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  1. At least if you drop them you know which side will be up!
  2. The comparison between Mintex 1144 and Greenstuff is like comparing butter and margarine. They both do the job, but one does it a lot better than the other!
  3. I can't afford a Sprint, even though I'd like one, and when I'm struggling for grip and scrabbling sideways I don't want to have to remember how much it may cost to fix! ISTR that there were problems with locally-sourced steel in 1973 so supplies were purchased from a southern European country that didn't put quite as much carbon in the steel, it rusted quicker.....
  4. Thanks Nick, I’ve also done RBRR twice (1990 and 2016) and marshalled it too. I’m not quite crazy enough do it again, but slightly too crazy to say I never will. The Herald is a super car but we might as well keep using the Spitfire, I really want something bigger. I used to rally a 2.5PI back in the last century and I’d go for another of those but they are getting costly. My business used to have an 1850 as a loaner car, I wish I’d kept that :-) Richard
  5. I’m resident in Bristol, I have a Triumph Stag which gets abused in all weathers and fully maintained by myself. I’m interested in historic rallying, the Stag is good for longer touring events but now I’m hunting for something else, such as a Mk2 Vitesse or a Dolomite 1850 or maybe even a Toledo for the short and twistys. Richard
  6. My rally Stag has standard brakes except for 1144 pads and the shortest pedal adjustment I can get. Doesn’t fade even on a test stage… Richard
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