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  1. The job is done, although I haven't been able to take the car for a run since to check all works as our drive is currently dug up and being replaced! It'll be another week. The link above was great, thanks, as was some other stuff found via web searches. I found one piece of advice on a MG forum that provided a great tip for removing the star washer - Alternative Zenith Carb Damper O-Ring Replacement : How-To Library : The MG Experience Essentially it is to knock the adjusting screw assembly and washer up the tube just enough to then be able to get a small hooked piece of wire around the wa
  2. ref the above post - I was going to delete the link as the embedded video works, but I seem to have lost my ability to edit?
  3. Not taken by me, just a mile or so away near the River Arun .... https://dthz6f59cjk9l.cloudfront.net/26/a1/6a/26a16a2d911ce34c6c26219528e26c1d/transcoded-235824D2-89CD-4DB4-BD7C-4FECFC6B4CC3.mp4?Expires=1619461889&Signature=PuEDqPMOBLQECTFM1wDQ~vuyoqQhus9LIKYHUtfAf5nCm337j1nKNKQ8XK4VZOgjbc5zJsaXIHYYAIV7vTRPQzmGOMoh3brJ8y6C5aS5LrdS5k7p2Unjrwwtzeb2xyv5GUEUs0QeJVnkkBNJvfYhflag3czaAp3SdKt88FqCrcQ_&Key-Pair-Id=APKAIXBZNN3ZZBIBSIDQ (apologies if the file is too large - mods, feel free to delete) transcoded-235824D2-89CD-4DB4-BD7C-4FECFC6B4CC3.mp4
  4. Not just a problem in the Suez Canal! (Edit - with thanks to Robin Cringle of Goodwood TR Group who sent this to me)
  5. Evergreen is a Taiwanese company. An intentional act to block Chinese exports perhaps?
  6. Thanks for that Nick. Someone on the Stag forum did send me part of the info on that link - it's great to see it all. I will study carefully........
  7. Finally getting around to sorting out the loss of oil from the Carb dashpots on the Stag.Clearly I need to replace the little o-ring on each of the needle adjusting screws. Looking around on the web it seems reasonably straight forward, except for the removal and replacement of the star washer that holds the adjusting screw in place.I've asked the question via the Stag Owners forum, and received some good advice on the task, but there doesn't seem to be a way to remove the washer without risking scoring the bore of the tube in which the assembly sits? Is there a special tool and/or technique t
  8. It's a lovely sunny, clear and cold morning here in Sussex. Best Wishes to everyone for Christmas Day, and for better times to come....
  9. Built in obsolescence! Yet another variant of the 'great can't fix it racket'?
  10. Yes Clive, Goodwood is a lovely place. We're just 12 miles away - I'd forgotten about the track day there yesterday (MG's on Track wasn't it), otherwise I would have popped along to see what was happening.
  11. Agreed John, things sometimes bring home what we're all missing. Our daughter is 'stuck' in Melbourne - she may have to come back in a month when her visa runs out if no extension is granted. She doesn't have any children so we are not grand parents so don't have that heartstring to be tugged, but our contact with our daughter for almost a year now has been limited to some telephone call/video exchanges. This and other forums are a social lifeline.
  12. Thanks Darren. Yes we are well thankyou, and are about to start our higher level D3 supplements again after trying to soak up as much of the natural stuff over the Summer as possible. Hope you and yours are all well too. Rod
  13. Well done Darren and all involved. Bob LeBrocq and I made similar comments on the TRR forum - as SDF members we were a bit confused about the Members and Committee tabs on the new website (I don't have or do Facebook). Perhaps something could pop up, or a summary page open on those tabs to explain what they are and perhaps why they cannot be accessed, rather than just ask for a password? Ian C posted that they were closed to all other than the committee due to Data Protection issues. Rod
  14. I suggest you report/forward it to report@phishing.gov.uk https://www.ncsc.gov.uk/information/report-suspicious-emails
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