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  1. Too many young people at the wake ……… getting back to what you like is a good distraction.
  2. https://www.lidl.co.uk/p/diy-tools/parkside-inverter-welder/p53636 Ok I know that it won’t be that robust i know I can’t weld would it be a foolish purchase to learn with ? To sort those little jobs where you just wished you had a welder ? is it safe to use a 16 to 13amp fly lead ? https://www.toolstation.com/fly-lead-socket-convertor/p47166
  3. A conservative 710 lots more if the I’ll fitting tonneau or hood is tried in the cold winter ( nothing fits) I could add 40 for getting wet fitting the hood as I now don’t bother and leave it at home. I could add points if this Giuseppe Verdi bloke was a Coventry ice cream seller I have included 25 points as Stirling moss drove a TR thus May be even better than a film star ( apart from Steve McQueen!!) + more pics of the car on phone than anything else put together !! ps OD 2nd at full chat was useful at 3 sisters.
  4. John that’s stefano Domenicali. Current f1 boss ex Ferrari f1 boss ex Lamborghini boss
  5. You will be in credit soon when the hood and or tonneau shrinks. good fun quiz tho. Think I scored quite big but I lost my place.
  6. Take the opportunity to tap into that supply and back fill so they don’t notice
  7. That it very sad indeed. tough on you with the missus away too.
  8. Congrats. just combine both hobbies and you are special forces. And it beats having to walk to a difficult conflict ……… one suggestion I’d get that swelling on your thigh looked at !
  9. Well the whole event has been cancelled. seems a bit extreme just because John was intending to go !!!! Triumph and MG Weekend 2022 - CANCELLED It is with deep regret that we must announce that the 2022 Triumph and MG Weekend, due to be held over the weekend of 19-21 August, has been cancelled. The organising clubs, TSSC, MG Car Club and TR Register made the difficult decision to cancel the event due to experiencing a lack of ticket sales against a backdrop of sharply rising costs for holding the event. Ticket sales were 70% down on where they were this time last year. A spokesperson for the organising committee said, “We are devastated to share this news. Last year, the TR Register, TSSC and MG Car Club all enjoyed award-winning success when the classic car community recognised the collaboration between the clubs as a true innovation within the community and all three clubs received accolades from the industry. However, the cost of living, in particular fuel prices, and the backlog of holidays and other events after the pandemic have all influenced attendance levels this year. The organisers from each of the three clubs have therefore had to ensure that they are carrying out their duty to safeguard the financial stability of their respective car club.” All ticket holders will be refunded in full, including camping and additional extras such as Autojumble pitches and electric hook-up. All ticket holders have now been informed directly. Traders and sponsors will also be contacted and issued with a full refund for all monies paid. Please do not contact the TR Register at this early stage regarding refunds as they will be automatically processed for TR Register Car Club members and will be appearing in bank accounts over the next 5 – 7 working days. There is nothing you need to do to obtain your full refund at this stage. We expect all refunds to have been processed and received by ticket holders by 8th August 2022. If you have booked accommodation in the area, please contact your host immediately and inform them of the cancellation by providing them with a copy of this announcement. For other enquiries, please use the contact form or see our FAQs page. The TR Register, TSSC and MG Car Club will now focus on creating a series of celebratory events for next year in commemoration of the centenaries of both the Triumph and MG car brands. To ensure we are providing you with the sort of events that you would like to attend, please keep an eye out for our forthcoming digital questionnaire on club events. We would appreciate you sparing 5 minutes of your time to complete it and provide the organisers with valuable feedback to help us deliver events that you’ll want to attend in the future. TR Register Car Club will now conclude the Round Britain Relay for TS2, the first right-hand drive TR2 that has been travelling around the UK since April at the Great British Car Journey Museum at Ambergate on Friday 19th of August. An invitation is open to all to welcome the iconic sports car back from its epic voyage at the Derbyshire based museum instead. Please see the TR Register’s website for more details. The MG Car Club will be out in force at the British Motor Museum at Gaydon on 25th September for MGB 60, commemorating six decades of MG’s most successful model. Details via www.mgb60.com . The Triumph Sports Six Club and Stag Owners’ Club will both have displays at The Classic, Silverstone over August Bank Holiday. Ticket holders are advised that all refunds for the Triumph and MG Weekend should be received by 8th August 2022 and an FAQs page and contact form has been set up here. The organising clubs are devastated to share this news with you and so apologise sincerely once again for the inconvenience and disappointment this announcement brings.
