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  1. Busy weekend due - so last minute prep and checks - tyre pressures mostly !!! aintree on Saturday with the tr register champs and Sunday - with another tyre change is Curborough 2 lapper rather than fig 8 ( I fear I’ll go into fig 8 mode !!!!) on Sunday with classic marques fingers crossed for dry conditions
  2. Hope you both recover fully. good deed indeed saving the bat.
  3. I’m waiting for that to happen to me but with a homeless Ford gt40
  4. as you posted the pic I’m guessing it all turned out ok. I’d blame the packer is it under warranty?
  5. Interesting thanks i was using maxsport 185/55x15 RB5 F3 effectively their super soft. With stiffer sidewalls. I think I can still run softer at the rear to try and get start and corner exit grip.
  6. Sorry I do like wildlife even crocs and gators no wildlife should be poisoned.
  7. Worth a try tho surely. Perhaps a swimming trip to the Oz NT.
  8. I love to share that joy. often let kids sit in the car in the paddock. Typically after a quiet “don’t touch” from mum or dad. I ask the parent if the child would like too ? They are often so pleased after the parent has taken pics.
  9. Too low Michael too low. I’ll be running at least 25 cold in the front next time I use them.
  10. I can see Craig making his own skydive fan think powered by a local v8 and a ‘borrowed’ propeller just make sure it’s on blow and not suck or it’ll become a people blender - not nice- seen the outcome of Some one going through a macerator.
  11. Spotted this Mike hawthorn Le Mans video with on board filming and commentary just look at the kit !! them realise the roads are open to all traffic
  12. Thanks for your kind words and support as well as the push to get tyre in action footage. I know that it was really to get tyre in air footage but the at least I now know that I need more air pressure and not to use cold pressures on warm tyres!!
  13. Always so impressed with the skills and attention to detail on this re manufacture of this project car.
  14. Having followed your exploits I am convinced you will still be in credit and you are owed more lollies
  15. Oh John bollocks indeed. I truly hope it’s something cheap and simple ( bit like me, come to think of it) bur I know you can do without these forensic tasks.
  16. Just to keep the motorsport together a duplicate link
  17. That’s 23 warm which is about 20/21 cold should be 23 cold which goes to about 27/28 hot.
  18. Well you say that !!! I have just looked at the under video - yes it worked video to follow hopefully. However, I made a rookie error and symptomatic of sprinters. I made changes after 1st practice. I had a slippy and tank slapping practice that I put down to tyre pressures too hard. ( rather than a fresh and slippy track) thus looked at tyre pressures - yup harder than my usual set up so lowered them to my usual settings- yup I know you can see what I didn’t at the time !!! tyres are now warm - dropped to cold settings Doh!! and I did the timed runs like this ! this is a screen shot of the video off my laptop as a teaser will try and do an in screen pic or even side by side. thats a 55 profile stiff walled tarmac rally tyre !!!!
  19. Just an aside 3 sisters sprint in Wigan went well not looked to see if I finally got under car video. it was a struggle !!
  20. Tuesday classic cars at swettenham arms thursdays are classic bikes https://swettenhamarms.co.uk/offers/
  21. A video of some country lanes with the front mounted camera. my American subscribers will like the countryside if nothing else. but I think does show it’s not worth bothering the scrutineers with, especially as it’s only one at a time on track. ( well at Wigan as it’s a 2 lapper we get let go after the car on track is 2/3rd round so we don’t catch up or be caught up by the other cars)
  22. mixing it up a bit Craig. Well done. Did the peddle clips work ok ? Ahh surrey hills. Had a cousin living there in the 1980/90’s when I visited. it was one of the posh bits then. but then everywhere has moved on. Even coburg just off Bell st (?) where my great aunt lived is now million dollar property I understand.
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