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  1. I am reading this with great interest as those with much more understanding offer suggestions, along with their evidence. I have nothing to add in terms of why, I dont have enough knowledge, but watching threads like this offer a sharp learning curve for those like me who want to understand. I echo Will's comments though, I hope my comments do not become annoying, like picking at a scab.
  2. Number 1 is deffo a candidate for a bit of wood underneath and turning into a mantlepiece ornament. I have some old moto x pistons and bits and bobs that have become windowsill bits. Clearly the boss does not allow them in the house, so they are workshop windowsill bits. Well at least you have a plan John and access to an engine and a load of bits, which gives you a starting point. What do you think gave in first? Or have you not got that far?
  3. I do have a set of pistons on rods standard size flat top from a vitesse and a domed set on +10 from a GT6 if pistonage is required, although I have no idea what yours is bored to, and they are still attached to rods, although I note you use posh rods. Hopefully your pistons may be ok, although I suspect one may have decided to visit somewhat higher up the bore and met something else already in that space.
  4. Wowsers. That is a right mess. Sadly with racing there is I assume no real warning with an engine being worked so hard, failures I assume (correct me if I am wrong) are more often than not catastrophic. It does not took more than 10 seconds from grenading. I would offer bits but all my stuff is 2 litre, so apart from a couple of blocks (which you already have) I am of no use to you or you could have had them. its a pity but with bearing failures there is so much to replace. Not only damaged parts but oil pumps and cooler matrix and pipework just to make sure all the swarf is gone.
  5. Backs are without doubt strange beasts. When mine used to spasm it was never doing anything major, it was tying shoe, picking up a pen from the floor that set it off. No pain just a tingle , then I knew what was coming which was a body lurched to one side in spasm for 3 weeks. I dont miss that joy. Before they fused S1 L5 L4 we tried exercises, but it was soon discovered that actually set it off as opposed to helped.
  6. Err . I hate backs. Having mine bolted together was the best thing ever. It now aches mildly at all times as opposed to spending 3 weeks in every 3 months in spasm. Hope it feels better soon John , they really are debilitating are back pains
  7. When I replaced mine I read up on Roger's issue. I found Canleys to be cheaper but I e maiiled them first and was told the shafts they use are made just up the road and have been for the last xx yrs. When they arrived I did a double check and they did not look like the failed suspects
  8. Im trying to get away from dcoe jobbies really but may be interested. What type are they Hamish ?
  9. Of course. If we are on this site that makes us mates (in my head) which means if you get a decent price you dont argue the toss You havent got any Dellortos you want to chuck in do you? I will pm you shortly.
  10. I'll tell you what I do have which I was about to put on the bay and may interest you.. I dont know how you are fuelling, but mine is on triple webers. I have here an original inlet manifold , modded to remove the ridiculous step at 2 and 5 and opened up with a pair of SU carbs with almost new jets in and k and n pancakes on it. And all the linkage you need. I found it during a workshop clear out on Sunday and thought " I need to get shot of that". I kept it in case I had issues with weber triple manifold bodges, but I got that shockingly bad design sorted in the end.
  11. Did you sell these John? If not I may be interested. Rgds Andy
  12. Dont know if you are still looking but I might have a set of P calipers from a Lotus. Im just going through the bits that are left box. Let me know if you still on the hunt and I will double check . condition unknown but I can see if I can get the pistons to move with compressed air if you want. let me know if you want me to check , and i will dig around this weekend.
  13. Hiya Jacob, Im just down the road really in Eversley. Claasic and modern did all the machine work for my twink build on the Lotus. I wont scare you with how much that was , but it is a twink ergo 4 times the price of anything else. And I had the head shimmed up, flywheel lightened all the rods checked for ovality, plus forged pistons a crank grind , big ends etc etc etc. However as Zetec suggested they were good. I had all the oil and waterways unplugged and the block dipped and cleaned and crack tested too, as I only wanted to build it once. Then once I got it back it got ano
  14. All of mine have an inertia as well. All bulkhead mounted although the one in the GT6 has a bypass switch on the dash as at the time I was (and still am possibly) thinking about trying some hillclimbs in it ,and John pointed out if I had an off and tripped it I would then be stuck, so I wired a bypass switch in. As that switch is untouched and away from normal driving area you would have to actually think about it to use it.
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