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  1. It's a couple of years since I did GDPR training but I suspect this 'data harvest' would fall foul of the law and you can bet someone will crowdfund a test case now the 'cat is out of the bag'. The way I look at it is, organisations can only hold data for which there is an obvious and ongoing need. Patient records are only created and maintained with the specific purpose of providing care efficiently to that individual. The Patient's data cannot be used for any other purpose, regardless of the reason, good or bad.
  2. Ha, the car has been off the road for so long now, I can't really remember but I don't think so, or I would have investigated it at the time. My understanding of the purpose of building in caster is to get the steering to tend towards the straight ahead 'hands off' but I may be wrong and I don't recall the steering not doing that. In reality, as Hamish implies, there are enough imperfections in an old chassis, it's probably just one of many things that could hamper optimal performance, even ignoring the 16 Stone nut behind the wheel The main 'oh bollocks' issue is just that having m
  3. This evening, I discovered that when rebuilding the front suspension of my TR6, having one trunnion with 3 degree caster (correct) and one with 0 degree caster (incorrect) is not an ideal set up! Just goes to show that when I removed the parts 3 years ago I didn't notice that on the near side, the upper wishbones must have been reversed too, else it wouldn't have been attached.
  4. Hi Roger, I know what you mean. As the opening lines of a new Joe Walsh record put it.... Welcome to Cyberspace I'm in a fog The whole world's Digital I'm still Analogue
  5. Hi John, More lucky than you can imagine as Ted's relatives (quite rightly) had first pick of his tools and there was very little left by the time I was invited to sift through what was left. I can only assume they didn't know what it was. regarding zeroing the scale, I had figured it should be adjustable due to the knurling but it was pretty stuck and I didn't want to force it. Armed with your comment, I had another go and hey presto, it is now free to turn so thanks for that. There is was another gauge in the box with the name 'Mercer' on it. From 'feel' alone I would say i
  6. Hi Phil, Thanks for the gentle way you pointed out my schoolboy error with decimal points!! Relating to my day job, a penny is 100th of a pound £0.01 so obvs 1000th must be 0.001 The good news is, as you say, the scale is a lot easier to read
  7. I recently inherited a Baty dial gauge and magnetic stand from a neighbour who was moving into a care home and needed to clear his workshop. Unfortunately there are no instructions and I wanted to see if any of the more experienced 'engineering' members could assist me with understanding how to read the scale. The 360 degrees of the 'clock face' is marked in intervals of 5 from 0 to 45 (50 being back at the 0 position) and there is a subsidiary dial counting full rotations. The dial face is marked 0.0005" which I take to be the scale. On this basis, I assume each hash mark represen
  8. Thanks Nick, Useful info. The nose of my crank protrudes no more than 10mm. Let's make this the last post on this subject, I'm a bit embarrassed about hijacking Michael's thread! Cheers Chris
  9. Hi Ian, Thanks, I had no idea replacement crank pullies were still available outside the hugely expensive (and worryingly named) 'rattler' pullies.
  10. Hi John, Sorry, my comment about the outer ring keeping up was more related to ignition timing (using a ring mounted trigger wheel) if the bonding rubber was marginal through age. The bit I was more interested in your view, was about the effect of removing mass from the ring and you answered that, thank you. Nick makes a good point that most of the mass removed would be replaced by the trigger wheel (assuming they are similar metals).
  11. Thanks to all who responded. The depth of knowledge and experience never ceases to amaze. Nick's answer kind of confirms my gut feel that the teeth should be proud although Ian's arrangement suggests it isn't critical in the real world. In fact Ian's picture comes up on a Google search and was what I was referring to when mentioned 'neatest solution'. Triggerwheels website has wheels at 6.5" but the next size up is 7.25" which I feel might be too much or give clearance issues. There is a guy on ebay who I will probably use, as he sells the standard 165mm OD but also states that he
  12. Actually more than one and sorry if they have been asked before but I did look back through the history and couldn't find an answer. I want, eventually to move to efi so I have been collecting the necessary hardware. I need to mount a trigger wheel and the neatest solution I have seen is to machine the rear face of the pulley so that the trigger wheel sits flush with the remaining rear face. (CP TR6 engine). Q1. The pulley assembly is about 6.5 inches or 165mm in diameter. The trigger wheels I have looked at are also the same OD so the top of the 'teeth' would not be proud of the
  13. OK, thanks for the comments. You both are likely to have more experience of this than me........which is why I asked
  14. Hi Michael, thanks for posting. Your spacer looks like it's machined steel, rather than cast iron so I suspect it isn't Stanpart. By the way, your rocker assembly looks very smart. Shame to have to cover it up!!! Cheers Chris
  15. Hi John, Not sure if you are just having a rant or want some help I'm not totally across any detail changes but my 'rule of thumb' for a ballpark estimate is that Duty is charged on the item itself and VAT is charged on the total transaction cost including shipping and insurance. If the item is less than £135 in value (excluding VAT) Duty is not charged. The HMRC Tariff for the item being purchased tells you the Duty and VAT rates applicable. As a side issue, please note if the item is from Germany, I've noticed German Customs seem to be on a 'go slow' at the moment. I can't s
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