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  1. Pretty close…… One wonders how many are here legally too. Not that HMG appear to care, they are busy harassing softer targets, who probably are here legally (and have been for decades in many cases) but struggling to prove it
  2. I thought my younger son has a problem…….. however, I now see he’s only minor league (so far)
  3. You are over-thinking it…… torque is force x distance from axis of rotation, so the force you put it in is the force you put in. The flex in the engine stand is a distraction and a bit of a nuisance but, once the flex is “used up” doesn’t affect the ultimate reading. The same goes for the bathroom scales, except possibly on those with load cells in some of the feet which can show lighter if the carpet is thick enough for the main plate to bottom out so the feet don’t see the full load. Uneven floors and how you stand on it can also have (usually small) effects.
  4. Welcome back Phil...... wasn't aware you were eligible for parole (as it were) so soon....... well it seems soon to me - probably not so much to you! Anyhow..... yes, that is basically what I mean - and indeed you will find those who say that the "jump" with each stroke and it's proportion of the total (the bigger and sooner the better) are more important than the final total. This is why I say 5 strokes when 10 is quite often given as the "correct" number as I take the view that any engine that can't manage full pressure within 5 is probably past its best anyway. In this case I th
  5. I like the spacers……. Your old VL and stub were past their prime it’s fair to say. I like green…. But that’s quite a shouty green.
  6. Warm engine preferably but not essential. Disable ignition and remove all plugs Fit compression gauge to the chosen cylinder with the throttle held wide crank fo 5 compression strokes (5 is my preferred, others may say more. You should get most of the way to the maximum in the first 2 or 3….. most important thing is the same number for all. repeat for the remaining cylinders. If you want to do a wet compression test, you then add oil to each bore and test again. The idea being that if the oil gives you a big boost in compression you have leaky rings, whereas if the ch
  7. That looks better, I nearly commented on the closeness of those parts in the earlier pic…..
  8. We thought the first was southern marsh or early purple (they were the first- have been out a couple of weeks now). The second does have spotted leaves, so we think common spotted. The third is bee orchid. They are the extra special ones.
  9. Good result! Seems like the engine still pulls well, even if it is panting a bit now. Not sure it’s really got all that much to do with warmer oil. Suspect it’s just getting a bit worn after plenty of exuberant use. Try a compression test or leak down test if you are worried, this might show if there’s a problem developing with a particular cylinder.
  10. Most of my grass (lawn implies something smoother and grassier that it really is!) is mown. Just one area is left. Partly because it’s often too wet to mow except by hovercraft, but more recently because prolonged non-mowing in 2018 revealed a couple of orchids. Since then I’ve been doing one early mow and then leaving it untouched until autumn. This year we’ve had 16 orchids (so far) in at least 3 flavours, which feels like quite a privilege. The area where they grown is the part of the garden least disturbed by humans over many years and I don’t think expanding the unmown part will incr
  11. On the orchid front… turns out we have 3 species in the garden…… which is unusual apparently…… (but also sideways ) Amazing what can happen if you don’t mow your grass!
  12. Not been doing car stuff today. Perfect weather so SM and I cycled 20 miles this morning before it got too hot. A rather hilly 20 miles involving almost 1500 feet of climbing….. bad planning that was! The bikes were showing up a few foibles so they got a bit of a clean and fettle after. Also found time for an evening walk, which involved some of these And some of this Apologies for the sideways pics . It’s an iPhone thing
  13. Looks good….. Takes patience and skill to do stuff like this right. Touch of OCD doesn’t go amiss either.
  14. It’s hard to be sure in pics….. but…. the whole of the backplate/block interface seems to have oil on it, which seems to indicate leakage from above - HG or rocker cover. This could be historical though as once it’s in there, it stays. Oil seal and oil seal housing looks dry to me? I wouldn’t mess with them. Core plug in cam-way looks dry to me? Gallery plug?? Could be weeping…. I’ve have trouble there before as has at least one other on here, though I’ve forgotten who. You do realise that trying to get a Triumph lump completely leak free risks madness…. ……
  15. Looks good. Always a great relief when a job that has been hanging over you turns out to put up less fight than expected
  16. They are not meant to be mega-tight. Assuming you mean tight on the splines, any apparent tightness on assembly should only be down to slight misalignment between the two two sets of internal splines which would resolve when the thing operates. This would only be apparent with the OD assembled and not (I think?) as you have it there, so if still tight like that I think investigation is essential. It's needs to be able to slide in service to function..... Maybe need to dress the corners of the splines?
  17. I'm not sure English hospitals are that joined up...... I'll be moderately impressed if the Scottish ones are tbh. NHS IT has been something of a pigs breakfast for years. It would be good if they were...... It's one reason why I find this data grab offensive as it appears to be putting potential profit (provided data to third parties for money/favours) before patient care (integrated nationwide system, which doesn't exist and doesn't appear to be what this is for).
  18. Just like the majority (it seems) of aftermarket parts. Irritating, but not surprising. Looks fixable without undue effort though? Imagine your desk..... pre-tidy..... on the scale of my garage.... I don't have to imagine it unfortunately It's not pretty. Mostly my fault...... but not entirely!
  19. Now stop polishing it and get out there and drive it!
  20. Well it could be, as I understand it, either if it were fully and irreversibly anonymised (which affects it's value for some purposes) or if the patient had given their specific consent. The arrogant decision by the government to "assume consent" would seem likely to fall foul of GDPR though.
  21. Are you saying it “trips” every time power is removed from the system? I think some RCD devices do have to be reset every time they are powered up? Certainly one of the plug-in ones I have for my garden extension leads does, whereas the other one I have (different make) does not and only trips if I hit the test button (or cut my cable )
  22. I guess it will take a while for your finger prints to grow back too….. car looks excellent though
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