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  1. Hi, is any one going to Osnabruck this weekend for the anniversary of the tr6 Pink
  2. pinky

    Nissan 350z

    I have just baught this beast, what do you think , not silly money , very impressed with it
  3. pinky

    Spark plug

    Thanks guys, Interesting I would, like to no as I have 6 plugs all new, and I dont no which one is the bad boy, I bet a moderator on the tr register would find the bad now plug
  4. pinky

    Spark plug

    How can you tell if a new spark plug is knackered Cheers pink
  5. Well thank you for all your help , Did all the things you suggested, nothing, so sat back and thought about it a few years ago I changed the plugs on a motorbike , Run for a while then stopped went over every thing, changed the plugs, bingo, sorted So I did this on the 6 changed all the plugs bingo running a treat now, so what happens to the plug when it goes tits up and is there any way of finding g wich plug it was Cheers pink, thanks for your help
  6. My apologies, not the distributor cap I replaced the rotor arm, it's a buro
  7. Thank you for all your replays, Cleaned all the jets, Checked ht leads all ok Replaced the distributor cap, thing improved had 2 more bangs then ok, the cap is a buro Now maybe by this time it had wamed up, so I will try again tomorow, The first carburetor spits back, so maybe I need to replace the thackeray washers to Cheers Pink
  8. Thank you gentlemen I will put to practice what you have suggested to tomorow, No choke used When warm it stops This has just started, definatly in the exaust pipe and spitting back through the carbs Been to bulie today, so havnt had a chance to have look Thank you for your advise Pink
  9. Thanks John, listening to the engine it appears to be running ok, the banging is exstremly load until it warms up, Could it be air getting in Cheers pink
  10. Hi, I am having a problem on start up, the engine starts, but bangs cracks pops in the exaust pipe, When the engine warms this stops, I recon on to much air getting in some were, then when warm expands and stops Or could it be blocked jefs in the carb Running on webber's, and 123 unit What do you think Thanks pink
  11. FOR SALE, stainless steel, tr6, twin exhaust with manifold, pipes, etc, (no clamps) can take it to the triumph and mg show in February for collection £250 Cheers pink
  12. hi roger, . baught them at a car jumble, guy selling lots of tools, not many people new what they were, even the guy selling them didn't no I had used them before on wessex helicopter troop seats, pink
  13. pinky


    You will love the aero's, he is a handsome bugger in the car, xx
  14. pinky


    my name is Pinky, another one from the tr register, felt like I was Billy no mates on the register pink
  15. I baught a full set of exspanding reamers for 25 pound lovely bit of kit, won't use them but had to have them pink
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