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  1. Yeah, yeah..... I know..... barking mad. Should have just called the knacker man..... But when I look at that tiddly little hole and think of the junk I have welded up in the past..... I couldn’t do it. Besides, the old beast has carried me for >220k so we have some shared history. Sentimental old fool
  2. So, now the spring monsoon has stopped, I can crack on with the jobs I had planned for this. The list was Tidy front wings - scabby round the arches but (hopefully) not holed Remove rear arch liners and investigate extent of grot in the hindquarters. Rectify as required. Couple of other areas needing paint attention. Renew Outer CV gaiters (for 3rd time IIRC!) Sort turbo - amazing amount of radial play Started by removing the front wings - not a huge job - they've been off before - the originals rotted away around the arches. Tidied up and rust treated and painted. Not a
  3. UK citizens take note. Seems the government would rather you didn’t know and are rushing it through. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/jun/03/gp-nhs-digital-data-patients-records-england This makes me suspicious. While I have no objections to my data being used for genuine research purposes, I don’t believe that is what this is about. Certainly I don’t trust this government with my data. So I will be opting out for the time being. I believe this has to be done directly with your GP surgery. In these times of GDPR I find it quite astonishing that it is even le
  4. Seems you are not alone. Apparently it’s a Dana 44, much used in the Jeep and also in Jags. There are several sad stories on Jag forums with unhappy endings. Mainly pointing out that if it’s hard to get off, it’s even harder to to put back without killing anything...... If it’s a minor leak..... you might want to take a step back?
  5. Well yeah...... ......probably nice to get paid once in a while though.....
  6. Ooof..... do you know if splined or tapered (I presume spline but....) Otherwise you seem to have tried most of what I would have. Occasionally a kettle of boiling water scores where a hot air gun fails due to rate of heating expanding the flange quicker than the spline. Otherwise a few heat cycles while under tension. Probably best not to kill the seal completely as you might want to drive it somewhere with oxy-acetylene.....
  7. Good luck with the quarter lights...... FYI, the lock parts will be the same as Spitty, as is the rear glass channel. Some of the winder parts are the same too. If you get stuck it’s possible to build without the quarter lights using Spitfire parts, though link strap between skin and frame that runs under the quarterlight has to be cut out (if even there!)
  8. Mongrels works for me..... I’d call them vermin though.... Good spot John, and somewhat alarming that they were able to use two forms of communication to bolster their claim!
  9. Port matching 2 stroke style...... I’m learning stuff
  10. Indeed. And yet the dim(very dim)wits in planning departments around the country continue to count them as parking spaces. Then they are surprised at the parking issues their new developments cause.....
  11. Not an approach I would endorse. for a bit of balance https://covid.joinzoe.com/post/does-vitamin-d-protect-against-covid-19 https://theconversation.com/the-sun-goes-down-on-vitamin-d-why-i-changed-my-mind-about-this-celebrated-supplement-52725?
  12. A pic of the two side by side would be hilarious. The Marcos will be maybe 1/4 scale
  13. Thanks Chris. As ever, communication is key.... I’m slightly handicapped by not having seen the thread in “the other place” but perhaps an explanation along the lines of the one just made here would have worked better than a simple deletion there - after politely explaining the situation to John first of course. Deletion always risks looking like cover-up /censorship IMO and tends to stir people up in itself. I remain slightly confused though. Does this mean that John is stood down, or only restricted to hunting down Triumph racers with no current club affiliation and persuading th
  14. I’d call that a success Maybe I need to revisit this......
  15. Liking the progress but not the personal injury. The workshop gods are a bit blood-thirsty at times
  16. Vitesse was showing the the standard TR3s and 4s (and 4as) a clean pair of heels at Castle Coombe. Perhaps not a fair fight given it got a tweak or two, but still..... Was having more trouble with the race tuned ones though.
  17. Fell out of the ugly tree alright...... and hit every branch on the way down. Can you tell I'm not that taken with it......?
  18. So, all routes to the southwest rammed. Beaches rammed. Pubs, restaurants and shops open. General population taking their cues from our glorious leaders () and giving up on social distancing, thinking it’s all over. Never mind that substantial numbers of the population remain unvaccinated, never mind that one of the Indian variants has established itself on our shores and is already the dominant form....... Won’t they all be surprised by the next wave of infections, hospitalisations and deaths..... and the next lockdown. Pessimistic old git? Moi? I do hope so.... but........
  19. Ingenious. Probably be fine. Keep an eye on it though.
  20. Footballers/footballers wives. The “premium” brand and the obvious (unnecessary) expense being the key points. And yes, your bum looks HUGE in that
  21. Coming on. Fiddly but satisfying. 2-strokes are witchcraft....
  22. Car for people with lots of money and absolutely no taste....... IMHO.....
  23. Heavy buggers lathes (and mills). Just as well you have a serious engine hoist!
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