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  1. Despite all the pantomime, the smoke and mirrors, the egos and chest beating on all sides, the result is exactly what I believed all along it would be ... a zero quota, zero tariff deal. Big business was never going to let a no deal happen, there's just too much money wrapped up in it all, so I had few doubts about the result. The only potential fly in the ointment now is if one or two EU states decide to veto it. That's probably unlikely, but who knows. I think the unity of the EU isn't all it is made out to be. Whether people feel the deal is good or not, whether they wanted Brexit or n
  2. For those that are interested in the work undertaken by the TR SDF, there's are recent update at . . . https://www.trsdf.uk/news Cheers, Darren
  3. I hope everyone here on the forum is keeping well. I doubt that many of us will have a particularly merry Christmas, but I hope you all have the best one possible under the circumstance. Hopefully the vaccine will turn the tide and we can all look forward to a better New Year. Stay safe. Best wishes, Darren P.S. Thank you to all involved in running this forum and to those that contribute with interesting things to read.
  4. Glad to hear that all is well with you Phil. It would be great to see you and your cousin at one of our meets if you can make it next year. You'd both be most welcome. Perhaps you can make a few days of it and see some of the area. We have several Ford owners in the club now, so your cousin's Escort or the RS Focus would get lots of interest I'm sure. Here's a link to our club site, where if you scroll down the news page you can see some of our "dangerous" members! https://www.whitehorse-cve.com/ Best wishes, Darren
  5. Thanks Phil. It does help to know that there are still a few that remain appalled about what happened, as I suspect many will have forgotten now. I'm still saddened and bewildered by it all, but that doesn't do me any good to think on it, so I just crack on doing what I can to help with those clubs I belong to the best I can. Our independent, multi marque club continues to do well and still has a majority of TR owners that prefer it to the other option. And it's a great crowd of people, all just enjoying the friendships and the cars. It's exactly what a club should be in my opinion. I'm also p
  6. Unlike some, who did nothing more than question the practices of the management of that certain club!
  7. Thanks Peter. I'm keen to support the TR SDF in any way I can, especially as the great work it has carried out to date seems to have gone largely under the radar for far too long. Best wishes, Darren P.S. I hope you are keeping well and safe Peter. I'm still taking the D3 and so far I've avoided anything nasty.
  8. Just to follow up Rod. Following your feedback, we have now made some changes to the site that hopefully improves it. Best wishes, Darren P.S. I hope you are keeping well.
  9. Thanks Rod. We are tweaking the site at the moment and probably will be for sometime. Initially the thought was to have the "Members" page for TR SDF members only and when complete send everyone the password. However, thinking about it more, it makes more sense just to have a "News" page instead of one specifically for members. In that way, everyone can see what the TR SDF is doing and it makes the site more dynamic. We need to make clear that it's an organisation that aims to help the entire TR community, so the more we can spread the name and links the better. I can see that the Co
  10. Hello all, I hope everyone here is keeping well. As some here will already know, there’s an organisation called the “TR SDF”, which helps keep Triumph TRs and derivatives such as Italia, Peerless, and Swallow Doretti on the road by funding projects to remanufacture unavailable parts for these cars. It’s a non-trading, not for profit organisation. Yesterday, the TR SDF launched its website and Facebook group. The TR SDF aims to serve the entire TR community (regardless of country, TR model, or club affiliation) and works independently of any other organisation. If you’d like to
  11. Sorry to hear that the op has been postponed Roger. Hope it'll be back on track soon. Best wishes, Darren
  12. I saw this elsewhere yesterday and was going to post here, until I saw that you already had Peter. I know we have discussed the D3 hammer before and I think it was 50'000 IU over three days. However, in the video, the 60'000 IU a day for three days is talked about. What are your thoughts on that Peter? Do you feel that is too much and presents a risk? Best wishes, Darren
  13. Many happy, slightly belated, returns, John.
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