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  1. Wow that’s a BIG difference do you have to compensate those with inlets and carbs. Don’t you need back pressure in the exhaust for 2 strokes ?
  2. That looks like a big job. aren’t these moderns designed just for ease of assembly and not dis assembly/repair ?
  3. I challenge you to undertake a hobby/pass time that doesn’t require fancy dress. !!
  4. Well he has decided to go the conservative “herd mentality” or is that democracy has persuaded him to go. I guess new leader thus PM selected at the conservative conference
  5. Thanks. it’s a full synchro low ratio (early) tr6 box A type OD. sorted by Peter Cox
  6. Couple of things. even I know those red converse boots don’t go and 56 !!!! Are your sure
  7. So glad you have had a great trip and experience John. hmmmm you may need to convert the TRansit into a minibus ………
  8. Apparently a lot of my viewers are from the USA so have tried to explain what we do here on the timings etc considering we invented it . they seem to think Pikes Peak is the only venue ! It’s long I’ll give them that!
  9. Thank you for the pointers. it does pick up very well tho did Shelsley today very mixed weather no runs I could say were truly dry but I did end up 1st in class and a personal best time sub 40s there were 2 v8 tr7’s and FIA tr4 and another 3a
  10. Yes its fluffing on part throttle. looks like I need to learn DCOE’s
  11. Not sure it’s not a marque I know the full results are here https://www.liverpoolmotorclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/2022-June-Results.pdf thanks for your kind words guys
  12. Hi guys this is the Curborough 2 lapper with views under the bonnet (tried my best to sync it !) and some others on track as the group was so big there were 2 batches so we could watch the opposition hope you enjoy at Shelsley walsh tomorrow so no funny filming - just run of the mill views I hope.
  13. That already looks fast we’ll done for getting stuck in.
  14. Has that bloke on the left been on the run for long ?
  15. This was what I can only describe as a mixed weather day !!!!! one run was very wet and windy as you can see returning to the paddock but with 8 runs it was a great day enjoy ( more to come Curborough with under bonnet view so subscribe !!)
  16. I know I owe you guys a couple of videos. aintree will be short and less technical as it will include a wet run where I had to try and look round the aero screen to see. Curborough WILL have under bonnet view of the back of the carbs as per above. less interesting than the tyre video but you can see the throttle lever working overtime. different numbers on different events is a pain but I was creative and had a Blue Peter moment with sticky back plastic, well Aldi black gaffer tape in my case, to convert the numbers, nobody could tell my skills match any of you wizards - NOT …….. I have my first visit to Shelsely walsh this year on Saturday. I would like that to be dry !
  17. Got to earn it to owe it. But still painful. I am no entrepreneur so my life is simple PAYE
  18. Well done John. That a nice write up with pics. it’s a trip I’d like to do but not sure it will happen.
  19. Great weather sunny and dry but very windy. I ended up with a personal best time for the 2 lapper and 7th in a class of 22 so pleased with that as I think I was the oldest car at the event. The winner in the class was in a modern Porsche then v8 t r etc. I hope to have a couple of videos for aintree and Curborough I’ll make them short with possibility of under bonnet carb action ? If the camera worked ( not checked yet) less interesting than the tyre but hopefully informative? I did have to add lighting !!
  20. Thanks guys today (Sunday) is a Curborough 2 lap course with classic marques. A big entry with plenty of what I class as moderns and a complicated handicap and from past event I know I won’t feature. but the weather forecast is good so looking forward to some track action.
  21. Well what can I say. Rain was always a possibility so managed my fastest time today on my second timed run For 1st in class with plenty of wet and damp runs just for fun
  22. Got a few runs in before the rain hit Then the heavens opened whilst waiting to do a run. monsoon type and struggled to see through aero screen. surprisingly I wasn’t any faster !
  23. Thanks guys the morning is looking dry and bright. wait on a few more triumphs
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