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  1. There has been some great coverage. To me the IoM is one of the last bastions of pure “road” racing. Personal choice to participate must be a major risk/reward deciding factor for it to continue I guess, but I am sure there will be calls to ban it. having been a biker for many decades I cannot fathom how they do it ?!???!
  2. Just deciding on which tyres for Sundays Sprint at 3 sisters wigan why not pop along. I think there are 7 triumphs/drivers in class.
  3. Or rafted up like at Monaco !!!
  4. A training scenario “forgetting” but the student instructor thinks. hmmm he’s leaving it late …. But he knows more than me !! Best not do anything to interfere with the boss !!!!
  5. This is near me ( with mum at the mo) but I don’t think it’s an EV. super yacht https://news.sky.com/story/firefighters-tackle-huge-blaze-on-superyacht-in-torquay-marina-12623076
  6. Well I hope it is that simple and a new filter fixes it I like oulton hope to get there for gold cup. Not sure what is happens end of august yet.
  7. Can you not rotate the adapter so the filter fits may not be horizontal but at least it would have a filter
  8. I’m happy it was nothing too suspicious and to be fair my Apple products work very reliably on the whole
  9. Plenty of news stories to corroborate the French bus fire and the potters bar bus depot fire too
  10. I have a cycling mate and he has some carbon fittings that need lesser torque settings than I could provide him with , with my normal car focussed torque wrenches. perhaps you could re market it ?
  11. Do I need to be worried about my iPhone being I’ll ?
  12. There are some hints at levels https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/805940/roadside-vehicle-noise-measurement-phase-1-study-report-and-technology-recommendations.pdf https://www.essex.police.uk/foi-ai/essex-police/our-policies-and-procedures/h/h0504-procedure---loud-exhaust-offences/ https://classicsworld.co.uk/news/loud-exhausts-targeted-by-police/
  13. I recon it will be automated like a speed camera. Sound level meter set to trigger a camera
  14. Fat fingers on my phone but can’t edit. meant to say But dual control scooter anyone ?! https://www.handh.co.uk/auction/lot/lot-1961-lambretta-li150-series-2-dual-control/?lot=55844&so=2&st=&sto=0&au=515&ef=&et=&ic=False&sd=0&pp=48&pn=1&g=1
  15. Interesting auction in the UK Nut listed this one for Craig https://www.handh.co.uk/auction/lot/lot-1968-lambretta-sx200-special-ochre/?lot=55845&so=2&st=&sto=0&au=515&ef=&et=&ic=False&sd=0&pp=48&pn=1&g=1 Full listings here https://www.handh.co.uk/auction/search/?au=515
  16. I think that the Register but some places of “MGs on track” club. but I guess you need an MG to go with them ? I would be wary of a non classic car track day.
  17. Reminds me of a mini Aston you just can’t beat a v8 in a smaller car
  18. I spotted this little run-about for sale and thought that it would be a great car road and track. ( seems to be registered as a 2L though ) https://www.carandclassic.com/car/C1402199
  19. Saw this and thought of you. https://www.handh.co.uk/auction/lot/lot-502---1949-cushman-model-62-roadking/?lot=55827&so=0&st=&sto=0&au=514&ef=&et=&ic=False&sd=0&pp=48&pn=1&g=1
  20. Well done John - painful to the wallet but a wise move both your own physical well being ( those axles aren’t small or light) but peace of mind esp with Europe coming up.
  21. Thanks guys. I think that the consensus is that it’s a complication I can do without ?!?!?
  22. Hectic but successful weekend by the sounds of it. well done.
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