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  1. Some sort of ratchety thing Is it maybe for tightening wire fences?
  2. Is it a https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saw_set ?
  3. This year I paid somewhere between €30-40 to receive a birthday present for my wife which had been sent from the UK. Not sure how much the present was worth, but I wouldn't have said much more than that... I think you probably can Ireland (both bits) didn't have a CO2 shortage and whilst they keep loudly claiming that the EU has a shortage of truck drivers too, this was true (for both the EU and the UK) pre-brexit/covid and there still seems plenty of petrol in the pumps and food on the shelves. Anecdotally, I've just given up on trying to get anything from the UK and switched everything to EU based suppliers now. I still have a (Euro denominated) UK based bank account because for some reason people in the UK insist on using sort codes and stuff instead of IBAN numbers But I just received a letter from them saying that they might close it as it's seen no activity for 12 months.
  4. Was all track/hillclimb/etc. My spit is no longer homologated for road use..
  5. I put some Nangkang NS2R's on the Spitfire a few years ago now, motivated to do so purely by price.. I went for the soft compound but they seem to have lasted better than I remember soft Yokohama's doing. For the price I've found them to be excellent although I'll probably have to go back to Yokohamas or similar at some point as for circuit racing most series seem to specify them (although the NS2Rs are listed in the blue book and I've managed to get away with it a few times so far by not mentioning it and hoping no one says anything, people don't usually start complaining about stuff like that unless you start beating them)
  6. I've used a GPS speedometer/accelerometer type app before in the race car to test stuff, there are plenty to choose from any most (all?) of them don't require data. I use an old Android handset that I found in a drawer with no SIM card in it, so I'm pretty sure it's not using any internet Another option is a super cheapo GPS HUD speedo, I bought one like this on ebay for peanuts (other online marketplaces are available), it takes a while to get a lock/start up (probably a minute or so) and there's a noticeable lag in calculating my speed but it's 'good enough'.
  7. Is this any use Hamish? It's in German, but I guess the menus will be more or less in the same place?
  8. Good luck with it I'm also currently building up an old 1500 as a large bearing 1300 as a backup short block.
  9. Looks like another brilliant film, I've just watched the first 10 minutes before getting ready for work.. but have 'liked & subscribed' and already looking forward to watching the rest when I get home.. So far I've only spotted the TR4/5 though
  10. Sounds hackable, I thought.. 2 minutes later found this https://www.ebiketuning.com/comparison/bosch-gen-4/simplek-bosch.html The fact that this exists makes me more interested in buying an electric bike
  11. That's much quicker than our TR2 ever goes, looks great!
  12. Thanks, sounds like GoPro is the way to Go then.. maybe something to put on my list to Santa.. It is! I liked it enough to go back and do it again It's quite a big event with lots of spectators, very long runs (10km or so) and you get meals and a big dinner/gala evening type thing (which we had to miss this year unfortunately, but went last time and it was pretty spectacular), usually end up with a bunch of free t-shirts/polos/body warmers and stuff as well. If you can get off the island I'd highly recommend it to anyone in any Triumph (race/rally/road). I think the absolute minimum you need is a helmet (and one for your passenger if you there's two of you), a warning triangle and a yellow vest thing incase you break down and maybe a small hand fire extinguisher. You'll probably also need public liability insurance or a letter from your insurance policy covering you for the event, but that can be also be bought at sign on the day before and is in the order of about 25 euros so no big deal. There's info here : https://www.monteeballondalsace.com/inscription.php?lang=gb but if you or anyone is interested feel free to get in touch with any questions!
  13. Yep, they're classed as historic 'demonstration' events and it's a pretty mixed bag entry-wise from race cars to rally cars to completely standard road cars pretty much open to anything.. This video should give you some idea, there were about 150 cars in total but you can skip to about 5m30s for the 'money shot'
  14. Excellent stuff.. I'm still learning about hillclimbs, having just done my third. The ones I've done have been a bit longer (last weekend was 10km!) but I'd echo the earlier sentiments about practise.. At no point, even by the end of the day could I say that I'd really learned any lines or ideal gearings, still good fun though I got about half of a run's worth of video and, as luck would have it it was run where for about the first 30 seconds something was seriously up with the fuelling.. I might as well have started off in 4th gear, but it cleared up. I think I might actually invest in a proper (or at least half decent) camera, currently I'm using a 20 quid 'go-pro-a-like' from Lidl or somewhere similar but it's been pretty rubbish what with it running out of battery, randomly turning itself off (maybe from the vibration?) and recording empty 0 byte files etc. I'll still probably try to upload it at some point though. What are you using? The picture and sound quality look much better than I'm getting, unsurprisingly perhaps.. On a side note, I remember Steve Small.. He used to race with the TRR/TSSC and I nearly smashed head on into him at Oulton once after he spun in front of me.. Glad to see he's still around and active!
  15. Fantastic! Whilst the action is great, I particularly like the incidental scenes of the paddock/spectators. Background stuff/street scenes etc. is something I always mean to take pictures of myself when on holiday, but rarely remember to so e.g. if I went to London I'd have a few pictures of the houses of parliament (or something) but in reality, twenty years later I'd find much more to look at in a picture of a few cars parked outside a Woolies or something
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