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  1. Hi all if you are close by on Sunday why not pop over and watch the action varied cars scimitars , Ferrari Triumph and others come say hello I’m no.69 https://www.hdlcc.com/scimfest
  2. hi all thought I would post a couple pictures of most of the gang in the REVINGTON TR club champs. This is what Alan has posted on YouTube of his runs. Not sure where he was for the pics.
  3. Any one from here going. Some of Triumph TRR sprint and hillclimb gang are there Saturday. I’m no.222 come and say hello. For personal family reasons I am promoting pancreatic cancer awareness on my car. Just some simple stickers Please support in “triumph cars” name. H https://www.pancreaticcancer.org.uk/donate/ https://www.pancreaticcancer.org.uk/
  4. Hi Neil. Yeah I understand that. But I have been told he is not an employee either, so may be some sort of contract. Just means he is probably even more vulnerable. Certainly not in a position to address the issues or comment for the club or management. H
  5. It was my smaller tyres. The 55 profile changed the gearing a lot. Equiv to 4.1:1 ? (I miss the minty lamb gearing calculator) i crossed the line at 97mph it was 93 last year so I’m carrying more speed out of the last corner my 64ft time was better too h
  6. I was asked on youtube to do a brief walk round my car that I use for our club sprints. As well as on the road.So I have had a go. Remember its my first attempt. And I give away all my secrets !!!It is the REVINGTON TR / TR REGISTER championship so come along and support us or have a go. Any triumph car is eligible. https://youtu.be/QfgWo7syHHsEvent list can be found herehttps://www.tr-regis...o.uk/motorsportH
  7. Shaun Roche and I enjoyed a great day at aintree 30.6.18Exceptionally hot day but both our cars performed very well. Shaun’s dolomite class 3a race spec car was looking stunning and walked away with a well deserved 1st in class award. Me and my old 3a were just under a second behind to get 2nd in class. Less than a second is a massive plus for me as there are decades, big power difference and race classes between us. Aintree is a sweeping fast course. These are all my aintree runs in order. The last run was my personal best here Thought I would share them as its great fun it is the TR Register championship ! So hope you don’t mind the posting here. But remember ANY triumph car can join in. So give it a go !! there are other videos on my Chanel. Practice 1https://youtu.be/DTFIkAg-nfkPractice 2https://youtu.be/iaDkGTq921cRun 1https://youtu.be/3xFw9C30jswRun 2https://youtu.be/7_Pl57J_mTURun 3https://youtu.be/OnKinVmrwr4
  8. Just so this is not left hanging. Dads Vitesse was sold to a chap from Cornwall both parties happy H
  9. Bump. Still fancy one of these if anyone has one lying around. H
  10. Hi Nick first run (practice) was 78.24 last timed run was 76.59 Still learning the car, and the tracks. Need to find some consistency and a bit like you see in F1 try and get all the segments the best - but all in the same run P1 64ft. 2.59 Time. 78.24 Speed. 70 P2 64ft. 2.62 Time. 77.46 Speed. 70 T1 Rear tyres 26psi 64ft. 2.82 Time 76.60 Speed. 71 T2 64ft. 2.73 Time. 76.59 Speed. 71 but it’s great fun.
  11. That’s a good Devonshire registration too !
  12. Second and last timed run https://youtu.be/llgSYVDlMzg
  13. 2nd practice run https://youtu.be/2rrxan2vNhY
  14. 1st practice run https://youtu.be/3oWyH2mB9CU
  15. This has been up for a while. And for a piece of engineering skill and fun it’s got to be worth it ?! unfortunately our TRR sprint champs don’t allow non triumph or rover v8 engines or of course I’d have it. !!!!!!! (Subject to having the money, oh and the space, yeah and the time !!!) Triumph TR4 6.2 ltr V8 Body off restoration https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F183234020009
  16. Hamish


    Welcome. More the merrier :-) H
  17. I think we were all trying !! including all those that went straight on when they should have gone left !! is that daylight I see under my wheel ??!! H
  18. You are still far too quick for me tho Alan. You are 3rd over all is good going. And only 3 events.
  19. Ok so it’s worth 2.4 secs the difference between best time last year and this year same place same course reading the tyres I need camber at the front. H
  20. Will they help my Tr3 handle better in sprints ? shouldnt get too much tyre lean.
  21. I think given the geographic spread around the world of participants on here we need to say whether it’s miles or kilometres. (M) (k) I had a Vauxhall viva in my youth. I had to bin it due to rust at 80k (m)
  22. Hi all. Dad thinks the price was too optimistic so now £9750.00
  23. Hi apparent it was Valencia blue with light tan ambla material trim. H
  24. Alan are you dong Mira ? fast track for a well set up car like yours. H
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