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  1. Here is the video from aintree sprint. I have tried a different view as well as the traditional. thanks for the input. (don’t have the budget for a 360 camera )
  2. Aintree video due so watch this space. Pic is aintree. good luck and enjoy to those heading off to castle Combe for the track day. The weather is looking kind.
  3. I watched a kindig customs tv programme yesterday and they were moulding a whole car and I thought of this project it an amazing feet. Well done.
  4. Can’t answer your engineering questions on the depressions but we’ll done on the investigation and outcome. Good job you had spares to work with.
  5. reminds me of the stories my great aunt used to tell of arriving in Oz in the '50's my great uncle sold his coat on the ship over thinking he'd never need one in oz, arrived port melbourne in august Doh !!!!
  6. Wow great work and planning. I just hope the heavy metal bits will be enough to stop it blowing away !!
  7. John I really felt your pain. I hadn’t prebooked for the show as I had been racing on the Saturday. And didn’t want to “waste” classic car credits at home with a polish show but it’s local, dog friendly and suzie happy to go in the modern and pay on the gate. so we got to meet up with John and have a chat. Bonus the dogs approve of you . I would have been sooo out of place with my car. Covered in dead flies from Saturday and many non standard non original parts (that aren’t super chromed) like those Ferrari mini etc and the Ford and mg folk either side of the TR stand with lovely and some immaculate tr’s but are used for tours of many thousands miles so properly used. great that we have such a well supported classic car show on the door step. But I am finding increasingly that the classic car movement and even individual clubs are split in 3 static shows and the concourse type environment, those that use their cars touring etc and motorsport. I know I have been frowned upon for “ruining” a classic car. (Roll bar, suspension, wheels and tyres, stickers etc) Good to meet you John.
  8. Yes I am sure it does. I always do some of their other listings. Probably 1/2 dozen which I think triggers for eBay to look closer. I highlight listing practices then Fraudulent listing activities then You suspect listing practices are fraudulent seems to work. these “sellers” steal someone account ID then steal listing item photos etc the descriptions always give the game away as they are identical. they tend to have the same strange location typically Uk as part of it capitol U small k
  9. To me it looks more inch worm like, feet at either end and move by extending front part and bringing rear end to fore in in inverted U not really a worm nor maggot but a form of caterpillar to become moth ?!?? my 1/2 penny worth.
  10. Nick this lot are classic marques. Very diverse indeed and a complicated scoring system to cope. but it’s difficult to gauge progress with this lot on the day. good bunch of folks tho.
  11. it was a good day, brilliant weather, little wind. the new engine old driver combo earned a new top speed in competition of 105mph. a new personal best time of 56.58s which is 3.25 s faster than previous engine which is a big step on a sub 60s lap.
  12. Lovely day here at aintree practice done and I have managed to get 105mph over the line. follow the results here http://resultsman.co.uk/LiveTiming/EventViewer.php?DB=Resultsman&EventID=1566&Mode=0&Trap=3&CompID=181347 and the wider class here http://resultsman.co.uk/LiveTiming/EventViewer.php?DB=Resultsman&EventID=1566&Mode=0&Trap=3&GroupID=31033
  13. Fingers crossed for you. but it does look like a parrot
  14. Should be a good day at aintree so come on down. lots of variety of cars from lightning fast single seaters through moderns to classics. oh an a ‘59 TR3a trying to cross the line at 100mph !! google aintree circuit and it’ll get you there.
  15. Jeez looks like you have to read too. life is cruel especially when you think gravity does all the work. Perhaps the exams are all about what to do so the gravity doesn’t hurt at the end.
  16. Next sprint is at aintree on Saturday come along if you are in the area first event with the Classic Marques club. but just realised that bragging about my added power May effect their handicapping calculations
  17. I hadn’t heard that Schumachers injuries were helmet cam related. But then the family have done an amazing job on his privacy side of things. I also get the use of helmet cams on the road as a record of events like dash cams are used for. I have had a play this morning (it’s a day off) with a mount under the passenger dash that should capture me and the peddles/gear change ? But the light difference might be a test for the camera exposure systems. but with aintree it “should” be all up changes so less interesting. this is it. so have a think for me.
  18. Hi guys. I am wondering if I can position my second camera to pick up something more interesting. I go racing by myself so track side shots are not possible. also I can’t use suction mounts outside the car. I have the usual forward facing camera on the roll cage. I have had a rear facing view. I could possibly “hide” a camera under the back for a back axle view. or maybe a view of the peddles ( next race is aintree on Saturday and no down changes !!) under the bonnet may be too dark to see the carb fuel cloud stand off ?? what do you recon would be a good view ?
  19. Many arms folded there - delay on the food ? wonderful to be able to be able to get together tho
  20. Bet you are good at putting the duvet cover on too
  21. Is it the student that’s feet first? that’s too quick, surely you don’t get your monies worth !!
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