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  1. Its just a windscreen sticker that anyone who took out out a comp licence in those days got with their licence and year book. I got my first comp licence in 1972 and while I still have the licence the screen sticker has long gone. The sticker didn't signify any particular event as it was valid for the whole year, just like a tax disc. However it ran from January to December so if you took your licence out in April you still had to renew it the following January. hoges.
  2. Hi folks, i'm posting on here about Daren because ....... well lets just say i'm not happy about posting on the TRR forum on this subject. I've been trying to get people at the top to see reason on this but its not happening. i was present at both of Darren's 'meetings' with the board and now that i'm no longer Chairman of the club I don't think i'm bound by any convention of silence. Darren was asked to answer the charges laid against him and the vote was 5/4 in his favour. in my mind that should have been an end of it but apparently not. After Darren had left the meeting the directors
  3. The same goes for my not so old jag XF sport brake. Both headlights went and I had call Jaguar Assistance out to change a bl**dy bulb because you need a special tool to do it! And you have to take the wheels off too in order to get access to the lamps. How crazy is that! hoges.
  4. Hi everyone, from what I can gather, the old posts are hiding in cyberspace somewhere. They are not lost but not viewable either. I am trying to see what I can do to resolve this. hoges.
  5. this might be a surprise to you Darren but my great grandfather was a barber and I still have some of his razors somewhere which if I can find them you are welcome to them. hoges.
  6. My everyday mota is a Merc E350 and when I went to purchase the said beast I naturally wanted to look under the bonnet. Having lifted the lid you are confronted with a huge vanity panel that covers the engine and the only thing you can do yourself is to top up the windscreen washer bottle. you could add some oil if you were really keen on DIY but as there isn't even a dip stick on the b'thing how you would assess how much it needs is beyond me. Modern cars? Well they might be more reliable and have lots of nice toys to play with but long term ownership is going to be a no no. I will stick
  7. Hi Stan, I'm sorry you are feeling pi**ed off by the loss of your post on ATB. I and the rest of the TR board had nothing to do with the selection of what moved across and what didn't. I will see what I can do to get at least some of the posts reinstated if that's technically possible. If its any consolation, I lost most if not all of my own posts too so there was no favouritism being shown. All I can say for now for anyone reading this thread is to have some patience and cut me some slack so that I can try to rectify the situation. Hoges.
  8. Darren, don't kid yourself mate. Like me, a 'looker' you aint! hoges.
  9. Excellent pic of the TR in the snow that started this thread and thanks for posting your pics too Andrew. Sadly I now keep my car in the garage during winter as having run it for two years on our salted roads it didn't take long for the rust bug to rear its ugly head again. Best to all on here, Hoges
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