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  1. Anonymised data that excludes post-code, age, sex, occupation, ethnicity would lessen utility to researchers. Yet those three pieces of information would allow individuals to be identified even if names were redacted. To me it comes down to accepting that researchers are likely to find the data useful and if I am identifiable so be it. What would p*ss me would be scammers using hacked data, and that must surely by now be accepted as far from zero risk. If the data suddenly threw up a new clue to curing my afflictions the benefit clearly would outweight the risk of scammers acting against my
  2. I vaguely recall from an enforced 6 week stint at Sunday School " Let there be light ........." Much later I learned it was 380,000 years after the Big Bang. Can I claim a dim halo.
  3. The papers they cite in builidng their review are what matters and are of recognised validity. What you have identifed is the impossibility of publishing contrarian review articles in mainstream journals. The same has/is happening to D3/C-19. Scientific debate has taken a nose-dive over C-19. The only reason a paper was published on the effectiveness of combination therapy for C-19 using HCQ, ivermectin etc was because the main author chaired the editorial board of the journal. This paper showed that early treatment works, no need for hospitalisation. So we see a hugely important paper on
  4. John, you are welcome to a copy of the article, as is anyone else. I have read it and there is clearly a possibility that a new mistake has been made. Peter
  5. I knew a public health inspector who never bought cabbage, lettuce etc unless it was riddled with caterpillar bites. He was more worried about pesticide residues in perfect produce than the extra insect protein content.
  6. With younger folk putting their life's details minute by minute on F/b, T/ter . etc I doubt this will distress the sub-middle aged too much. They sign up for free genome testing, signing away that data. If NHS data are fully anonymised I'm not worried at present, but it depends upon what "research" means. If it is for science, fine. But "research" could mean data-mining for advertising in which case its nbg anonymising my name if the phone number is retained. The devil is in the detail.
  7. Ready-salted fly...............yummy.
  8. Agree on the value of polio vaccines, but safety should not be compromised ever again: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1383764/ In the rush to implement a polio vaccine we had both live monkey virus injected by mistake and live polio virus injected. Techniques and QC will have improved since 1950s, but the experimental nature of vaccines I am not permitted to discuss concerns me,and I am far from being alone amongst biologists. https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2020/12/coronavirus-may-sometimes-slip-its-genetic-material-human-chromosomes-what-does-mean Peter
  9. JIm, That was my politically correct reply to satisfy Craig. There is still a unresolved dispute over the 1950s polio vaccine and its contamination with live monkey-virus SV40. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SV40 Peter
  10. LJ, These viruses mutate very slowly if at all, so our long-lived T-cell immunity endowed by a single vaccine is hugely beneficial both to the individual and the populations. Peter
  11. Bang on the money Roger. Statistical trickery applying SDs cannot circumvent the lack of data on 25(OH)D in the controls vs C-19 cohorts. 75 is the very lowest end of safe for C-19. 100-150 nmol/L safer, but it depends upon our genes. Peter
  12. I'll break my silence to answer this. The study looked to see if "mutants" in genes involved in D3 signalling correlated with C-19 infections or not. They found no correlation. The fundalmental flaw that destroys its conclusion that D3 is NBG for C-19 is it cannot analyse how much D3 was being made iln the two groups. The study is confounded by sunshiine (UVB index), clothing, "slip,slap, slop" and increasingly supplementation. They failed to spot that 25(OH)D could change independently of the gene polymorphs. There are genetic differences in how well we repsond with our immune sys
  13. Craig, Do me the courtesy of requesting a pdf of the paper I cited Craig, No-one requested a copy of the IJCVI paper I linked to yesterday, that alerts readers to the potential risks in these expermental m RNA and DNA vaccines. The offer is still open. I shall voluntarily exclude myself from further comment on ST on all aspects of C-19. Peter
  14. I am confident both that D3 taken prophylatically at appropriate dose, and using the "hammer" will both safely protect me from severe C-19 and reduce transmission, whatever variant infects me. I am wary of vaccination: the safety trials have been rushed; there are concerns that antibodies to the spike protien may also mount auto-immune attack; unlike drugs vaccination is irreversible; repeated re-vaccination will be needed on an emergency basis (ie still no adequate safety trials ) to cover new variants. I rely upon my own risk-benefit analysis and it comes down firmly in favour o
  15. Roger is right, vaccines are epitope-specific and new viral epitopes can escape antibody mediated immunity. By contrast cathelicidin and the ca 200 other anti-microbial peptides induced by good D3 status inactivate by lysis all enveloped viruses and bacteria and fungi. Lysis prevents the enormous 1000s-fold amplification of virus count, resulting in less transmission and less chance of new variants evolving. Vax act later in infection and too slow to prevent ampification, leaving the door open for the virus to evolve. I am content to rely upon D3 and the hammer, as discovered by Schwalfe
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