14. Have observed this with steel ones too....... May have a relatively unmolested one partly dismantled if I can find where the Dog filed it......
  15. More a case of being concerned what you might catch from the filthy southerners I suspect.... and not entirely unjustified I fear. First Miniature....? I like that......
  16. Oh dear...... self-recycling seems well advanced
  17. John Thomason...... Jon Wolfe...... couple of racing GT6s
  18. Google suggests it may be possible to solder/braze aluminium to copper, though frankly I wouldn’t want to be trying it on that. Been trying to get sight of the original fittings that go on there and they seem to be bigger versions of the quick release fuel line connections. Not sure how amenable they would be to being fitted to new hose? Other possibility is using compression fittings - only possible if the stubs are a sensible size though.
  19. Yes, and the standard coolant stat is fine.
  20. I would say you do want individual return springs on the carbs as otherwise it's really hard to set the linkages so you get a consistent return to idle without the carbs fighting each other (why you have that gap). Most twin arrangements have 3 springs. One for each carb spindle and one for the collective linkage. The later SUs have an annular spring that sits around one end of the spindle and these are best for not causing wear to the spindles and bushes, but as I don't see those you will need to arrange something like this. Pretty sure that I have read that the Sprint needles w
  21. Knock sensors are tricky. Generally tuned to the specific engine block and location. Possibly also further signal conditioning in the ECU. From my reading of the MS forum years ago, even those attempting to make use of OEM installs on their engines were not finding it easy to get consistent results. You might want to try Googling “det cans” for diy solutions to make it easier for you to hear - that way at leat you can do it manually. Edit: ignition map for my Vitesse 2L with fairly big cam, worked head (10.25:1), 6-3-1 and EFI Another observation, and you may well h
  22. Lovely...... Dartmouth? Perfect paint and older fibreglass are not a common combination.
  23. Might know for a really nice Mk3 Spit.....
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