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  1. Hi John, I think you are confusing earth bonding with your supplier's provided earthing arrangement, which is what I was referring to. Have a look at BS 7671:2018 – Section 708 (caravan/camping parks) And Section 721 (caravan and motor caravans) it will give you an idea on the, often overlooked, issue with caravans/motorhomes etc. hooked up on driveways potentially using PME arrangements. I'm not suggesting that this is causing your issue here, but it might inform you(and other's) about safety concerns. The reason it trips (latched or non-latched which I think Nick might b
  2. Hi John, Where are you getting your earth from/type? Without knowing that, you would be best avoiding trying to address potentially serious electrical issues via forum advice, hence my first post. Regards
  3. Hi John, yes you need to be concerned and you need to get advice/help from an electrician if you are not sure what you are doing? I'm not local to you, if I was I would be happy to help out. I met you at Donington Park a couple of years back now. Good luck with the rebuild and hope to see you out on track again soon/ish. Atb
  4. Hi, this looks interesting... https://www.brighton.ac.uk/news/2020/fpt-industrial-buys-brightons-super-clean-engine-technology https://ricardo.com/news-and-media/press-releases/ricardos-cryopower-demonstrates-high-efficiency-near-zero-emissions-heavy-duty-power
  5. Hello again Tom, I see you're doing your best to promote yourself again? It wasn't too long ago that I also seemed to lose posting ability, as Menno has, just after posting about not renewing my TRR membership! Bog off! You don't have a job or free advertising here! Ah, well done Menno, I'm just too late.
  6. Hi, Roger Thanks for posting the pics. Did you check out the supercharged jaguar boys!?
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