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  1. Made those years ago to back off when starting the racer on cold mornings. Works a treat and pretty easy just as you said. I might still have one if you want it.
  2. I played with that idea for quite some time but never finalized it. I'll be delighted to see it worked out. For a long time I was showing evidence of cavitation in my pumps (pitting) and resolved it by flaring the pickup end where it was straight cut before. I cut the screen from that pickup, flared the end then salvaged a screen and plate from another pickup to rivet to the original plate.. It stopprd the cavitation damage but not the overall oiling problem. I am really suspicious of frothy aerated oil in our systems but never seen any evidence of it.... The dry sump was the final solution LOL
  3. A quick glance thru the Courier archives indicated that the rear glass was a custon spec for Bond
  4. I'm pretty sure I have the specs for the smaller boxes as well. I'll dig it out when I get home tonight...
  5. Clearly Hamish, you've not been in a typical Jump plane LOL. They are often junkers with student pilots trying to get hours. We had to deplane one time when someone came out of the hangar telling the pilot the one was out of fuel. :-))
  6. Looks about right for the rear block drain?
  7. That's how I do it here in the Mojave desert. Seems foolish to me to pay for energy to do the same job. (But every now and then....)
  8. A great man, a great friend who will be sorely missed. His passing leaves a vacuum...
  9. God Luck Phil! Remember you are always welcome here on your layovers
  10. OK Phil, ya gotta tell me that one! LOL
  11. When I started racing the GT6, out here in the Mojave, I suffered many overheats. The solutions have been documented on these pages before but maybe not the tool? I bought a Magnahelic differential presuure gauge and hung it in the cockpit with plastic tubes before and behind the rad. I was initially amazed at how low the Delta was until I started shrouding and baffling the air. Biggest single improvement was of course side boards sealing the front of the rad to the bonnet. That was further dramatically improved by closing the space between the frame rails ahead of the rad. I could go on and on with details of the improvements but the Point is I pursued a Delta P more than water or materials
  12. The few trees are the secret to a fast lap at Thunderhil.. Very few and those few are very important LOL
  13. Theres a US outfit, FITech I think, that make a high pressure swirl pot setup that may be exactly what you need to keep the low pressure pump setup without a return line to the tank https://fitechefi.com/product/force-fuel-system/ .
  14. Thanx Phil, so I can't visit Scotland anytime soon. Vegas is still open but we expect to go back into closures in a few weeks.
  15. Can anyone give me a clear explanation of the current situation in the UK? Are you on lockdown again? to what extent?
  16. As I recall he had one running but had some cracking problems? I was slated to get one for testing but it didn'y grt past the first one. I'm pretty sure he had the one running however....
  17. Precisely John. The length of the arm directly relates to the mechanical advantage. To carry it to absurdity, Imagine your bar clamped by a single clamp in the center... My bar is held by a couple drop links on a cross bar I've added. Adjustable in minutes
  18. The ARB sliding side to side will effect the rate seen at the A-arms. Simple solution would be to place a two-piece clamp collar on the bar either side of the alloy to control the side shift. In addition, changing the spacing between the mounts will stiffen or weaken the bar for quick trackside tuning if you're into that
  19. the back of my race logbook has a long list of weights. I can track iyt out if there's interest
  20. You can sharpen the old file by soaking it in acid for a few days.Battery acid from a motorcycle shop works fine.
  21. Don't forget to put a small chamfer at the top of all your new stud holes to avoid pulling the top thread....
  22. Have you put your own weight into the car (in the drivers seat) and looked at the stance? I always preload the racer with sandbags before setting up the suspension...
  23. Dead in the Water is a bad scene. Happened once on the Destroyer but we were far out, serious situation. Sounds like you guys did well!
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