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  1. What;s the solution ? Post-hoc charging at punative rates for unjustified 999s ? use proceeds to buy and staff more ambulances.
  2. It's enough to send me dotty. My guess is the brain makes up a dot in the blind spot and forgets to remove it when we move our gaze.
  3. We have been lucky, have been with NFU for 20 years and they never pulled a stunt like that.
  4. Heat pipes are evacuated so the small amount of water they contain boils to vapour easily, and only afew degrees temparature difference are needed to transfer heat from the warm to cold end. Thermosiphon types simple allow the condennsed water to flow under gravirty to the warm end.
  5. They heated up a 23 m^3 tank of water (heavily insulated ) in summer using vacuum tube solar water heaters, up to ca 70C. Then drew heat off in winter with a water-to-water heat pump. My thought is to build a passiv house ontop of the water tank , heat it up in summer with surplus solar energy from pv array, and thn retrieve heat in winter using thermosiphon heat pipes extending up from the water tank to the rooms. No electickery apart form solar pv and immersion heaters in the tank, and no elec supply needed to keep warm in winter. Havent started on the sums yet, but a floor area of ca 120m^2, and a tank depth of say 2 m, gives a water storage volume of 240 m^3....and with enough spare solar pv to heat it upby end-summer that should supply enough heat to last a well-insulated dwelling all winter. Even if the grid fails.
  6. Tks Egret, it looks like seasonal heat storage is feasible on a large scale, but not much done (yet) on domestic single properties https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seasonal_thermal_energy_storage The Irish experiment looks interesting, but did it work ? ! Personally Im not a fan of complexity so bleeding hot air from a thermal store to provide space heating is attractive, if it can be done. There's a shortage of plumbers around here, so water pumps etc are not attractive, let alone heat pumps. Peter
  7. Has anyone come across the use of thermal heat storage in combination with ASHP ? We have space for lots of solar PV but need very little, jsut water heating and domestic appliances in summer. It strcuk me that the summer excess could be used to heat a large thermal store to act as a source for an integral ASHP through winter. Maybe sealed shipping container(s), super-insulated and stacked with rocks....... Anyone know of such, where real-life numbers are given ?
  8. Coal for domestic fires is banned in a couple of years, only engineered smokeless allowed after that. As the elec supply often fails around here, and we a re low priority, a solid fuel fire is useful emergency back-up. I'd best ring-bark a few trees, to ensure a supply of dried wood. Out here there is no gas, we rely upon oil for heating and hot water. If ( when) burning oil is banned, solar panels will get us through summer, but not in winter. Insulation, engineered coal and logs seems to be the only practical answer for winter heat whenever the electrical power fails. Putting all our eggs in one electrical basket is risky. As demand outstrips supply rationing may be the only poltically acceptable solution, millions are in fuel poverty already, and they cannot be left to freeze. Nor can they afford to install - and repair - heat pumps.A big concern is reliance upon wind in a winter "blocking high" where there is no wind for days. In the absence of CEGB planning, the profit imperative means that gas-powered plant that might be used to take up the slack in such a infrequent weather event will no longer be available.
  9. He highlighted the lack of gubbins for charging, and its high cost (£100 over cost of diesel for the JOG trip). The supply side is the Achilles heel: It needed 0.35MW to fast charge the Hyundai in 20 mins. A 3MWic on-shore wind turbine averages ca 1MW output year-round. So one £3 miilion wind mill can feed 3 cars at once, 9 per hour or ca 200 daily. If a re-charge lasts one week then that windmill can only support 1400 cars and nothing else. There are 20 million private cars, so we will need ca 1,200 windmills of 3MWic just to "green" car power. And then there's domestic heating, industry, trucks....... And everything comes to a halt when the wind dont blow. Peter
  10. cod liver oil. gelcapsules are the usual source for heliophobes.
  11. I can do eclectic effects. How about hundreds fo reports of car headlights being dimmed and/or extinguished in proximity to UFO phenomena. They come back on when the UFO goes away. https://www.amazon.co.uk/BUFORA-Vehicle-Interference-Geoff-Falla-ebook/dp/B00D47QGT0 Yet drivers are unaffected either inside or outside car, usually. I am looking for explanations..........
  12. It was a calm evening and no noises around at all, we are fairly remote. We both thought the sound came from the hedge ca 4 metres away, which was parallel to the meteor. Neither of us had long hair, but the wig idea in the paper is worth exploring to improve the signal...maybe. We were not anticipating hearing the hiss, the Nature paper came out later. The hiss was not loud, near the limit of our (aged) hearing, but loud enough for me to ask "did you hear that?". Nor was it an especially bright meteor,nor unuusally long-lived. It certainly adds interest to meteor watching.
