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  1. I guess it will take a while for your finger prints to grow back too….. car looks excellent though
  2. No, it’s a one time thing to allow access to my data - but that’s why it’s critical that there is a strong, trustworthy framework in place to maintain control and make sure that there is no moving of the goalposts when it’s too late. No, “oh the government has decided that it’s fine for the health insurance industry to have free reign in you data” 5 years down the line (yeah, I think the current lot entirely capable of that kind of behaviour) And yes, the propaganda (there is no other word for it) put out to support this grab is undoubtedly trying to ride the Covid wave too I hav
  3. Trust it is only the seasonal snots and your test comes back negative……. Gather you’ve been having a “bit of weather” down there too? OTT weather naturally, in the best Oz style!
  4. It's good that the "grab" has been delayed, though I suspect the government has rolled over without much fuss in the hope that the profile will stay low and they can just carry on as intended in September. For me there are a number of aspects to this. - It's my personal data, some of it very personal and I expect to be given say whether it's kept for my medical care only or pooled for the greater good. I expect to to be asked in a clear and timely fashion and given clear honest information about what might happen to it so I can inform my decision. I expect the all those affected to
  5. Ah well…. Not ideal. They are cheap enough. Can be removed and installed with a nut & bolt/studding with suitably sized washers and tubes. Preferable to bashing imo.
  6. Certainly seems to be the case today….
  7. Interesting. Had you been driving it like that? Did it pull to one side?
  8. Time for some high quality modern sealant…….. May the force be with you!
  9. Thanks for the prod John. I've been meaning to do this for a while and have now done it. It works pretty well - and for me it worked instantly as I already had remote access permission from the surgery, though previously I've been accessing via a portal on my PC. Even easier to check my PSA results now...... However, as regards the original point of the post, the opt-out option you mention is for the type two, national opt out. The type 1, we are talking about here can only be done directly with your GP practice using "old methods" (good old paper!!) I found this
  10. Rats.....(rodents in general) not such a problem in older cars as they don’t use so much (or any) veg based oils in the plastics and rubbers, so don’t smell like food to a ratty nose. Neighbour has had the injector leak-off pipes on her Citroen van chewed a couple of times. They tend to stop when they strike diesel though. Seems to be a bigger problem in the US.
  11. More fun than grinding...... or do you get to play the gasket game again?
  12. Hmm., having checked his location in his profile, neither suggestion is going to be very handy.....
  13. Exactly. This isn’t about medical care, it’s about selling data. Pretty much stolen data the way they are dealing with it all at present.
  14. 2k seems very strong money, even though it is a fair chunk of work. Whereabouts are you? There’s a specialist near Exeter that seems to enjoy a challenge. She (yes, she) mainly works on D2 A8s but is very familiar with the 4.2v8 in its various forms. Presumably yours is the 40v? Failing that maybe try on the A8 parts forum? They are a pleasant and helpful bunch.
  15. Yeah..... And yeah. True dat..... This is one of the reasons I’m fond of the Sootmonster. Designed by the old guard who weren’t trying to show how clever they were, so there is much less daftness.
  16. Can be found on many airport long stay car parks and even a caravan park near me. They don’t work very well with black and silver number plates, which is occasionally inconvenient.
  17. More https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/jun/04/tories-nhs-data-grab-pandemic
  18. Oh yes the timing chain tensioners on the link chains. Do you know what kills them..... ...... some genius thought it would be a good idea to put a little strainer on the tensioner oil inlet to stop any crap getting in and stopping the ratchet mech (that holds the tensioner when the engine isn’t running) from working. Trouble is, the little strainer escapes and...... you’ve guessed it...... buggers the tensioner all by itself. Fairly unusual for the engine to actually survive such an event. Generally causes a bunch of bent valves and 4 cylinders with 0 compression. The V6 in my
  19. Sponsored by American eye surgeons?
  20. I don’t believe that anyone could argue that vaccines in general have not had an enormously positive impact on human health worldwide. As to polio, growing up in Africa 45 years ago, I came across people affected by it. Kids in my classes at school. One in a wheelchair. The other one could still walk, but would never walk right again, and his sister had died of it.......
  21. A national system of medical records accessible from anywhere within the NHS for the purposes of patient care would be an excellent thing which I would support. That is not what we are talking about though. It’s basically a way to monetise our data, at this point without even asking our permission, and it’s far from clear who will be able to access what and where the money generated would go. One suspects Tory party donors would be first in line...... Can you tell I have trust issues with this government?
  22. If your Audi was made after 2000-ish, it probably won’t be rot that finishes it off. It’ll be it’s complexity. Something will break which is too hard/too expensive/parts NLA and a mostly ok machine will be binned. Or you might just burn it to the ground out of sheer frustration Can’t really argue, but I would just like to point out that this is the first structural repair after almost 25 years of outdoor living and extensive salt spray testing. In mileage terms it’s also outlasted typical Triumph/Leyland product by about 3:1 already and seems to have plenty left. Therefore I sug
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