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  1. Another very sad day - Father and son Roger and Bradley Stockton have been killed in a crash during racing at the Isle of Man TT, they were racing a sidecar outfit. these guys from Crewe are very local to me. I think that there have been 5 competitor deaths this year. there may be something in not having been here for a few years ??
  2. Aussie rules I hope and not this soccer stuff ! enjoy.
  3. Ok guys I have had a bit of a messing about with camera positioning in line with your thoughts- a view of the front wheel - just don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t work or if the wheel isn’t saving tread ! No satisfaction guaranteed. and this is what I have come up with for my next “track day” it’s a little lower than the chassis so I have swapped all the camera mounts around so the cheapest one is chassis mounted and the most expensive is on the roll bar I have tried the remote and it works for the chassis camera. but the wireless does drain the battery of the camera so I need to remember to turn it ALL off after a run. And turn it all on for a run and do the run hopefully the view forward will be similar to this iPhone still recreation
  4. Apparently timing will be available on sunday https://www.timeteamlivetiming.co.uk triumph class Cars 141 to 147 with a couple of dual drives. I’m 143
  5. I do have a remote for my early hero3 just haven’t trusted it to work !! it’s my issue - I have to see the light flashing on the camera !!!!
  6. You don’t make it easy do you !!! I’ll have a look needs to be accessible to turn it on and not so low that I’d lose it on a curb or car lean.
  7. As a follow up I have today tried fitting the camera to the front grill so no image of car. Went for a quick drive and it’s a really boring view. Even if the scrutineers would allow it ?! thinking of a view from the rear under the car facing forward. Maybe an axle/chassis shot ?! and not somewhere scrutineers typically check. But properly fitted and safety wired none the less. thoughts ?
  8. I have fitted the maxsport 185/55x15 and I hope it doesn’t rain even though there are road legal this have to cope with wet. It’s not as much fun. the tr champs are here https://www.tr-register.co.uk/uploads/2022/01/24/2022-programme.pdf I do classic marques but they are becoming more modern 20 year old Porsches etc
  9. There has been some great coverage. To me the IoM is one of the last bastions of pure “road” racing. Personal choice to participate must be a major risk/reward deciding factor for it to continue I guess, but I am sure there will be calls to ban it. having been a biker for many decades I cannot fathom how they do it ?!???!
  10. Just deciding on which tyres for Sundays Sprint at 3 sisters wigan why not pop along. I think there are 7 triumphs/drivers in class.
  11. Or rafted up like at Monaco !!!
  12. A training scenario “forgetting” but the student instructor thinks. hmmm he’s leaving it late …. But he knows more than me !! Best not do anything to interfere with the boss !!!!
  13. This is near me ( with mum at the mo) but I don’t think it’s an EV. super yacht https://news.sky.com/story/firefighters-tackle-huge-blaze-on-superyacht-in-torquay-marina-12623076
  14. Well I hope it is that simple and a new filter fixes it I like oulton hope to get there for gold cup. Not sure what is happens end of august yet.
  15. Can you not rotate the adapter so the filter fits may not be horizontal but at least it would have a filter
  16. I’m happy it was nothing too suspicious and to be fair my Apple products work very reliably on the whole
  17. Plenty of news stories to corroborate the French bus fire and the potters bar bus depot fire too
  18. I have a cycling mate and he has some carbon fittings that need lesser torque settings than I could provide him with , with my normal car focussed torque wrenches. perhaps you could re market it ?
  19. Do I need to be worried about my iPhone being I’ll ?
  20. There are some hints at levels https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/805940/roadside-vehicle-noise-measurement-phase-1-study-report-and-technology-recommendations.pdf https://www.essex.police.uk/foi-ai/essex-police/our-policies-and-procedures/h/h0504-procedure---loud-exhaust-offences/ https://classicsworld.co.uk/news/loud-exhausts-targeted-by-police/
  21. I recon it will be automated like a speed camera. Sound level meter set to trigger a camera
  22. Fat fingers on my phone but can’t edit. meant to say But dual control scooter anyone ?! https://www.handh.co.uk/auction/lot/lot-1961-lambretta-li150-series-2-dual-control/?lot=55844&so=2&st=&sto=0&au=515&ef=&et=&ic=False&sd=0&pp=48&pn=1&g=1
  23. Interesting auction in the UK Nut listed this one for Craig https://www.handh.co.uk/auction/lot/lot-1968-lambretta-sx200-special-ochre/?lot=55845&so=2&st=&sto=0&au=515&ef=&et=&ic=False&sd=0&pp=48&pn=1&g=1 Full listings here https://www.handh.co.uk/auction/search/?au=515
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