  13. Tks for the alert John. We heard a meteor a few years back. As they burn up 60 miles high the sound should arrive 4 minutes later. But we both heard a simultaneous "hiss". The explanation was light from the meteor hit leaves on a laurel hedge close to us, and the photo-acoustic effect converted light to sound. Not many hedges at Malvern though, and ambient noise could easily drown the hiss. https://www.nature.com/articles/srep41251?WT.feed_name=subjects_astronomy-and-astrophysics Peter
  14. D3 has actions that include anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and improve surgical wound healing. Being deficient is not a good idea.
  15. Nick, There is a lot of evidence that Benign Prostate Hyperplasia is associated with low vitaminD status, going back a decade or more. Here is a recent trial https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Hossein-Dialameh-2/publication/345948933_The_Effect_of_Vitamin_D_Supplementation_on_the_Progression_of_Benign_Prostatic_Hyperplasia/links/5fb2e5bca6fdcc9ae05afb8f/The-Effect-of-Vitamin-D-Supplementation-on-the-Progression-of-Benign-Prostatic-Hyperplasia.pdf Best wishes Peter
  16. The mixture is not proportional to annulus area, and it will also richen disproportionately as the needle lifts out of the jet. Also once the butterflies are more than 30deg open pulses of pressure from iv valve operation can reach the jet and richen the mixture. This effect is useful to know; tune the mixture when running at <30deg butterfly and it will richen more at full throttle, which is desirable. Your steady 60 mph probably meets the <30 deg condition. The pulsing action is partly dissipated by the balance pipes on the manifold, so to make full-load mix richer they can be eliminated (but this is not widely known). SU theory is here:https://supertrarged.wordpress.com/2017/07/10/how-does-an-su-carburettor-work/ Peter
  17. Tks John, We had been trying to find that. Not that we are grimpers. Peter
  18. Yesterdays Mini-dodgems race at Oulton had two separate rolling collisions with the barrier, one airborne and heading for a marshals' post. However the F4 race was boring to watch by comparison, processional.
  19. Severe calory restriction can influence the health of offspring and grand-offspring, the influence being through epigenomic modification of DNA in gametes. This almost Lamarkian form of inheritance was discovered in Sweden https://ottawacitizen.com/technology/science/they-have-a-memory-of-famine-wild-epigenetic-experiments
  20. Curious, although we do know Oxygen is dangerous stuff. We have many defensive anti-oxidant pathways that reduce "oxidative stress". Glutathione is a major player and its actions are promoted by .... D3, as are other anti-oxidant pathways. Living at altitude leads to much better D3 status owing to the high UVB levels, and D3 also promotes hundreds of genes with a broad defensive function. Disentangling D3 effects from hypoxia effects will be a challenge, ( I do wonder how much of the benefits of hypoxia would be diminished if subjects such as those athletes living in 7%O2 had physiological D3.) And how has hypoxi responses evolved? I want to know how ancient the hypoxia-iducible genes are, as our ancestors in equatorial Africa were not living up mountains. If hypoxia pathways predate primate evolution, where in evolution was high-altitude mammalian life important? I suspect nowhere, and that hypoxia-induced pathways evolved in response to local, tissue-level hypoxia not environmental hypoxia. And that begs the question, how did erythropoeitn evolve ? The Nobels for the HIF genes will stimulate an explosion of hypoxia research so answers, or more likely a profusion of more questions, will follow. Peter
  21. When vax-resisting strains appear in UK the question will be posed is "how many C-19 deaths are acceptable ?" Flu kills 20-30,000 each winter, mostly elderly. So we might see 30,000 deahts from C-19 as being touted by politicians as a target. But flu does not cause Long Covid, and that might be worse with new variants, or not. AFAIK there is no information ( yet) on the effects of D3 on Long Covid. As summer heat and sunshine raise the nations D3 levels there is a risk that SAGE think the vax are working better than actuality. This winter the decline in D3 may suddenly reveal that new variants are more dangerous even in the double-jabbed. D3-promoted innate immunity acts against all variants, and flu and 'colds'. We are along way from seeing-off the pandemic. Peter
  22. Sheep..... lanolin............feedstock for D3 production.
  23. Jumping into cold water can induce an involuntary inhalation of.... water. Wales has many deep, cold reservoirs and lakes with warning notices, but such drownings recur each hot summer. Peter
  24. But we had no vaccines in summer 2020 and infections ( "cases" defined by PCR) were much lower then than now. If the soaring cases now are due to more mixing witout masks etc then we are in for a rough winter, and the large numbers infected increase te chance of yet more variants arising. So I hope the soaring cases reflect false positives resulting from vaccines interfering with the PCR. If the primers used in the PCR test are cognate with the spike sequences used in the vaccines, it would need only a few B-cells expressing spike sequences in the tonsil swab to give a false PCR result. The devil is in the details of the PCR protocol. Peter
  25. The delta variant is ca 50% more infectious than last summer's Kent, but the soaring numbers of PCR+ves this summer are waaaaay more than last summer's. Something odd is going on, the vaccines should have reduced transmission. Hospitalisations and deaths are similar to last summer, its the "cases" determined by PCR that are anomalous.
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