  10. Hi folks another of my videos. Sorry for the misleading ‘click bait’ title, 3 sisters is a track in Wigan !. I know you must be getting bored of my videos, I have been trying to add something different with views of tyres from under the car and an under bonnet look at the carbs. this time I did a classic marques event at 3 sisters track at Wigan and decided I would try and do a drivers commentary live. The audio worked ok I confess to being a little distracted by the driving. see what you think. if nothing else you’ll know what I sound like !!! it started dry and got wetter. Many went home as the times weren’t going to get quicker some like me stayed for the experience but stopped at 9 seconds slower and getting too wet in the open car. The classic marques class numbers were 134 to 155 with me bing 151 if you want to see the times of various car types click on the name or number to see the run times. https://www.timeteamlivetiming.co.uk/Competitors?page=5 I came 4th overall on handicap for the ‘CM’ class, which I am pleased about. Obviously the dry run.
  11. I think he turned up in a TRansit. and was more effective at getting a lot triumph racing cars involved in a display but they included “small” chassis versions when his - unexplained- remit was TR’s. strange given he is an active racer in a well known silverback small chassis triumph. He’s a nice bloke pity about the other “officials” attitude - life is too short.
  12. Ha ha you sound surprised the home of the fastest Indian by mr burt monroe.
  13. Forgot the pic of mine as I can’t seem to edit ? This was half way across the nullarbor googled Roy and found this. https://www.redlandcitybulletin.com.au/story/3309918/davis-to-triumph-at-cootha-classic/
  14. Tim the guy Roy Davis is from near Brisbane and was over in 2017 with a GT6 he seems to leave a car here for a few years to use. sent that home and shipped this saloon over at more than double the shipping cost to before due to the world issues. The saloon was used In Aussie road rallies. we got talking as I had spent time in Oz ‘89 - 90 time and had a 1973 Ford falcon hense the engine chat and forgetfulness at more pics as the triumph has the same (basically) engine.
  15. Attend under the TRR umbrella!!
  16. 36.99 was his fastest time http://resultsman.co.uk/LiveTiming/EventViewer.php?DB=Resultsman&EventID=1624&Mode=0&GroupID=32310&Trap=6&CompID=186632 This compares to my 38.67 Moderator Edit: anyone wondering what happened to JohnDs "News from the Gulag" diversion, the posts related to that have been moved to the ranting area at John's suggestion
  17. Thank you and I do own some helicoils
  18. Very good solution and stud ideas i now know I am a complete butcher I would have cut off the back of the casting webbing square and used longer bolts with nuts on the back ??!!!! the shame … you will let me stay won’t you ??
  19. They are bloody amazing having toured the alps a lot on motorcycles and have had these crazy cyclists pass me. respect to the camera bike too as they will be 2 up with a lot of kit !
  20. I bet there is a YouTube video showing you how !!
  21. Some good looking cars there. I like the tr3 kit
  22. This was in the paddock next to me at a warm Shelsley yesterday. All the way from Brisbane Australia ( so I recon had a heat coping advantage !) all set up for the rallies they have inc roof flaps to get the air in. set up with a triple Weber straight six set back about a foot. but this straight 6 was a 4.2 out of a 1970’s Ford falcon. very tidy car. sorry no engine pics as we got talking and I forgot. As he said it’s basically the same “taxi” engine as I had in mine when I was there in ‘89
  23. Thanks guys it was a good but hot day. Alternator fixed. Traced to a broken internal wire. back to Shelsley again next weekend.
  24. Hi folks this is the video from last Sundays TRR champs at loton park. it was a very hot day with errors on first practice. but every run improved and more personal best times i hope you enjoy.
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